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    I have been conversing with a CANCER man for about a month now. Since the beginning he has said he wants me to come see him ( we live in different cities). The friendship was casual, we would talk every few days, and then last week we began speaking every day. He told me that he likes me and suggested that I apply to schools in his area ( I am going back to school). Recently he was close to me on business, so I decided to go see him. The visit went well until we started making out and he tried to have sex with me. I refused and I feel like he became a little annoyed, because he started to act a little differently the rest of the day. Later on that night we spoke again and he expressed that he was happy to see me. The next day we did not speak and the day after I texted him and he was a little short with me. I know CANCERIANS in general tend to become closed off when afraid of getting hurt, but I am confused as to what my next move should be? I do like him, but at the same time I am a true SAG girl and am resistant at showing my feelings and am not used to stroking a mans ego that often. I know CANCERS like to be baby'ed but at the same time I don't want to put in an effort if it will not be well received. How should I go about this? Thanks in advance!

  • just be yourself, only do what you feel is right. If he is interested he will make the adjustments. If not, move on. Do NOTHING you don't feel is right, you will only regret compromising yourself if you find your efforts aren't matched.

  • I would like you to read my story "Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " it started off similar to yours . 14 months together but long distance . Mine said he loved me and would never leave me, and gues what ? but there was the age difference and an arranged marriage for him . There is some great advice , support and really good people there who have hepled me get through this . they will help you as well. You are more than welcome to join us , hope to see you there soon . llindieloo ((( hugs )))

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