Would anyone like a reading?

  • Hi LSM, I understand how you must be feeling overwhelmed by all the request. I will not email you directly and simply wait patiently for when and if you get around to me. I will say a prayer for you as you have been extremely helpful and kind to everyone who has posted a request. May you continue to receive many blessings.


  • Dear Marianna/lefthandedgirl,

    Regarding you and Chess...

    It looks like he's a bit overwhelmed right now- but don't feel bad about it. It looks like you have some ties from past lives, so he may even be reacting to issues that neither of you can remember at this time. However, the cards are indicating you should let this one go. Try and remain detached from him, and release any secret hopes involving him. It's time to let the past go and move on to bigger and better things!

    I also asked the cards what is in store for you romantically in the future, but the message that came through is more about you and your own personal growth than potential suitors. But not to worry, as it all ties into love coming your way in the future.

    It seems that you are going through a period of great change. This is a spiritual transformation that is put in motion by greater forces. The universe is asking you to completely transform yourself, your views, your attitudes and beliefs. It seems you have been very focused on emotional issues and needs to your own detriment. Almost as if you're looking in the wrong direction, mulling over something, perhaps fantasizing and worrying. This is cutting you off spiritually, so your task is to cut through your own illusions. You may have been hurt or perhaps others don't always treat you fairly-if this is the case, then it's very important that you protect your own sense of self worth. Don't worry so much about what others think, but rather increase your self-love, treat yourself very well, and you will be healed from the inside out. You will approach life in a more balanced way once you maintain that you are a light unto yourself. Your relationships with others reflects your relationship with yourself, so be your own best friend and the love will flow in!

    You must remain strong within your self- I know it's hard when you want love and wonder when your chance will come. However, if you work through these changes, many good things will come your way. You'll have a fresh new start, and yes new love. This will be a nourishing true love...all the more because you will have found your own source within yourself. Thus you will find yourself more giving, more loving towards yourself, and others will be very drawn to that indeed!

    Get secure within yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically and a love worth the effort will come. There are some powerful optmistic cards in your spread so keep working on yourself for better days are ahead!

    I hope that helps! I wish you the best! 🙂



  • Lsm,

    I hope you're better now.

    Can I plase have yur insights into my situation?


  • Dear Lis1,

    yes I do feel better, but understand these readings take time and they are very draining if I do too many at once. I am doing as much as I can- I am not ignoring you nor anyone else. I am only on page two and though I try and go as fast as I can, I feel it's my duty to give as a complete reading as possible. I do not get paid for this, and I also have a lot on my plate right now in my own life. I have respectfully thanked everyone for their patience - keep in mind I am sacrificing my time and effort free of charge. If someone wants an immediate reading, there are many others on this site, as well as on paid sites who can offer their help in a more timely manner. I promise I am doing the best I can, but I am going in order of the posts, unless someone has a true crises. That's why I provided my email. So please be patient with me- I only want to help but if I feel pressured it makes it harder for me to continue.

    This is my first time doing something like this and I feel honored others want my help or benefit at all from my readings. I am grateful to you all, but I'm also human (and a Taurean at that) ... You guys don't want to see my angry side 😉 so again I thank you for your patience and understanding. I will continue to read for everyone who posted before I stated I would be taking no more requests...after that I make no promises but I'll see what I can do

    I had no idea this thread would blow up like this- truly no idea!! I thought i would do a few readings and all would be well. I must insist I will do these at my own pace. If others keep requesting/pushing I may have to just chill for a bit on my own

    I don't want to sound mean, but i need to take care of myself. I hope you all understand

    ❤ lsm

  • Ok. Please accept my apologies if I come accross as pressing on you. I did not realise you gave your mail, nor I realised you have lots of us, bless.

    Thank you for your reply and your kind efforts in helping all of us here.

    If you need any details, please let me know, promise I will be patient and wait for my turn.

    If you would like me to do a reading for you, I am happy so.

    I will wait.

    Thank you

  • Lis1,

    thank you so much for understanding!

    I was about about to lose it again- it's not just the tarot readings, it's my whole life- too much give, not enough rest

    Seriously, thanks for your post, it helps so much. I'm like a wrecking ball sometimes, if you know what I mean 😉 but I mean well. I'll be happy to do your reading once I get to your post- and would love one as well!



  • ~LSI...thanks so much for the reading. It was accurate and very helpful.~

    Brightest blessing to you



  • Sorry, I meant LSM(little space monkey).




  • LSM,

    If you would love a reading I will require you date of birth.

    Also let me know about your preferences as to what the reading will be for. When I have the details I will give you the options on various readings I can do exclusively for you.


  • Dear Marianna,

    I'm so glad my reading helped! 🙂 These are exciting times, aren't they? And it's just going to keep getting better!

