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  • dmick59 - Thank you! It's nice to know that there are others out there who share the same views as I do when it comes to this topic...it's easy to come up with excuses, justifications etc., unless you've been on the other end or know someone who has.

    I believe that children learn by example that's why it's so very important to set the 'right' example for them to follow. At least that's my view. I love my children dearly.

    It sounds that you love your girls as well very much and I wish the best for you and your girls..love, happiness, peace and joy to you.


  • Ashamed to say,I have personal knowledge of this.Had been in a relationship with a married man for 2 years.He called himself single because he didnt love her anymore and they slept in seperate rooms.

    Sadly I dont know how I let myself get into it.We were friends first actually co-workers.I never in my life imagined myself doing something like this.Was married before and my ex cheated on me.So how did I let myself become the other woman? I think it was because we became such close friends first and

    I fell in love.Beware, these guys have every excuse in the book as to why they think its ok! I ended the

    relationship and as much as it broke my heart I had to do the right thing.My advice is tell them to call

    you back when they are free.Because if you dont you'll be like me and find out after 2 years that the

    "im getting divorced" is BS.And even now I feel in some way I let other women down.We are supposed to stick together.It ALWAYS ENDS BAD!

  • capcan, it sounds like you learned from this experience, that's a great thing.

    I was on the other side of the equation and let me tell you, I found out that my 'ex' told the women he was dating that he didn't love me anymore and that we were essentially separated but the truth was that we were very much still husband and wife, sharing the same bed, taking romantic vacations away with each other, family vacations etc. he lied to them and he lied to me.

    I always tell people that if he couldn't be honest with me, someone he had lived with for over 18 years, why would he be honest with someone he had just met??? It's all just deceit!

    I think you did do the right thing...you should be proud of yourself, I'm sure it must have been hard for you to do.

    You obviously have a heart and are compassionate if you feel in some way that you let the other woman down...you need to forgive yourself as well.

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  • dmick59

    I hear what you're saying. I think when people do things like this, they totally ignore how it may affect other people and only focus on their own selfish needs. That's the only reasonable explanation. If they actually stopped and thought about how their actions could damage and affect others then they may feel guilt, remorse or hesitation and would not follow through so, they just don't allow themselves to think about these things...unless and until the time comes when they have to.

    It is hard to comprehend how people can cheat on each other if you are a kind and compassionate person as you probably would never do that to another but not everyone in this world is that far advanced emotionally or spiritually. I believe that everyone has the capacity to be loving, kind and compassionate but not all people act on those traits.

    I'm sure it must be hard for you that your friend talks badly about you but I think maybe she does that to alleviate her guilt over what she has done, to somehow justify her actions. Just my thoughts. In the end it really doesn't matter what she says about you or even what others may think about you, as you know deep down inside the kind of person you are as do your children, your immediate family etc. that's all that matters in my book.

    You take care as well.


  • Hello All, I just read this and it makes total sense to me, hope it helps those who need it!

    Please explain the concept of seeing others as our Master Teachers.

    Dear Ones, you will assist yourselves greatly in your quest to bring harmony and balance into your relationships, when you see each interaction with another as an opportunity to learn. You may be greatly assisted if you will stand back and see each one in your life as a Master Teacher. It matters not if it is a close love relationship, if it is a family relationship, if it is a passing relationship with someone you meet in your daily life. It could be in relationship to someone that your work with. Each relationship is an opportunity to learn spiritual lessons. Each opportunity will present you with growth and wisdom if you are willing to see your relationships from this aspect.

    Your relationships are your greatest opportunity for growth, as you will be tested each day, and you will have lessons presented to you each day. The people, places, and situations you draw to you are the exact people, experiences, and situations needed for you to learn lessons and gain wisdom. You may simply use the term Master Teacher as you see each person you interact with, throughout the day. This will be a very simple trigger and a reminder that this person has something to say to you, something to teach you, even if it is a very short encounter. There is always something to be learned in every situation. The interaction with another does not have to be one of stress, or charged emotions, to be a situation for learning and wisdom gained. A simple conversation, may present much wisdom to you, if you are aware that the person you are speaking with has been drawn to you for a reason and has something of great value and wisdom to impart to you.

    How can we assist ourselves to be open to this concept each day?

    First and foremost, listen, Dear Ones. Set aside the need to be right. You ego greatly comes into play when one must continually speak in defense, pressing their own thoughts, beliefs and concepts upon another. Listen and hear, truly hear what the other person has to say. Allow them to speak all that they choose to speak and remain silent after they are finished speaking. There will be a reduction of the charged energy of the situation, if it is one of stress, as the other person will know that they have been heard. This, Dear Ones, allows you also, the time to choose your thoughts and words carefully, and stay centered in love. When you remain in the state of love and listen, all can be resolved in love. Deep breathing will assist you to stay centered in your heart, as you quietly listen. Holding the thought form of this person as your Master Teacher, will assist you as you listen, and truly hear what it is that the other person has to teach you. You will find yourselves able to express yourselves more clearly, when it is your turn to speak, when you have truly listened to the other person as your Master Teacher, as you stay centered in love.

