Am I Telepathic?

  • Hi all! I am a very empathic type of person. When talking to others, whether I'm in a close relationship with them or not, I tend to connect very easily to what they're saying and how they're feeling. I very often will find myself holding back tears if they are telling me something that is sad that has happened to them. I can quite literally feel what they are feeling, when I say, 'I know how you feel', I mean it like very few people do. I have often said, it's almost like I am that person for that moment, I am absorbed by their feelings. It doesn't happen with this much depth all the time, as I obviously do try to avoid this happening. It can be incredibly draining to continually listen to people's stories and get involved in everyone's issues. But, when a friend needs me and I am being 'there for them' it is sometimes/often hard to avoid, depending on the person and my connection to them. With my strong sense of empathy comes this feeling of knowing what the person is thinking. I wonder if this is like telepathy? Finishing the person's sentence, or knowing what they're going to say before they say it etc. But recently I've experienced actual voices of people that I've been especially close to in my head when the people are not there. It has happened on occassions when the person has been extremely emotional or meditative and either 1. wanting me to contact them, 2. wanting to talk to me but couldn't, 3. wanting to find me, but lost contact. I have heard one person "call' me, crying and babbling incomprehesibly and then say I love you before ending the conversation ( this one was strange because I actually heard a ring first like it was a phone call although the phone never rang) Another person I heard in a loud whisper, say my name, directly into my ear! (totally freaked me out because no one was around) and the third time I kept getting a feeling that I had to call this person, I was even getting images of her. She was so persistent, I could not avoid her 'requests' to call her! So, what do you think of all this? Am I telepathic? What should I do? Can I develop this? How do I develop it? And how do I protect myself? I like helping people but it is draining too! Sometimes I feel crazy with all the thoughts flying around my head, maybe they're not all mine!

  • Hi there..I know how u feel. You my dear..are experiencing different forms of psychic gifts..yes you can develop them..and yes you need to protect yourself..msg me atruesurrealist on aol msgr.. i can help you better there 🙂

  • Hi, Thanks for the support. I tried to contact you on AOL, but it gives me a message that you only chat with people you are already buddies with. I tried sending you an e-mail instead, but didn't haer back. Just thought I'd try here again... 😞

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