I'm Thankful for.............

  • My 3 beautiful ,hardworking daughters and my 3grandchildren (with another baby boy on the way) yea!!!!! I'm thankful for my best friend EEML....... For a WONDERFUL new job that I thought I would never get .... I'm thankful for the LOVE that is in my life...... Thank You ,GOD

  • WOW! IIharmon2 that's alot of good that's come to you, and it's great that you recognize it as a blessing. I too am blessed . I'm thankful for the love of my son who no matter what see's the best in me. I am thankful that I am here today to share this with you and other reader's out there. I have had a wonderful life and have traveled quite a bit in the last few years, yeah I've had my up's and down's and still do, but I am eternally grateful for what has already come my way. I can't really say that I haven't gotten anything I've ever wished for or willed in my mind, but I can say that I've never not once didn't thank whomever had a part to play in aquiring it.

    I don't say this to sound conceited, I say it because I really do have an abundance of gratitude and I am thankful to know what that feels like.

  • I am thankful for the ability to experience existence. Even when it is not what I would choose to experience I am still thankful to even be here to perceive it. I am also very thankful for my talent as a musician.

  • I'm so thankful that i have over come 29 major stomach operations, also for the best friend that had an affair with my partner of 12 yrs, qhilst i was over coming the surgery's,as i would have continued a life of being told how stupid i am, so thank you Liz,

    I am thankful for the lessons i have had to go thru, and have learned from them, i am much wiser now,

    I also am thank ful (i know this sounds very sad,) but ..for my 16 yr old cat, that has been a life saver, had it not been for him, i would have said goodbye to this wonderful life,as the pain was all too much to bear on my own, i couldnt leave him, ..i'm glad i didnt .

    Lastly i am thankful for the spirit guides, telling me .things will be better..

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