• Hi

    Is there any other crabs (cancer) finding that their life is being turned upside down ..the old life is being replaced by everything new... or should i say the beginnings.of the new life...

    everything i thought i had a hold leaving my life .no matter how hard i try to hold on to the tried and trusted, ..i know life is like a ferris have to go down to be thankful for the good times,

    everything from my accomadation, even courses i had booked were cancelled .so couldnt start my own company, everything it seems is being held up, by one everything is leaving for the most stupid reasons,situations that are presenting themselves are surreal at times

    i was told by a meduim .3 years ago, its going to be a traumatic time whilst i go thru the change from old to new, but i am finding it diificut to beleive .the new .(that is to be great) is coming...

    i am a 15th july crab with a saggie rising....

    just wondered if any other crabs are going thru the same as me...

    if you are .any advice?? i am in my early 50s.

  • its happening... so try meditation ,every morning smile n the universe will send back positive energy, i am trying ,its helping

  • I'm a 19th of July Cancerian, and approaching my 50's.

    For the past 8 months things have been happening in my life- and I mean drastic changes- such as change in job, change in marital status, kids moving on, loved ones passing on, etc, etc. Things were happening so fast that at one point I also felt like I couldn't keep up with it and still maintain my sanity.

    However I've managed to welcome all these changes as truly positive. I also realize that these changes will happen, with or without me, and therefore I just surrendered. And what do you know, these changes have so far changed my life in a very positive way. That's a good thought to ponder- "SURRENDER"

    I also encourage you to meditate on a daily basis, as that's how I find my balance and composure as I go through all what life brings me- good or "bad". Meditate on finding your inner and higher self so you don't get stuck on focusing on your "present" self.

  • Hi Gabbieinkent! Joanie here from Sydney - I am also a Cancerian (5 July) and find myself in the process of change. I have had a very difficult 5 years, and suddenly things are changing, I find myself free of the chains which have had a hold on me. The biggest difficulty I have just now is what to do with the freedom, but it's a good difficulty to have. I must say it's about time, have you also found yourself lurching from one drama to another with barely a breather between each one? I thought that was my lot in life, but now I think maybe there's something better in store for me (and you!). Let's hope so. Make the most of the change, it's YOUR life. All the best..

  • The past 3 years felt like 10 years going by... there were so many changes in my, relationships, family in every aspect. In the beginning I was in pieces and did not know how to handle all this...sometimes I was so close to a breakdown.... till a friend suggested Meditation and Yoga. It helps a lot. You can join a yoga group in your community or opt for online classes. Meditation done right after waking up and/or before going to sleep works wonders. If it seems difficult to meditate ( as it was for me ) then keep repeating one word (can be any word literally any simple word) either in your mind or loudly. And last but the most important Be Grateful for whatever you have. Take every opportunity to be grateful. Gratitude is an amazing uplifter.

    We have to wake up and see that Everything is Changing...that Change is a part of Life. You are at the bottom of the wheel now you will rise too cuz the wheel is turning. So relax and just Be 🙂

  • Thank goodness, I'm not alone.

    July 5 Cancerian with all the same issues.

    I can trace the 'new' as having commenced in April this year and there has been a succession of the most life-changing, bewildering, thought-provoking and dramatic changes that I've ever been challenged by in my life.

    Listing them would be pointless, but I can truly find empathy for all previous posters and presumably many other troubled and confused Crabs out there.

    Only difference is that most of you appear to have been graced by acceptance and have found suitable coping mechanisms.

    To an extent I still feel that these changes have been 'forced' on me and am struggling as a result.

    It's great to know I'm not alone, but I'd really enjoy hearing more about your stories, outcomes and coping methods.

  • spike1705 we r not coping but ar also being forced to cope so acceptance is the answer, count all all u still have in ur life maybe wat u have lost was meant to be count ur blessings, child, house n smile

  • Absolutely!!! My life is going through so many changes it is crazy! Though I feel it is bringing me to a better self-awareness and more realistic approach to life even in the hard times. I must say I like this change even though its hard. I also think it is helping me find purpose and meaning which is making my life much more enjoyable. I hope you all can find the positive in this transition for us cancerians. Go with the flow and use the new outlook on life for the positive, because I think that is why we are all experiencing this.

    "How can you create peace in the world, if you can not create peace within yourself."

