Dream analyzation

  • can anyone analyze this dream. I sort of know what it means... but it is not real clear. I have an online friend whom Ive never met in person. I dream about him sometimes... the dreams are different but certain things are in every dream, so Im thinking they have purpose or meaning. There is always a pool. Always alot of people around, that I dont know, but that he knows (his friends). I am always alone and unfamiliar with my surroundings. It is usually a party setting. I am always surprised and happy to see him, and always in a hurry to leave (or he has to leave).... basically our meetings are unexpected and very short... and I am always left feeling annoyed or regretful that I didnt have more time. In every dream he seems to have lost more weight than the previous dream. Other symbolisms that have been in the dreams, but not in every dream, watching turtles racing, his clothes being wet, me putting my feet in the pool (two dreams i did this), watching a car pass by while looking over a fence, wearing clothes I wouldnt usually wear - like thigh high vinyl white boots, or a really ugly dress... in one dream I sat on his lap, and another dream I tried to hug him but he didnt hug me back, not the first time anyway. Can anyone help me figure this out? Why him?

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