Twin Soul, Are You Still Here?

  • Hello Dear Twin Soul

    I've been thinking about you since you expressed overwhelm, sending you healing and love, and watching the forums to see if you came up with a solution. You are missed.

    I'm writing today to see if you are lurking and still with us--or taking some obviously much-needed rest to regroup. Wanted you to know you are still in my thoughts and my mind, and heart:)

    If you ARE reading forums, I want you to know: I am meeting my challenges, facing my fears and moving right along--boldly in my own way:) Gem and I are still connecting, connected, yet so many challenges we each individually have had to face--he's become a bit distracted--STILL acting like a man courting--yet presently overwhelmed by the past (via old friends reaching out to keep him on their level as he's growing growing growing--and that includes the rebound distraction who is very much like those old "younger less evolved" connections.) In the last week or so--he's been innundated with the old struggling to KEEP him and the intensity of the evolution his exciting/demanding new work has challenged him with.

    So all I can tell you is if we fail to take this connection and fly to the JOY you saw for us--it will not be for MY fears. I am hoping it will not fail to come to fruition because of his:) I'm being patient for now. But I'm flying free and moving along with my own life's work and destiny--and I now know I AM ready to LOVE and BE LOVED--and I always pray: THIS or something better:)

    I am sending you strength and balance and harmony and the ability to come back and join us again:) Love and LIGHT to you!

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