Please help me to find it.

  • Can anyone help me find my Chakra ear cuff. The last time i touched them I was in a hurry! It was time to go! I picked them up, threw them into my purse and rushed out! I got to work and one was gone!! Please help,,, Blessings

  • Hi ! I have lost and tried to retrieve items --- 1/2 found, 1/2 never seen again. : ) )

    I don't even know what this is, but I see a silver spiral that you've kicked under furniture. Look, this probably isn't accurate because I keep seeing My bedroom dresser and the dresser/ bureau/storage place in my foyer. The images are trying to lead somewhere but they keep bouncing between these two so it must be a wooden piece of furniture at least 30inches.

    Not there? Try this : Walk around your place and carefully observe every object in each room. Shouldn't take long. Then, Stand in the center of your space. (Doesn't have to be the room where you May have lost it.) Close your eyes and "re-trace" each room carefully with your minds eye, seeing every spot you observed in your walk around. Go slowly and if you sense something , let your mind travel beyond it for a moment. Sort of feels like that kids game, hot & cold. When it feels "warm" let your mind re-see that area. It may be there!

    I always go beyond and continue to re-trace other rooms; if it feels "cold" I then return to the area and seek out "warm" spot again. Then I go look. That is just how I have done it, but you could try this and see what feels right for you.

    My Mom had lost her diamond engagement ring that she'd worn forEver & this was one thing I gladly found. She was Sooo Upset and searching frantically. So, try to relax before you proceed, K ? Best of Luck, millcab90!

  • Say The Lords Prayer -Our Father

    and ask Saint Anthony to help you find it.

    Best to you

  • Laie4 & Goldenhill, Thank you for your help. I have'nt had a chance to really look for it yet. Thats my biggest problem, I have no time to just sit and meditate on it! Laie4 , Hot and Cold was always my favorite game and I've tought my grandchildren the game. And Goldenhill I love the Lord Prayer and I'll ask Saint Anthony for his help. Blessings to both of you

  • Hi millcab90!

    This is amusing! When I responded to this there seemed to be a frenzy conveyed from the poster. I thought this must be a young person, rushing around, bags over shoulder, and she/he had lost a gift that meant a great deal to them.

    If you hadn't replied I wouldn't have made the connection --- I've replied to your post about the business. No wonder the sense of frenzy, now I get it --- Your hands are overwhelmed juggling everything! So glad you understood the kids game. Never sure if I'm able to convey what I mean. I have played that with my grandkids also, : )

    I do hope you find the earring. (was it even silver? have no clue what it is. do know chakra tho.)

    More importantly, I wish that you can get the sale done for your sakes. Peace, love & joy. L

  • hello 🙂

    I have a question...

    i see someone is asking for help on finding something. I know this might sound kind of dumb , but I lost my swimming drag shorts and i really need them! i've been going crazy looking everywhere for them. I don't want to buy another pair because they were sort of pricy.

    please someone help me !

    thanks !!!!

  • I also, ask the angels to help me find things too!

    Love & Light

  • Laie4, Hello again, No, I havent found the ear cuff yet. Its a peice of copper shapped to fit the back of your ear. There used to balance the chakras.There are 7 different sets of stones 1 set for each Charka. And another set with all the different stones. I was in a big hurry early one morning, rushing to go to work. I disided to take the cuffs with me. They were on the dinning room table. I snatched them up and thought I dropped them in to an outside pocket of my purse. Got to work and when i went to pull them out one was gone. I feel it must have dropped out of my purse someware between the house and the car. I am so glad I found this site. I feel like I've found a friend, There are so many things that interest me and Im always hungry to learn. Many blessings to you.

  • I sense a divine intervention and no accident. Spirit says you're not saying but you have sensed and asked what can this mean? Follow those thoughts. The earing will show up in a very odd way.

  • Ummm,,Was this ment to be??Tell me what you think. Last November I bought a small bag full of anchi healing anergy crystals. I fell in love with these crystals, I have problems with tight muscals in my neck and shoulders. I could lay the bag of crystals on the back of my neck and the pain would go away. I slept with these crystals! Anyway,, "A week later" We went out for dinner one eve. I had left my purse in the car thinking all the doors had locked. We came back out, got in the car and my purse was gone!!! I could have kicked myself! We were parked right on the main street. Small college town. I could'nd beleive it! Where did my purse go along with my crystals????? Ive been wondering am I careless or is there more to this???????????????

  • There is more to this. Both items represent something very important to you regarding your health-- they worked for you. Does the power they contain inside them come from themselves or do you give them the power? I see two things going on--the question of why they have power---sometimes just loving something gives it energy. I enjoy the energy of stonesvery much and have favorites for years that disapear now and then but pop back up. The other thing going on is the "careless" issue It could seem you are careless with two items now that improve your health. Rushing out and not taking time to put on the earings perhaps is a way of the universe saying--slow down keep your priorities in check. I also see another possibility the power issue. Have you been lately putting power outside yourselve? Seeking for answers outside yourself? What I'm mostly getting is a lot of suggestion but it seems spirit is insisting you can and will work this out after spending some quiet time with yourself. I see your ear ring will show up in a odd way.

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