Gemini Man Jealous?

  • I can't say He's mine..."yet" cause we are still in the "courtship" phase of our relationship. I was taken back a few days ago when Mr. Gem reacted in a jealous manner when I had inquired about a male friend of mine to another co-worker.

    I thought Gems didn't get jealous...What's up with that?

    Note: His twin was out, so perhaps that could have something to do with it?

    Any input would be appreciated.


  • I know that usually gemini's dont get jealous or show it, but when they really have feelings for someone, they do!

  • MSKAT91 - ditto!

    I am a Gem woman and I can be jealous and possessive in a love relationship (not proud of it, just admitting to it). I will not always show it, but I WILL feel it, usually under two conditions:

    1. I am truly in love with the guy

    2. He gives me a visible reason for it.

    When I'm not jealous at all, to me that's a big indication that I'm NOT in love or feel rather lukewarm about someone. But that's just me. Geminis are just like any other sign - you have to look beyond the Sun sign and into the specifics of each individual's chart.

    I might be a Gem, but I have Pluto conjunct Moon , Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus , so- yeah,

    I "see red" on occasion LOL.

    GENUINELEO101, your man is into you 🙂

    Hope that helped.

  • In my life experience, everyone can be jealous at some point! Astrology I think does play a role in the degree of the jealousy and geminis are probably less prone to it than others. Taurus and Scorpio are among the most jealous signs of the zodiac. It takes a lot for a gemini to invest of themselves and they do have a sense of betrayal if things don't go well after doing this. I take it positively, in this instance that he has invested some degree of caring. I am a virgo and am not really the jealous type, I think its better when people have mutual respect for another person's time and space. When I am jealous, its usually only when I have a valid reason to be so. I am also pretty confident so its kind of hard for me to be that jealous, but I have had my moments.. lol. The Tibetan Buddhists say it has something to do with too strong and attachment to the self. Yet, just relating my own experience here... I think you are in a good place and have nothing to worry about.

  • Yes, Gemini are just lioke any other sign. They try not to show their jealous side. If at ant tome they do shw this, I am like S&S they are into you. That is a good thing. Gemini take awhile to show their emotions. Your in a good place.

  • My spelling is really bad tonight, please over look my misspelling. Sorry....

  • Thank you everyone who responded.

    I guess I was shocked because he had not shown that side of him before, and perhaps I thought that he never would....He is human after all like the rest of us. This man is the love of my life and he "knows" it. It's like we have this telepathy thing going on. Iv'e never experienced that with another man, nor have I ever experienced the spirtual heights/levels like we do when we are together. Iv'e had both of our birth charts , compatibility reports, and numerology reports done so far. This man can make me light up and glow just as soon as he walks into the same room and then I carry that with me all day, and people notice. 🙂

    Thanks again everyone for your thoughtful inputs. I appreciate them all.

  • He's n 2 ya with no doubt!!!!!

  • Hi, i'm a gem female and i can be very jealous and possessive sometimes though that comes out only when i have real feelings for someone or if it is something very obvious. I have been seeing a Gemini guy and same as you we haven't talked about being exclusive and so on so he seems like typical Gem not having jealousy issues but sometimes i also get a vibe from him that he actually is trying to suppress his jealousy. I think it's a normal thing though everyone can be jealous sometimes and if it isn't aggressive or over the top it's generally a good thing. So i think the rest must be right he probably is into you.

  • I am a Gemini female, and yes...., if I'm really into someone, I get extremely jealous and slightly possessive (even over friends). but like everyone else--it's not my proudest moments and I do try to suppress that side as I don't want to be mistaken for being insecure...

