Ask Me Anything Part.2 (Advice Given)

  • Trouble with friendships, relationships, lovers, or friends that treat you better than your lovers? I'm here to help.. No i am not psychic i just give my insight... all questions answered...

  • I don't think i could handle being friends with him it hurts so bad hes closest person i've been too since i got cheated on a year ago and now i just feel like hes gone he dosen't want me he goes through the day might speak to me for 5 minutes how can he not care i just dont know what to do anymore

  • I just have one question for you? you say you are not psychic, and you only wish to give "common sense" advice.

    are you studying to be a counselor? or working on an advice column?

    everybody IS psychic. you do have to work on it to develop it more. the more you work your psychic abilities the more psychic you are. try and take some psychic classes or buy books on developing your psychic abilities. even if you never develop strong psychic abilities, you could work to further your intuition. strong intuition and good observation skills will make you sharp and be able to better help another.

    best wishes on your spiritual journey.. Sunny

  • No actually i'm about to write a book and i do have some sort of desire to be a columnist.. just not at the moment... And honestly, i don't think i'm psychic at all..

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