Eclipse in June 27 and December 31, 2010

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    Can any one please help me what this eclipse mean? I have gone through with my 2010 horoscope and I am a leo. As I have gone through with the Horoscope 2010 I have seen 2 Eclipses in this year. Can anyone tell me what is this Eclipse exactly mean (in general way). What sort of effect do this eclipse have in our life??? Does it bring good or bad... end or start of something?? what about this years Eclipse on Leo life??? If anyone out there know and share any information would be helpful. Want to know about this eclipse. Thanks in advance.

  • Eclipses always mean crisis. Now, crisis is not necessarily a bad thing; however, wherever an eclipse falls in your chart is an area of life that is going to undergo some change, or at least require more of your time and attention than usual for the next five months or so. Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    Solar eclipses are far more important the Lunar Eclipses. The house where the Solar Eclipse falls in your chart will be the main focus of crisis for the next five months. The house where the Lunar Eclipse falls (usually the opposite house) will be a secondary area of crisis. Since opposing houses are so closely related, however, it's often easiest to consider the pair of houses as a unit..

    1st House—7th House.

    If the eclipses occurred in your 1st/7th houses, the focus for the next five months will be on your relationships.

    • The 1st house is our sense of self; it is who we are as individuals. Eclipses in the 1st house usually signal a period of personal development and growth.

    • The 7th house is how we relate to other individuals. Naturally, when we ourselves change, this also changes how we relate to other individuals. Eclipses in the 7th house also signal a period of personal development and change; the main difference is that we experience the crises and the need to change as if it were coming from outside ourselves, because we project our 7th house on other people. No matter how it appears, it's never about the other person. It's always our own stuff.

    2nd House—8th House.

    If the eclipses occurred in your 2nd/8th houses, the focus for the next five months will be on your resources.

    • The 2nd house is the house of our personal resources; our possessions, our skills, our talents, and our finances. An eclipse in the 2nd house will always make us more aware of our attachments: the things that we believe that we cannot survive without. Since most of us are very attached to money, this may be a time to reevaluate and explore your relationship with money.

    • The 8th house is the house of other people's resources, joint finances, taxes and inheritances. An eclipse in the 8th house makes us aware of our responsibilities to others: both physical and emotional. Its often an indication that it's time to explore what truly belongs to us, and what belongs to our partners.

    3rd House—9th House.

    If the eclipses occurred in your 3rd/9th houses, the focus for the next five months will be on your relationship to the world.

    • The 3rd house relates to our personal domain: the places and things that we are the most familiar with. The 3rd house also relates to our communication and to our personal, individual spiritual practices. An eclipse in the 3rd house often forces us to reevaluate the things we take for granted, and become more aware of how we communicate with ourselves and with others.

    • The 9th house relates to unfamiliar environments: foreign countries, new ideas and philosophies, and organized religion. An eclipse in the 9th house causes us to consider the bigger picture of our lives. How do we want to grow and expand?

    4th House—10th House. If the eclipses occurred in your 4th/10th houses, the focus on the next five months will be on balancing your private live with your public life.

    • The 4th house relates to our private lives: our home, our family,and our emotional and spiritual connections to our ancestors and heritage. An eclipse in the 4th house can often indicate a time of family crisis.

    • Of course, since an eclipse in the 4th house often means an eclipse in the 10th house as well, that crisis may have a lot to do with balancing the demands of your career or public life with the needs of your family and private life.

    5th House—11th House.

    If the eclipses occurred in your 5th house/11th house, the focus on the next five months will be on issues of individual expression and group participation.

    • The 5th house relates to the things that make us feel special and worthy as individuals. It's the house of our creative expression, and includes children, gambling, and love affairs. Eclipses in the 5th house can stir up the creative urge, or represent changes in our relationships with our children or with our casual romantic partners.

    • The 11th house is the house of friendships; this is the house of group participation and shared creativity. Eclipses in the 11th house can often indicate changes in our relationships with our peers and our friends.

    6th House—12th House.

    If the eclipses occurred in your 6th house/12th house, the focus on the next five months will be on your health, both physical and spiritual.

    • The 6th house contains all of the things we need to do on a daily basis to maintain a physical body: food, exercise, nutrition, and our daily routine, including our jobs. Eclipses in the 6th house often indicate changes in our routines, and it's important to be aware of your physical needs to avoid illness.

