Love him but let him go!!

  • Truly feel for him and deeply connected with him, but have to let him go.

    The best way to make him feel happy is to let him go.

  • Who are you talking to, Lovetruly?

  • Not talking to anyone.

    I cut all contacts with my lover, decided to move on with my own life.

    Just feeling relax, thinking of life.

    Not sure whether I am making right decision, told him stop contacting me.

    I want to tell him this, but don't want to email him, that its really tough for me to make this decision, so far in my life, he's the greatest person appearred in my life, but since he has decided, I respect him.

    I hope by letting him go he will be more happy.

  • Good for you - I hope it all goes well.

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