No more requests for readings for now ~ thanks! :)

  • LSM,

    I am going to add my bump in here to push this up to the top of the forum and hope it receives some attention.

    What does frustrate me is how many people see the heading of a reading request and then don't bother to read through, they are so self absorbed they can only think about themselves and what is going in their own lives. So they miss the posts about the readings ending because the reader is exhausted. The me, me, me attitude irks me, especially since a lot of the requests come from people who never offer to help with advice/support/encouragement to anyone else on any other posts.

  • Dear Wenchie,

    Thanks for supporting me on this one. It's hard because I want to please everyone, but I simply can't keep up. That's why I needed to take a break from reading today. I needed a recharge..

    I hope others notice this post!

    Thanks again for the bump 🙂



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  • No more requests for readings means no more requests for readings. People, please READ before posting.

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  • at the risk of being rude..........bump

  • Hey there LSM

    Sending a reiki healing your way to help recharge the batteries 🙂

    Love and light

  • Hi Little Space Monkey! You have such a talent and big heart for offering these readings in the first place. I also know that you didn't have any idea how many requests would come rolling in. I think people will understand if you can not give anymore readings. You sent out a note saying "no more please" yet people who did not read that kept asking. That is unfortunately their problem. Not yours. Not to sound heartless. We all would like readings but most people here are compassionate and realize that you are doing this on your own time and for nothing else than to help others. You are not a fortune machine where we insert a quarter and a message drops out. You are human and need a break. You do what you can and if you miss the others, then that is unfortunate for them but they needed to read your note about no more readings in the first place. Don't feel guilty or that you are letting anyone down. You are doing what you can and all these people who are requesting reading after reading will surely understand your position and empathize once they take a look at the sheer volume of requests sent to you. Not to mention the many times you, Wenchie and Laie4 pleaded for them to stop. Enjoy a nice quiet night now and have a large glass of wine!!! Lots of love!

  • Seriously people.......START READING THE THREADS YOU POST ON.

    When you are told no more reading requests, that is pretty clear to me.

    Wake up.

  • Laie4, ragbag, wenchie, talisa72, stonyeye- thank you guys so much!! 🙂 you're my angels

    will still be doing readings up to page 5 where I stated I'll be

    taking no more requests. I may start a new thread after that for everyone who didn't reply in time- we shall see!



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  • Hello.

    When I see people are willing to give of themselves, I will sometimes make a requuest, then let it go as I feel if it is to be, I will get a reading.

    Seems I am usually late, even though I may be on the earlier pages. Guess I am not to know what is in store for me.

    May each of you gifted people be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE , with good health, love, harmony, and prosperity.

    Julianna- lovingsilverwings

  • Dear Julianna/lovingsilverwings,

    Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting a reading. I will continue to read on this site, so hopefully it will work out for you soon - if not with me, then another reader



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