Soapmaker everything okay

  • Hi soapmaker, just wondering if everything is okay?


    Sheila from Vancouver,Canada

    sending you lots of light

  • Hi Shatz,

    Yes I am fine and you?

  • I'm good,I've missed your posts, I was wondering because some of the posts went missing:(

  • Hi Soapmaker.

    I responded to your post for past life readings but it disappeared. Is it a glitch? Did I enter something wrong? Sometime ago I posted some old family sketches for your review but you were not online much then. Just wondered if you get a chance can you check that out. Would like your input.

    Welcome back, hope things are looking up for you.


  • Hi RC,

    I saw a strong German background in you. I feel that you and your father were brothers in the 1500's and had a dispute over landrights.

  • Interesting. Any idea how many trips I've made here. Obviously if I was here in the 1500's there's room for lots more "visits". Thanks for the read. Why did the post vanish.?

  • I am not sure. They emailed me and told me that I could get banned. That they deleted my posts. Maybe because I was talking about my small business? I emailed an apology and told them that people loved my past life readings. Maybe that was why? don't know but I go with the flow

  • Well here's hoping they don't get upset with you any further. I agree we love your readings and insight. So hope things have improved for you & yours and that you'll be popping in from time to time.


  • Thank you sweetie. I give what I can. Love & Light to you

  • hello soapmaker,

    just wondering if you see anything to do with past lives for me 3/13/62

    and current boyfriend,him 3/25/62. and how you see our outcome in this linear time frame?

    thankyou for your time

  • above wrong date him 3/25/66 oops.

  • Hi soapmaker...not sure if you were able to see my picture before your post got deleted. Sorry about much money as I spend on this site..I find it a bit offensive that you keep getting deleted...

  • From what I have been able to observe they are deleting many posts on people giving advice/readings on things that they offer for pay on this site. In one of the rules the admin posted it stated that no one could give readings on the forums..... I dont know if that is why everything seems to be getting deleted these days... because even your message to me asking me to post on another thread got deleted... and all you did was tell me to find another thread...

    I'm starting to wonder if they even want us to be here anymore.

  • Yeah it really is quite annoying that they delete stuff without a good reason...

    they should probably double think if what they are charging for their services is even right... if they really want to get customers then...

    I'm so sorry soapmaker I was looking forward to your insights best of luck!!

  • All,

    Some of you have noticed that we have been more strict about enforcing our rules lately. Just to put our actions into context, these forums are a place for members to interact -- not for commercial interests (even our own). We created them to benefit our members, so they could connect with each other in a safe environment.

    Posts that solicit or share personal email or physical addresses will be edited or deleted and so will posts with links to commercial sites.

    Also, we cannot allow personalized readings in the forums. We're sorry, we know that a lot of you look forward to those readings. But there is no way for us to authenticate all the individual readers and the content they provide. And there have been complaints from individuals who don’t understand that forum readings are not in any way affiliated with the readings provides on other areas of the site. In some cases, we've even discovered that the personalized readings posted in the forums were taken without permission from other sites -- opening us up to copyright violation litigation.

    We do send private warning emails to members who obviously have good intentions but are continually violating the rules. And we try to only single out individuals who are 1) giving personal readings 2) soliciting email 3) AND linking to commercial sites – basically triple violations.

    We sincerely hope that you continue to interact and enjoy participating in the forums. Over the years we've seen a terrific community develop and there are still plenty of insights to share that are within the forum guidelines.

    Thanks for your time,

    Forum Admin

  • Good morning all,

    Thank you. No I didn't get to see the picture. I am sorry. Thank you Admin for letting us know what we can share. I wish we could still do readings for others because mine is always so accurate for helping others and sharing my gift.

    Love & Light to all

  • Wow, I figured something was wrong thats why i started this poste,ummmmm,i really don't know what to say there are many gifted people on these forms, but i guess the honest ones are being punished, i can understand this sites take on things because i do see alot of things from other sites on here and that could put the site in a copyright violation.

    I really dont know what else to say.

    Soapmaker you are a generous and honest person, and i'm really sorry that i didn't get your take on me.

    Sheila MacDonald from Vancouver Canada



  • This forum does not have a private message option, which does prove to be annoying in various occasions...

    I had made a thread asking for insight on past lives, and it got deleted not too soon after...

    If you could tell me anything you pick up, even if little... Or if that's too much, just what level my soul is at... I probably have a long way to go still, and I doubt I've been here long enough to be connected to those ancient super-developed nations which got obliterated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi laithano,

    Missed u too hon!

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