No more requests for readings for now ~ thanks! :)

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  • Sorry, lsm .... dropped the pass .... : )

  • Hello LSM i know you been overwelmed too many request and just wondering if you get to page 5 yet if not i will be patiently waiting i know how its taking your time and energy and will be praying for you...thanks again....

    blessed be

  • Hi lsm,

    I would like to thank you & everyone in here that has offered readings & plenty of advice. I have asked for a reading from you but I do know how exhausting & draining it does get as you need full concentration for it.

    I would just like to say, if someone is going to have a reading done, they need to have patience. Everything does not happen at that moment. The "reader" does have a life, job, children, family, just everyday things.

    As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

    Hope you get your rest & re energised.



  • BUMP< BUMP< and one more...BUMP!!!

  • Hello Littlespacemonkey,

    We have not met. I am Scribe1 and have been away for some time, What ever your trials are at this moment I send you my warmest wishes and thoughts. Please rest and regain your strength. We will meet another time. Blessed Be...


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