  • Acceptance.

    I'm doing my best.

    I am growing, but I 'lost' my best friend this year to a mental illness and my daughter is leaving home to go to Uni next year.

    All the other changes - and there have been a multitude - are 'cope-able', but this Crab is feeling incredibly alone right now.

    What might be my lesson?

  • Being a female, July 17 Crab in my mid 40's, "the change" is occuring. I don't know if it's a signal to the end of the changes that have been going on over the past several years, but to be honest, the "other" changes that I'm noticing aren't any different than what I have experienced over the past several - and they all have been significant.

    I had been on the verge of being laid off two years ago and found a new job that I like better but for lower pay. My mother had a car accident 3 years ago 3 days before Christmas and then a brain anerysm the following November, right after I started my new job. Fortunately, she is alright but it did instill a sense of mortality and upheaval. I feel like I am losing touch with my friends from my old job and I know it happens all the time. I had to put two cats down in August due to illness and old age. I've gained two new nephews in the past 2 years and a rowdy puppy.

    I long for a sense of stability, but with the economic crisis, I know that won't happen for a long while, so change and upheaval will still be there. I'm hoping that what's left of my savings and 401K and IRA's will still be around as well, as well as my job. All I feel is that this economic crisis and new Presidency will be probably the most significant one in my lifetime. I'm anxious and excited at the same time - not a good combo for a Cancer.

  • I would also like to add that I do believe that the changes that are occuring in my life are positive. In retrospect, any change that has occur has always been for the better. As some others have said, I do feel a new self awareness coming on, mostly that I am not the only one that has family, friend, job issues. I've always known that, but never truly felt it inside before. I would look at other people's lives and wonder why they have what they have and I don't, what am I doing wrong, etc? Not true. We're all struggling to make sense of life and day to day issues.

  • Good morning, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought" (Buddha).

    16 July cancerian, add me to your list of big changes over the past few years, as with my other beautiful cancerian friends. Great advice of meditation and deciding what we want, visualize it and be it. It gets better everyday. I am eager for what is coming in my life now and I send this eagerness to you all and most of all LOVE your 'self'.

  • yes manifest good things in ur life .do it right on this forum for all of us to help , a joint prayer is more powerful than u praying alone lets help eachother i pray that my daughter gets selected in a very prestigeous med univ please help me by joinin me i join u in praying for wat u nead most at this time. start ur prayer 1st thing in the morning by touching the ground before u place ur feet on the floor thank god and ask him to give u awonderfull day then bless urself ur parents ur children ur siblings ur pet ur servants thin prayer is picked up by the universe U WILL FEEL BETTER

  • hi all... even though this is kind of late... I have been going through major life changes... some I decided to implement myself... I figured that if I really want to benefit myself and if the changes were going to happen that I would have to take control of whatever I could... my birthday is June 26/08... if stuff doesn't happen the way you want it to then it's because the universe has other plans for you... the universe has a way of putting us back on the right track and rather than fight it you have to proceed forwards with it.. you can tell when you are fighting the changes cuz it feels bad... if people are leaving your life... remember they were with you to teach you something and they may come back around... but there are new things to learn ... if you try not to get upset and go with the flow it will begin to feel better... be grateful for what you have and for what you've learnt but remember to enjoy the journey... even though you seem to be on your own and others are leaving you for crazy reasons... it really doesnt matter.... it's only life making you realize that you have a different path to follow....even if it doesnt make sense... it will eventually make sense... you have to go out of your comfort zone to grow... enjoy the ride... and about the business... maybe it really wasnt the time or the right business... deep down you know what you want to do... and when life gets really frustrating... just believe and send out love to all.... and you will be surprised at the things you attract to your most beautiful self... enjoy...and be sure to come and visit us here cuz we are all on our own journey and we all love to help.... we are so... CANCERIAN......and so we will make you feel safe....

  • I keep thinking about those same reasons, Ello, as to why people are leaving my life now, or why I'm probably leaving them and other changes. The universe or God does have it's own plan for me and I know that these are changes that will bring me to the next "level". As Cancers, none of us like change, but I do know that changes I have gone through in the past have always worked out for the better. I guess I just need to know that what I am doing now is the right thing or should I reach out more? Is my depression causing me to withdraw more, or is it that I am growing apart from some people and that is the new journey?