  • I do believe they can be jealous if they are in love or have their feelings hurt for an obvious reason. My gemini boyfriend.. I think were still together its hard to tell but hes mad at me at teh moment. I think hes a little jealous that a guy had sent him a msg saying to treat me well or he wanted a shot at me. Well, it was rude of this guy to say it so I can understand him being upset but hes taken it out on me. He hasnt talked to me for over a week and I really didnt do anything so theres that. This guy was a mutual friend. The guy I am seeing is married so I guess thats another reason for the frustration but I know this guy loves me and I love him very much. BUTTT let me say this, If I knew then what I know now.... 1. How Gemini's are and 2. how the twin comes out I would of ran like hell!!!! He now sucks me in and I am talking about CHARM!! Hes a charmer and I can tell people radiate to him. We were at a restuarant and this waitress turns her butt to me and looks at him talking.. Shes all gaga over him... First date and I could see his charm like The Evil or Good??? Twin......

    Well, this gemini cheats obviously.. Why am I allowing this to happen? Charm? I am head over hills but now hes not talking to me.. he said the only way this will work is if we have some time apart to let things cool off a bit.. We live in other states but we had been talking about me moving there.. He wanted an apt key etc.. Now some guys says a stupid thing and hes all hot under the colar about it.. Scared? or Jealous?

    All I can say is NEVER NEVER NEVER have an affair with a Gemini!!!!!! RUN LIKE HELL!!! Bad enough having an affair period but with a gemini man is even more crazy.. Its like being on a drug... and funny enuf the song i told him that reminded me of him and I was Your love is like a Drug by Keisha..... so true! I am crazy about him but my love for him is enough to send you to the looney bin!!! Hes just like Katy Perrys song Hot and Cold.. Yes and no,,, in and out... up and down... wrong and right .. black and white.. fight n break up... kiss and makeup.....

    You dont really want to stay but you really dont want to go.... NOW THATS JUST FREAKIN CRAZY....

  • I can't speak about all signs but there is something about Libras that has a distinct attraction towards us Gemini. I've been with several Libra girls and I will admit, they keep coming back for more. I don't know whether it's the humor, our wackiness or our kind words but whatever it is, they love it. I don't want to believe in horoscopes but it seems like I do repel women of many other signs. This is interesting and at the same time, intriguing.

    Gemini are really good at baiting certain type of women. If you're looking to marry a Gemini man, look for his sincerity towards you. Just because you think he truly loves you don't mean they likes you at all. Vice versa, he could be great with women, has many girlfriends but still act "dumb" with a girl he truly likes.

    Now as for jealousy, I will admit, Gemini can get very jealous and the intensity of our jealousy is the depth of our affection for the girl. When a Gemini gets jealous, it means he likes you to the point of "love." Now here is where the evil twin comes in....if you slash a scar in his heart, he will come back to you and act if nothing had happened but in reality, he may be retaliating and using you for his own good. If a Gemini man has no emotional towards you, this can be a sign of danger. One thing that drives women crazy is the fact that we sometimes will carry a great conversation with other girls but have absolutely no attraction towards them.

  • Everyone is right..I'm a gem woman dating a Gemini man. We both play that jealous game and try not to show it to each other or make a joke about it,like neither one of us cares, but we both really do. I think we both try to fight or hide our feelings with each other because most of the time we really show how we care, then we back up! I don't know, it's crazy!

  • Arealpanda,

    Everything you said helps in understanding gem men in particular. I don't know if there is a difference with female gems. Why do you feel dumb with a girl you truly like?


    I see something similar/related in what you said to what Arealpanda said. You fall in love or like and then you back off?

    Why? Is it fear of losing control? Commitment is the key to a happy relationship. Would you agree?

  • Arealpanda,

    I wish you could give me an answer to my question regarding your statement that you feel dumb with a girl you truly like. I never got an answer for almost 2 mos. now and hoping to get one this time. It is truly important to me because I am in love with a gem who I know is in love with me but hesitates. If only he would try we could be the best of partners - would you say?

  • Hahaha, Oooohhh the courtship. I'm in the same boat.. I'm going out tonight with friends to a halloween event and he definitely displayed some signs of nervousness/jealousy too. I like it though, these Gemini men are tough ones to crack. Sounds like he likes you 🙂

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