Lying man

  • im in love with a gemini man im aries. im 55 hes 40. Hanging out with his 18 year old son while i sit home. Need a new man same age but not tying to still be young . Wants a good woman who can cook, likes to have fun and go places while doing things together.

  • I missing what your asking. I'm sorry, can you explain better?

  • sorry thats double dutch to me can you please say what you mean if you are looking for a man to date on this site you got the wrong area, try singles dating on the web

  • Ive been dating a guy whos DOB IS 19-7 1961 is has been 6 months and i always feel he has excuse after excuse i have approached him about it he says he would not lie to me im not sure anymore my D O B is 3-12-61

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