Hi everyone

  • Hi there i'm new to the forums tho i've been subscribed to tarot.com for many years. You all seem like really kind and compassionate people, its really nice vibe here. I Have always been interested in all of these things and done alot of energy work, learned some tarot, but have had to put it all aside for the last while as i go thru the worst time ever i have experienced in my life...wonder did i do too much too fast...any insights? thank you, i look forward to spending time here : )

  • Hi june63!

    I'm not really sure what you think was the worst experience of your life without you elaborating. But, I am aware that I had a dream that I wasn't comfortable with when I started allowing lots of things came at me too quickly. This wasn't a bad dream, in fact it was a dream of "welcome" and approval of what I was doing. This happened more than 15yrs. ago and I quit my deep exploration because of it.

    Sometimes we aren't ready for what we receive, even if we think we are. Sometimes there are things that need to be done for protection of self so clearer, more loving channels are open & Then closed. Allowing us to retain some sanity, lol!

    If you decide to elaborate or have more questions --- many here usually pitch in. Go with what you are comfortable with and use common sense, : ) So, welcome!

  • Thanks Laie4, for the welcome and ideas. What happened was i went into a really weird state of disconnection, followed by anxiety, depression, alot of fear...even had to stop work -this started back in April. I have always been stable and grounded and done alot of work on myself, worked hard all my life, felt comfortable with exploring spiritual matters, self growth, tarot, energy work, healing...i was blindsided by this whole thing and just felt maybe i had been doing too much exploration and not letting things settle enough?

    I think perhaps you're right about the protection, maybe i was not protecting myself enough, just don't know if its too much stuff coming up or did something come in from outside myself.

    Also i agree i may not have been ready for things, not yet clear and healed enough...i pray i will be able to heal and get back to myself again!

  • Welcome june63.

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