    • The 12th house contains all of the things we need to do on a daily basis to maintain a soul. The 12th house is where we meditate, and explore our unconscious. Eclipses in the 12th house often indicate that you will need to spend more time alone, in your personal spiritual practices.

    Leo, 2010 brings a series of eclipses in your solar sixth and twelfth houses through the sign of Capricorn, a power set to transform daily routines or working life. One of the important things for you this year will be to look at any pattern of indulgence with regard to diet and change the habit of the underlying emotional response that drives it. For the most part, if you change the way you eat, you can improve your health and sense of well-being. That defines an important issue, because good eating is not just about 'going on a diet', it's about understanding what makes your body tick and why.

    A Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 15. A contact, a task, or a usual part of daily routines or work will vanish from the schedule, for a time or in the long-term. This is not a potent eclipse, but there will nonetheless be disruption or delay in the execution of the daily round. A minor health matter may interfere with routines, or you may decide to rid yourself of a poor habit or practice that's become part of your day over time. There'll be a blip on the screen or an ending with a regular duty, or you may find that you're back to where you were with routines. Watch health and energy, take a remedy for what ails you, then see where you stand later on. As Mercury comes out of retrograde on this day, you may find that a temporary delay or change in tasks will have run its course.

    A Lunar Eclipse comes at the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 26 and you'll be bouncing like a ball in a cosmic tennis match, as Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and both clash with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. Crossed swords or haste will make safety the priority, especially where daily routines are involved. If it's an issue with work or health, will there be an expert or a means to find a remedy or resolution? Such a test will be tougher or more demanding than you think. If you're yearning for overseas adventure, don't plan it for this point, as you may end up with a health concern or find you're stranded or delayed on one side or the other of a vast body of water. There'll be harsh or hot words and you'll need to avoid overreaction or exaggeration. This will be crucial, as you'll need to negotiate a tricky or demanding situation. An end or a departure will affect the family, and legal matters or overseas travel will be involved. Health is crucial, so make changes to preserve or improve conditions. Diet or emotional life will be an essential area for review. A familiar figure will depart for a time (or for good), a female especially. There'll be a sense of loss with home or the usual security blanket.

    The New Moon in Cancer on July 11 brings a total Solar Eclipse into the hidden reaches of your solar twelfth house. Health will be a priority, so focus on what's needed for remedy or restoration, as your energy will be low or your diet or routines will need adjusting. There will be an end of an association or involvement in either a personal or a working sense, one that will come out of the blue. Someone will disappear or head to climes unknown, leaving you without a familiar presence. Such changes may be a temporary disruption, or they may be of a permanent nature. Somehow, a feeling of closeness or security will be tied up with whatever or whoever departs. You may end an association or involvement, or it may come to a close on its own behalf, taking you by surprise. A developing pattern of change emerges in your creative or spiritual life, as one cycle comes to a close or peters out, leaving a hiatus until you're inspired to begin something new. For some, there'll be a loss of faith, while others will just run out of puff. It may be that you'll be unable to continue with an interest or activity, due to a duty of care you have to provide.

    December 21 brings a total Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Gemini. Once again, there's a problem or confusion with communication as Mercury reversed in Sagittarius joins the Sun to oppose the Moon at this blockage of the light. Poor communications or arrangements will contribute to problems with friends or groups. This will bring about a hitch or a glitch, where nothing goes according to the plan and there will follow an ending, either temporary or one of the 'stone cold' variety. A special project or an interest may fall off the perch and sit waiting for restoration, or a transfer to the recycle bin. Questions arise about where you're putting effort and time. Are you scattering effort? Do you have too many irons in the fire? If the answer is 'yes', it's time for an edit. A change in romantic or creative interests will bring about a change with social involvements with friends or groups. It may simply be that a friend or long time associate heads to another horizon. Be ready to say 'farewell'. In one way or another, there'll be a change with regard to mobility, ease of movement, or communication. Watch for problems with the car, the phone, or the PC. Conversely, it's also about what holds the body back, or impedes healthy function. Watch patterns with food or drink that are enforced by social situations, or the camaraderie of the workplace. Make sure you're not doing something because everybody else does. Equally, examine your diet and health routines as they organise themselves around the pattern of work or daily life. Watch for 'eating on the run', the junk food fix, and other indulgences that simply go with the pattern of the day or the people you're around. If you make the hard decisions to change the way you eat and look after yourself, you can benefit from this transformation. Don't focus on minor or fiddly adjustments, get to the nitty-gritty of how you do things and alter that.

