Seek Help interpreting Romany reading

  • Thx for reading 🙂 Did my own reading and don't feel my interpretation is right. thinking of recent ex hopefully coming back while shuffling.

    Column D (me): 9 swords, Ace swords,Queen cups

    Row A (past): Death, 10 wands, Star, 9 swords, 7 pentacles, 5 pentacles, 3 pentacles

    Row B (present): 8 pentacles, 8 wands, Lovers, Ace swords, Page wands, 2 wands, 2 cups

    Row C (future): Knight swords, 6 swords, 10 swords, Queen cups, 7 cups, 3 cups, King cups

    Blessed be all for reading and helping 🙂

  • Hi there Dbeautiful,

    I've been working intuitively on your reading for the past few days actually,because for some reason it called to me.Maybe,because I felt I was in the same position as you not so long ago,and needed guidance to whether or not the person would return.

    here is my interpretation,I hope in someway it makes sense,as this is what i picked up.I actually picked up through the cards you layed out a lot more than just the question you were asking...

    In the Past:

    Death is shown as the first card that is layed out,which indicates whether it was in the relationship that a huge transition took place Or that the relationship itself was a new beginning to an old ending.10 of wands indicates what I feel might’ve been burdens and responsibilities that may have been weighing the both of you down in this relationship.Whether it was work commitments,or disharmony with family,it indicates there was a strain on the relationship in some form.

    The star shows that you weathered through the storms though,together when things appeared bleak and daunting you managed to weather through it together,but it seemed one problem after another occurred and this is why the 9 of swords shows up more than once in your reading..The fear card and worry that manipulates our minds into thinking that the fear is a lot worse than what reality is.7 of pentacles indicates evaluation of the relationship,or evaluation as to where it may be headed which then follows into The 5 of pentacles indicating loss,abandonment and poverty,which could relate to emotional aspects,but i feel more financially,as the 3 of pentacles is accompanied with this card,indicating possible financial help or advise.

    In the present:

    The 8 of Pentacles shows that craftsmanship is at hand,and that your working hard to gain back your ex’s affections,it will be paid off but there are other things to consider.The 8 of wands could represent rushing ahead,and thrusting forward,just be careful to look before you leap into anything too quickly.The lovers presents itself and shows that you will find the love that you seek,but that there will be a choice between to potential lovers...this could be your ex...if his significator appearances or personality matches the card that comes up in the future reading as the knight of swords.Ace of swords shows that you will get down to the truth and heart of the matter and that honesty will be shown to you.The two of wands show that your getting to the goal that you wish to achieve but still have a little way to go with the completion of it.The 2 of cups is probably one of the most significant answer to your question as a whole as it signifies re-union,relationships and the merging together of two individuals.

    The Future:

    The Knight of Swords represents a witty and intelligent man by nature,he can appear brash but has a way with words.This could be a man who is about to enter your life or is in your life and plays a significant role in the future.6 of swords shows that you will be travelling abroad,whether physically or emotionally,you may find yourself moving away from the situation for the better and find solace in what you seek.Watch out for betrayal with the 10 of swords, hidden motives will be revealed,you may feel like you’ve been stabbed in the back,but it will open your eyes to who can and cant be trusted.Queen of cups in this reading looks to be regarding you,as in column D she comes up.7 Of cups shows that many choice or temptations within the relationship are revealed.Greed might’ve interfered,and a sense of feeling overwhelmed.

    3 of cups means there is a celebration to come your way,embrace it as it will bring much happiness into your life.The king of cups is also shown and plays part in the grand scheme of things,quite possibly he is the love interest in the end,because of how well matched he is to you.

    And you as whole at the moment:

    You are worrying a lot about things with your current ex,it seems the worry is overshadowing and distorted your real vision making things more scarier than they appear,work through the fear and initially you will see that there is nothing to be frightened of.Your very honest about your feelings,and you respect the truth,things are become a lot clearer for you.Your a very compassionate person,loving and kind,also emotionally inclined as we see by the tides and water that can be shown with the queen of cups.

  • Hello xMermaidiax,

    thank you so much for clearing up my doubts. You pinpointed the past as if you were there with me! The present, however, well the jury is still out. Maybe I'm just not paying attention since I'm too emotionally caught up in the situation. The future seems promising. I guess I'm going to weather the storm and be patient.

    I'm very grateful that you took the time to read my cards. This was a great birthday gift! 🙂

    Bless you and take it easy.


  • your more than welcome D,Keep me updated if anything more happens,I wish you lots of love and luck!

  • btw,happy birthday to you!

  • Hi xMermaidiax,

    hope this message finds you well. There seems to be progress, he came to my bday party and last week he called me on 2 separate occasions just to chat. We have a child together, so we see each other 2 or 3 times a week when he picks up and/or drops off the baby. The calls were out of the blue and nothing to do with the baby. Last saturday he called to bring us dinner. Granted he thought I could be pregnant, but I told him I'm not on sunday. He came to my other child's bday party and we shared a cig. Right now we're talking alot since I'm helping him get a better job. Most significant to me is that he changed his public profile, but did not change his status to single nor delete my pictures. Maybe it seems too trival, but it does give me hope, alot of hope & faith. If I could only tell him that I would not want anything for any holiday or celebration from him or anybody else if he would just give it another chance. This is the first time we break up, but I want to kiss and make up and try our hardest to make it great if not better. I just wouldn't want him to ever leave again & I'll do my best to keep him. Sorry for the essay :), just letting it out.

  • btw the lovers card was probbaly meant for him. He is going out with someone else now not even a month after he left! I believe that part was his present. Not too sure now about the following cards after the ace of swords... Are they our future or his with her? Well, maybe another month or so and it'll reveal who it belongs too...

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