  • Okay.. I know where you are coming from Mypetsaremykids... cuz I have been there... when I was 40 about 6yrs ago I did go through a major depression... apparently everyone hits it at some point in their lives... but don't give up... I went to a counsellor but found that it wasn't a quick fix like I thought it would be and it was provided by my employer but I found that really they didn't do much to help me and life did get confusing for a while.... so I did find one myself a couple of years later that helped me.... but the thing that really saved me was to change my habits which I did last fall and I also made a big change in my job.. although I still have the same employer.. and the pay was a little lower but when I realized the reduced stress in my life it was well worth it ... and then I really started to implement a very healthy life-style... like walks, better eating habits and absolutely no alcohol... and then since I'm really a self-learner I started to read some very positive books... like the Abraham-Hicks series(if you don't know them you can find their site on-line)... and Joe Vitale... and many more... all to make myself understand how I could've brought such negativity on myself... and more importantly to learn the tools to forgive myself for any of my shortcomings (from my whole life) that I had/have and to heal myself... I became more focused on the beauty of me... and I'm still a work in progress but my self-appreciation is the biggest change I've brought around to me... and most importantly I love me and I believe that I am here to be the best me that I can be and we are suppose to pass this on to help others heal...... since I can't really tell you what to do... if you want to withdraw then I would suggest you do it with the purpose of healing all your past hurts and let them go because you can have the most amazing life... don't just shut yourself out so that you can avoid the changes... try to work through it... and make sure you have some support... there is always someone out there that will listen to you... they have Crisis Lines... sometimes it's easier talking to someone you don't know... ...and with the changes.. its really cool to see where you can go... .... part of the thing I do is that I don't watch the news... anything really negative is the last thing you need to focus on... your pets are your kids so let them help you heal... talk to them.......don't spend time worrying about things that are out of your control.. like all the stuff with the economy... remember the economy always flucuates.....and I don't believe it will be as bad as some believe it will be...remember negativity breeds negativity... while positivity breeds positivity ... you have to take care of you... now some of the people that were in my life were negative... so I decided to limit their access to me... those that are positive I allow in... I paint paint paint .... I listen to uplifting music and come here to see how everyone is... I also quit limiting my goals..... I am finally going for my dream to be an artist so I am joining groups to help me move into my dream life... I am making a huge difference for me... and for your job... don't look at it as less money choose to look at it as a job that you feel happier doing....... we are here to live our life experience as happy beings... but really try to see the positive and along your path you will find your self-worth... I have a couple of saying that I painted on my office wall... and I really believe in them, I don't know if they will help you... but here they are anyway....

    "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up" ~ Vince Lombardi

    "Destiny is not a matter of chance ~ it is a matter of choice" ~ JW Bryan

    So now you can decide what you want to do... and I have learnt that when I make the changes it is much better for me, because I feel that I have more control... cuz at the end of the day... this is my ship and I want to steer it..... so good luck ... and hopefully this will help you.... Good thing I'm not too Yappy... eh

  • quote: "and more importantly to learn the tools to forgive myself for any of my shortcomings (from my whole life) that I had/have and to heal myself... I became more focused on the beauty of me... and I'm still a work in progress but my self-appreciation..."

    That's the one thing that I constantly forget to do for myself.

    Everything that you said makes perfect sense. I'm glad that you've found a good "recipe" for your peace of mind. I too have taken a lower paying job with less stress and it is the best thing for me.

    Thank you for sharing your incite. 🙂

  • Always a pleasure... I try to remember that I am here first and foremost to have the most beautiful experience I can have ..... and that means that we really should put ourselves first so that we can assist others when we are at the top of our game... Have a great Holiday ... I really wish you well....

  • uummm that is yearly for me, as well as daily... nothing stays the same, its like a revolving door... i gain, then lose, achieve then get set back... from the littlest things to the greatest things... i feel what u are going thru

  • I am also a Cancerian (July 6) who can't believe all the changes that I have been going through from losing an old friend from childhood in May to having to close my store, to a series of other events that ended in my losing another childhood friend in early February. (I now only have 1 childhood friend left). Thing is, it seems as though alot of endings occured and I thought to myself "This must be to make room for the new things that have to begin". I am just waiting now for all these new major changes to begin.

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