No more requests for readings for now ~ thanks! :)

  • Hello all,

    I posted this in my previous thread offering tarot readings but I don't think anyone noticed it! Oops! 😛 No more requests for now- I will try and do as many as I can today since I will be busy for most of Sunday and Monday. I want to assist as many as I can, but I'm not the fastest reader, so please bear with me.

    Thanks to all for their patience. I hope you're all having a great weekend!

    ❤ lsm

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  • Thank you Lsm, ...and I think you are noticed!!!! We'll keep bumping this up so they can see this thread!!

    Take care !


  • which is exactly why i bumped after my post hoping others we do same : > ))

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  • Dear little space monkey i would love to have a reading this will be a first timer for me on this life is full of highs and lowes throw the coin amd tell me what you know.

    peace and sucess to you


  • Thank you Laie4!!

    Requests have seeped into my dreams ! That plus pressing family concerns = not much rest for lsm

    will be taking care of home stuff for next couple days will do a reading here and there where I can

    very much need for rest right now. I'm talking like yoda I'm so tired hehe

    much love to all, I care about your concerns and promise to get to all the readings but please be patient and no more requests for now!! Thanks 🙂

  • Lsm,

    The first time I saw a thread explode was when The Captain offered his astrological readings. It blew my mind how many people needed/wanted his help. The amount of work he has put into it has been above and beyond --- just look at the amount of typing and the time that takes!

    When I saw your thread I thought, Uh oh and debated about asking for a reading, knowing that this too was going to explode. In checking for a reply from you, I saw you had become overwhelmed and asked for a brief respite. Way to go ! It was very smart of you to recognize your limits and try to kindly halt the tidal wave. : > ) No, thanks are needed here --- my wish was that posters, those before and after your attempt to slow the rising water would have seen this post and help out. Oh well, I wish I'd been clearer in my attempt.

    I have continued to read your replies to others and am so impressed! You have taken the readings and interpreted them in such a clear, concise way that it is inspirational! ( i think i see a green tint to my skin ) I sense an ease of flow between your cards and your intuition that I can only liken to the ease at which we see the alphabet for the first time and as adults read without giving the alphabet a second thought any more! Thank you so much for my reading! (Summerbutterfly said it so much better than I could. )

    Oh your poor inbox ... Don't let this easy flow dry out .... take care of you. Geez, sad you had to post that you had a life, LOL !

    Maybe others can help to bump this too.

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  • This is my first time in any forum...what is bumbing?

    Any way, lsm, thanks for the offer...hope you get some rest.

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  • Laie4,

    Your words mean so much to me 🙂 There is still much for me to learn, but knowing that I a

    helping others in some way with my readings is so gratifying. I had a big smile on my face when I saw the responses last night. I hope my intuition continues to develop so I can be sure to give others accurate guidance. I like your analogy to the alphabet- the symbols of the tarot feel more natural to me than the alphabet anyway. It's the story of life, everyone's story, that intrigues and inspires me.

    As for the difficulty in typing- tell me about it! I'm doing this all from my cell phone...

    Again, the support means a great deal to me since I sometimes doubt my abilities though I think I've overcome that for the most part. I'm excited to learn from others and make new friends! 🙂

    I am trying to take time for myself, since I cannot read well if I'm tired and drained. But I'll keep working at it- I just thank everyone for their patience and support! The feedback is quite useful as well.

    Much love,


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