When will it be my turn??

  • Hi, I am a single Mum, with a wonderful, if slightly hormonal 13yr old Son. I divorced 6 yrs ago and have enjoyed getting on with my life and becoming more independent. I run a small business from home and work very hard to pay the bills etc..I spend alot of my time helping other people and would like some help with insight as to when it may be my turn to receive some help! I am in a relationship with a soldier currently posted to Afghanistan...my dob is 02/03/66 and his is 04/06/75..could this be my rock I have been searching for....insight would be so very much appreciated.....Thanks in anticipation

  • i dont do readings, i noticed that there was no reply as yet to your question, from general experience i have found that when looking into situations that are just in the process sometimes its best to wait and see what happens, see how the freinship, relationship goes, ask how do i feel about this relationship and see how he is feeling, i am happy for you that you have a man in your life, and i think that you are a guttsey lady picking someone who has such a big job to do, i would say to you just be patient and see how it pans out, if you both are falling in love and all appears to be working well, do you really require a reading on this, unless there is some doubt, or concern, best of luck to you and your teenage boy, i really do wish you every joy and the very best of luck. just allow and enjoy the relationship

  • Thank you for your reply and they are indeed wise words...I stopped to think more about my concerns and doubts and yes there are indeed a few...I imagine this is quite normal particularly as we are living apart ....I shall resolve to try and relax and enjoy our relationship, he is back for his 2 weeks r&r soon... 🙂 Something is nagging at me though and I can't quite put my finger on it.

  • you are most welcome livelifewell, if something is nagging you check to see if its an old feeling that you have from your past relationship, or any other repetative feeling that you may have, its coming to the surface and it will show its self, however, dont let it spoil your time with this male, time will certainly tell, ask god or your guides to show you what it is that is nagging at you be direct with the question, then let it go, you will be surprised at what comes up in your thoughts, check what kind of feeling it is also, hope this helps, blessings and light are sent to you at this time

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