  • Dear Captain can you tell me how is it going to affect me this friday Solar eclipse i know its Jan 15 and its also new moon.....DOB 10-23-1961 my husband 9-17-1976

    thank you....

  • Hello Captain 🙂 I'm almost ashamed to ask, but ask I will...Is that reading for all leos or just that specific leo? Hope all is well with you! Many thanks rb

  • Ragbag, it is a general report for all Leos.

  • Ajahny

    Jan 15 eclipse effects for Scorpios: Communication is the key, as you get busy planning projects, attending meetings, and taking short trips. Buying a computer, new car, or communications equipment, or upgrading your present systems may well be on your agenda. Social activities with siblings and neighbours are in the wind and you may find yourself assuming leadership in community affairs. Be more assertive in self-expression, but avoid the delusion that your own ideas and opinions are the only ones worth listening to. It is in your best interests to turn each situation into a positive learning experience. Remember, you need to deal with difficulties in these areas, because the eclipse cycle won't let you get away with it; the cosmic spotlight is focused firmly on this zone all year. It really is time for a new beginning, so that you can take advantage of a delightfully exotic, cultured and possibly exquisitely spiritual vibration of the year, once fortunate Jupiter enters Pisces on Jan 18. Romantic inclinations can soon be realised. Home will be where the heart is, as Venus enters Aquarius on the cusp of your fourth house that same day, but some conflict arises between your career goals and your family feelings.

    Jan 15 eclipse effects for Virgos: This will be setting your finger to the edit button as far as lifestyle, romance or recreation is concerned. Dealings with a first child may feature for some. As far as lifestyle is concerned, it'll be important to see clearly what's excess to requirements and has to go. Though this isn't a potent blockage of the light, you will nonetheless need to set aside what doesn't serve or step back from involvements or ventures that are going nowhere or wasting your energy. What can you do that's good for you? For the singles, is there a romance that isn't going anywhere? For all, is there an activity or project that's not worth the energy? Strip away what's surplus to requirements and start afresh. With certain activities or connections, a hiatus or delay will right itself in time. If so, leave things to their own devices.

  • Captain it seems that I will be all over the place being a Scorp/Virgo but I wonder if these effects will be the same for the other signs?

    Are you able to shed some light on that if it's too much can you only write about Libra?

    Thanks in advance

  • Fowsco, for Librans: An annular Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 15th. Capricorn is packed with planets, so the urge to break with the past and strike out in a new direction is especially strong. This year will see your career take a turn for the better, and hopefully your health will improve somewhat. There will no doubt be some family business to attend to, and as Mercury turns direct today, you should make sure that lines of communication here are clear. Sharing information should however be done diplomatically and with care, as it's hard to know just what to say. Warm feelings will make it easier. You can take advantage of the fortunate vibration of the year once fortunate Jupiter enters Pisces on Jan 18, aiding your direction at work and relationships with colleagues and underlings. Romance is in the air for eligible Librans, as Venus your life-ruler enters delightful Aquarius on the same day. If you have kids, a month of fun lies ahead.

  • Thanks Captain.

  • thank you Captain so very much my most concern right now was my husband and i beeen separated for three months now and i just told him(this was Dec 26 2009 ) that i will not speak to him ever again but deep inside i'm in pain and agony.. since he sending me mix feelings...before my decition to not even be friends but ist been so hard i miss him so very much but i want him back not for anything but for me but seems sometimes he wants to but then so confused ....been trying to do my best but its very difficult....anyways i'm trying to be as strong as i can but still hoping for his return...

  • Hi Captain, Thanks for your valuable information.

    Now my question is, I was actually thinking that It might effect on my relationship. She is Cancer. Eclipses fall on her sign on 27th June and December 31st.

    Is there any other way can I avoid it???

    I have also heard that no matter what the strong relationship you are having, Eclipses always brings a Breakup (Temporary or Permanently).... Is it TRUE???

    Please let me know if possible.. will be helpful for me.

  • No, you can't avoid the effects of an Eclipse but you can ride them out if you are prepared. No, eclipses don't mean breakups - people mean breakups. If your relationship is something both of you want to keep going, you will be honest and open with each other about anything that is bothering you and then work on those things together. Eclipse time or not! Eclipses tend to bring out things that are hidden so don't keep secrets with each other.

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