Reading please, Am I on the right path?

  • I am trying to figure out if I am on the right path for both my career and destiny. About 5 years ago I became a teacher in Florida. Due to financial difficulties I subsequently moved to Tn and cont to pursue that career there, but in both states I have run up against numerous obstacles and am currently unemployed barely making it on unemployment. I love teaching but I dont know if all of these obstacles are leading me somewhere within that field or if it is the universe saying I made a mistake. About the same time I started on another path, what I feel is like a calling. I see things sometimes, in visions and meditation, and I also use divination, but it seems to be for specific people or for my own destiny. Basically, I help others find their right path, but I dont try to do it, I meet the person and the visions come. But again, I have hit a few obstacles, and I dont know if what I see is even real, though at least one person called me scary accurate. I would like any insight into these that you could offer. Im an aries, born 4/14/67 in Orlando, Florida. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Dear Aries,

    You spoke about fincncial difficulties, lack of enthusiasm in teaching, and perhaps are you on the right path? Let's take one thing at a time, since that is what you have a lot of on your hands.

    Why did you become a teacher? What inspired you to want to dedicate your life to educate children? Think about these questions.

    Your financial situation is world wide and change is inevitable. Perhaps you had a good time purchasing items that were not really needed but you wanted. It was your choice to buy them. This leads to another situation. We have a habit of creating our problems by overspending and not being realistic with what we are really looking for so we substitute our depressed mood with buying power.

    We are always given choices. Sometimes we know the answer but just don't want to go that route. Getting back to nature is what I suggest. Going on picnics, taking a long walk, people watching and doing good for someone that you don't know will make you feel better. It is giving a part of yourself with no strings attached that will help you understand just who you are. I know that you are a good person, that's been hurt in the past and afraid to let go. This is what you have to work on. Let today be the first day of the rest of your life.


  • Dear Twightlight shadow,

    You also stated that you had obstacles at the jobs, but didn't say what. I know that being on time and coworkers can be an added advantqge to keeping your job. Car trouble,put you in a situation that didn't help. As for being able to help others and not yourself is a problem that you need to concentrate on. Relax, let your mind open up and the answers will come your way. I believe that you have the ability to have the visions and know things. But are you using your past experiences to receive the answers?


  • Im curious as to what the reading was. You're not completely off but not really answering the heart of what I was asking. The financial situation is difficult but if teaching is the right path for me then I will get a job at some point and that will be mostly alleviated. I went into teaching to be able to spend more time with my own child and it actually paid more then my previous job. I was working social services at the time and it had become depressing, and I had become jaded and tired. I wanted to do something that made me feel optimistic and inspired, and I wanted to inspire others. My goal has always been to live a life that matters, and I thought teaching would offer that. But I have run into walls from the beginning. I got a job teaching under a pending license, but didnt get rehired because requirements changed. Met those requirements but the economy had taken a downturn and they were no longer hiring. Took my parents advice and moved with them to Tn as the economy was supposed to be better. It took almost two years to get my license here because they kept asking for additional vr or requiring another test they neglected to mention I had to take. I got a job, but again it was under a pending license. The principal promised to rehire me but at the last minute changed his mind with no explanation. By that time most of the hiring for the year was done. Ive applied for anything that comes open but havent even gotten an interview. I like teaching and have been told Im good at it, but I follow a somewhat Taoist belief that the universe leads you where you need to be if you just follow the signs it gives you. Im trying to figure out if all these obstacles are leading/pushing me somewhere or trying to tell me I took a wrong turn. Being on time has been difficult for me in the past, but did not play a factor recently as far as I know. The last couple of recommendations Ive gotten have listed me as very dependable. I did have an issue with one coworker at my last job, but the rest of the dept had issues with him as well. Several of them stated they were really irritated that the principal kept him and got rid of me. As for getting outdoors, it hasnt been above 23 degrees, windchill 15 all week. I grew up in FL, I hate the cold and dont tend to do well in it, tho getting out by myself is probably not a bad idea, but somewhere indoors.

    As for doing things for others, that relates to the other question about my life/destiny path. Thats what Im trying to do, but I was trying to figure out if Im going about it in the right way. Not sure where the car thing came from, my car is only a couple of years old, I have no problems with it whatsoever. Ive been trying to open my mind, was blocked for a while but it seems to have cleared. I just dont know if the answers Im getting are real or just something in my own head. Im not sure what you mean about using past experiences. Can you explain more about that?

  • twilightshadows,

    It really feels like you keep banging on the door and no one's answering, huh? I have always kept hitting the door --- thinking working harder was the way to go. It isn't --- working smarter is. You have ideas of another way to go - Go! Listen to yourself and just follow where it leads. Trust in your visions.

    I really think you have made the right choice about teaching and would bring loads of enthusiasm and laughter to that profession. I have always adored people in your birth week and one thing I have always, Always found is that they land on their feet! I used to shake my head at my ex ( apr 13 ) and just say, God, looks out for babies and fools. And I don't mean that as in your a fool; its meant in the sweetest, most loving way. Goggle tarot the fool to see all the wonderful things I see about you, k?

    Back to career : Think outside the box with the teaching degree. You would do best where you have a sense of being in charge, like in a classroom -- having freedom to do what you need to do. Most definitely, it should be for people and with people. In some way, motivating them to be their best --- personal trainor ???

    There is so much you can do .... Whatever it is, you will be a wonderful asset!

  • Reading your information for clues...

    Florida=sunshine /Being inside in the winter not going out=lack of sunshine

    Possible immediate solution= Vitamin C, reading under grow lamps or REAL light bulbs or sitting in a patch of sunshine,lots of good water,hot showers

    Timing seems to be an issue for you. Are you on a schedule?

    It really helps me to wake up and go to sleep at approximately

    the same time as many days as I can.

    It sounds like a trivial thing but it can really help motivate you and help you feel more like you are ready when the time comes for your new opportunity.

    Is there anywhere where you can take on a Part-time job?

    Nearby so you won't have too much trouble with time?

    Something simple to start with so you can build up your confidence again.

    Being back home can open up emotional issues...

    conflicting feelings of being an adult but still a child.

    These things can all lead to being confused.

    You sound like you have a pretty good idea of what might happen but I think it shouldn't matter too much about WHAT right now...just getting going again will jumpstart your brain..

    I feel it...You will be fine soon!


    I'm 3/27/56 and we Aries are okay as long as we don't dwell on what is not working but what is working.....just keep your mind focused and alert in a relaxed state...:)

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