    Please explain the concept of raising the vibrations when we are interacting with others, to resolve situations which are out of balance and harmony.

    Dear Ones, if you know you are about to engage in an emotionally charged encounter, take the time to meditate for a few minutes with the intention of raising your own vibrations to the highest possible vibrations you are capable of holding with ease and grace. As you become adept in the process, you will be able to do it in only a few moments. High vibrations will assist low vibrations to rise. The low vibrations will seek equilibrium with the higher vibrations. Intend to fill the room with the vibrations of love, intend for the situation to be resolved for the highest outcome for all concerned. Intend for love, joy, harmony and balance and peace, to prevail. Breathe deeply and call upon us to assist you to maintain the vibrations in the vibrations of love. We will assist, you, but you must ask. Call upon the Ascended Masters, and the angels and all beings of the Divine Law of One, which resonate with you. We will assist you. It is Cosmic Law that you must ask, before assistance may be given.

    Dear Ones, you will find that miracles occur and situations that you thought had no resolution in the higher light, can be resolved in good will, with the highest outcome for all concerned. It is the power of love and wisdom and the will to hold these vibrations, which has assisted you and all involved to bring balance and harmony into the situation.

    What wisdom can you share with us, to help us to maintain balanced and harmonious relationships?

    Beloved Ones, set your egos aside. In relationships based on Christ consciousness, there is no room for the ego. There is no room for the lower vibrations, fear, and the emotions of the ego. You must set your intentions for every moment to be one of the God Self, to be a moment in your Christ consciousness. You must set your intention to think, speak, feel, and act only in the God consciousness of your Divine Self. Hold foremost in your mind that each soul is on their own journey, each soul is on a different path, a different journey than you are, and you must hold compassion and unconditional love for all souls. Do not compare yourself to another, as you will find yourselves lacking. There will always be souls who are farther along on their spiritual journey than you are, and do not compare yourselves to those that are seemingly not on their spiritual path. Every soul is on their path at all times. It is their choices made through free will, their thoughts, their actions, their feelings, which determine where they are on their path. Superiority and inferiority are emotions of the ego. It does not serve the highest good of any and all when comparisons of the ego are made with another.

    Beloved Ones, you must set your boundaries, and hold your personal power in love and compassion as you hold the intention for the highest outcome at all times, in unconditional love. Maintain your strength and courage with the intention to stay centered in peace and harmony. You will find that you will indeed maintain peace, harmony, love, and joy even when others around you become unbalanced. Your inner strength and love will assist them to return to balance and harmony.

    Dear Ones, you are meant to walk as Masters. The Master remains calm and heart centered in love and will, wisdom and compassion, even as the Master claims their personal power, with kindness toward all. It can be done, Dear Ones, and it is a path of great rewards. As you climb the spiritual mountain, you will find that great strength, courage, trust, and faith will assist you greatly. You will find that you are never alone and you will be assisted as much as we are able to assist you, as you show your dedication and your diligence and your perseverance to lift yourselves up to the higher realms, to your home among the stars. Go the distance, Blessed Ones, go the distance. You have only forgotten the joy, the love, the beauty, the harmony, the exquisiteness of the higher realms. Each step of the way brings you new remembrance and new beginnings.

    Call upon us, Dear Ones, Call upon us in love, in joy, in challenges. Call upon us.

    We are the Ascended Masters, here to assist you on your journey home to the higher realms.

  • poetic 555......i am reading The Law of Attraction Jerry and Esther Hicks...is this from one of their books.

    i so agree

    thinking positively creates an upward trend in out lives and brings about situations we attract through our higher vibrational thoughts

    i am SO grateful for this!


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  • Hi Kezza333- The message was channeled from the Spirit World by a Rev. Michelle Coutant

  • Woman922,

    What is a matrimonial firm? Just curious

  • Attorneys that specialize in Family Law, Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, etc.

    So I have seen people with such pain in their lives. "The Other Woman" subpoenaed to testify in a trial...........And don't ever blame The Other Woman 90% of the time, they alone were the innocent person. Never understood how they got into the situation, and you know what, as smart and aware that I should have been, it happened to me, and the pain in my heart is horrible, and the shame I feel is something I cannot put into words, that I believed someone who I thought loved me to death, but instead tore my heart out of my chest and just trampled on it, over and over and over again. What was I thinking? No one truly understands, unless you have walked in my shoes.

  • Woman922,

    Wow, that's so surprising that a lawyer would put himself in that situation, especially, a divorce lawyer and with an employee or subordinate. Perhaps, he has a prenup with the wife with no out clauses such as infidelity and partners who tolerate possible sexual harrassment cases. That is really not smart on his part or the firm. You're right, it's hard to understand unless you've walked in someone else's shoes. Don't be so hard on yourself. There was probably a good lesson in there for you. Life's not easy & we all have our own journey. Good luck to you.

  • Littlelioness,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. It is so hard, I loved him terribly. I feel like a fool. So lost.

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