For the Highpriestess 3 & The Soapmaker

  • Hello Sisters...

    Highpriestess you had mentioned to me months ago re my Virgo friend, to be patient as this looks like destiny. I've been patient, and we are communicating more directly recently, and keep passing each other in traffic over the past two weeks in the most unlikely places.

    We seem to be drawn to each other in uncanny way...and communicate as if we have known each other fact, based on my dreams, I have deliberately sought to communicate directly instead of through our mutual friend who has been trying to "hook us up". I sense that I should not be dragged along on anyone else's agenda, and we should just organically get to know each other.

    I've even asked his advice about some lands I am trying to acquire...and was surprised at first that he didn't seem to support a certain plot...till I had a dream that it was on those lands in past lives that my father was murdered....I also dreamt last night that he came to me after searching through a hotel we were staying at for a work conference and asked me advice about divorce.

    I know Soapmaker when I first asked, you didn't see us being more than good friends...somehow...both these sometimes confuse me because of what I sense developing or having the feel of a big pull to the future...I was getting confused last night and asked my spirit guides for I feel that the next couple weeks will be very pivotal in our 'relationship'. I am therefore seeking counsel as to how to proceed in the coming period...I am patient and don't have to do anything, but would like to be prepared in case I do need to act.

    Thanks for your usual loving support.


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