    Dear Lis4,

    I feel like I've made a new friend in you 🙂 I've been wanting a reading, and now you're offering to grant my wish

    My birthday: may 8 1984

    question: what can I do to grow in closer harmony to the spirit/universe?

    Thanks so much!!

    Here is my email if you want to do it that way, otherwise post here on the forums


    Much love,


  • Little space monkey....thanks in advance, if you get to do my reading...birth date 4-22-60, morning baby.

    Major move 1/2 way across the US in the near future, just wondering where life is going for me. Been a tough 2 years! moving closer to home! any reading on any part of my life will be great !! thx!

  • Ok... People ... No more requests!!!

    I've asked so many times- it's overwhelming me! I'm still only on page two...!

    I realize some may not notice these postings- I understand - but please no more requests!!

    Seeing the number of pages is so intimidating!

    I only wanted to help, but my goodness now I need help!

    Thank you thank you lsm signing off now~

  • go for it.....Virgo / Libra, 9-20-1983, number 5

    i really want to know if i am having a boy or girl

  • bump

  • People, do you not read before you post???????

    Little Space Monkey said NO MORE REQUESTS.....she is swamped. We need to get out of our me....me....me mentality and self absorbtion and actually READ what is on the post before posting.

  • Dear LSM,

    This is a brief description of who you are, how you feel, how the World sees you ad the bes compatibilty signs for you.

    I will go away now to do your reading. It will take me a few minutes to type it in afterwards.


    I will not forget what I am here for, laugh and happiness I bring into this World, for me the material will not replace my freedom is how I would characterise who you really are.

    Alternatively, Yates wrote the following words in one of his poems:

    For certain minutes at the least

    That crafty demon and that loud beast

    That plague me day and night

    Ran out of my sight;

    Though I had long perned in the gyre,

    Between my hatred and desire,

    I saw my freedom won

    And all laugh in the sun

    It of, course can apply to anyone, but rather describe you and your approach to life well enough.

    You are not pathos, but rather ironic, whether about yourself and those around you. Your mind is sharp. For instance a program on TV that make you laugh is on the other hand sought by you as apotheosis of stupidity at the same time, nevertheless really funny, LOL

    You have a wonderful smile and being around you like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel This is how others perceive you in real life. At the same time you fall into periods of a sudden disharmony and go through pain. Also you could come across as nothing in particular, and whoever assumes this is very mistaken, as you are a very good psychologist, who performs in this way, allowing to show your weaknesses in order to see through others a little better. You are absolutely can replace yourself with another person, even become them for a second and perfectly understand what they feel like, including the pain they go through, which more often deeply affects you. I would also imagine, you can easily copy others. Whether by voice, movement, parody. You are capable of becoming an actor and a good one ( Eddy Murphy, Toni De Vito, Charlie Chaplin). In reality you are developing new doctrines and looking at how they can be applicable to life.

    At the same time, you give such impression of power, that other may fear you deep down. It is like being funny and scary at the same time and what you should not do it to look for a balance of the two. Simply be yourself. Do not think of yourself as being simple or usual, because you are not. How kids get frustrated when someone turns from a clown into a simple old granddad and this is how the World sees you: unusual, not that simple, far from scary, with a big smile on your face.

    You like your freedom, you critically look at the World and can be a very useful figure in it. You are active and your partners will be either equal or you destined for a soul mate.

    You are also dramatic character ( William Shakespeare) at the same time mystique. You trust logic, even though you live in surrealism. You definitely know the definition of love, unlike anyone else

    The best partners for you will be those who born as: Bull Aries or Bull Leo or a Bull Sag,

    Rooster Aries, Rooster, Leo Rooster Sag or

    Snake Aries, Snake Leo.

    It could be the case where you fight against each other, but then become best friends for the rest of your lives, I know, odd. You will be happy to meet someone with either identical values, or the one who hasn’t got the values you have, but prepared to develop them and visa versa. It will work well, if you work together. It will definitely not luck on love.

  • Dear Laie4 and Wenchie,

    My prayers are answered with you guys! I feel less alone here now. I understand that people may not notice my posting saying no more readings... All the same it's taking a toll on me. I'm getting desperate emails too- I realize I brought this onto myself to a certain extent. But like I said I had no idea this would get this huge!!! I blame this forum website- why can't we edit or delete our posts???? This is nonsense! If I could just edit my original post there would be no problem

    I am also a very emotional person and an empath so I was in tears the other night and almost again tonight- not saying this to get pity, but rather I have limitations. I do care very much and want to help still, but I'm starting to think i'm in over my head here

  • lsm,

    At some point you are just going to have to let it go ..... let go of those unanswered .... There is no shame in this Don't feel guilty, please! Geez, your typing these replies on a cell phone ....

    If at some point YOU, not the posters, decide to continue then do it from those that You choose, Those that you sense are most in need.

    I am SO Very Sorry this has occurred --- this tidal wave as I called it early on.

    Wenchie has put it out there a few times for it to cease and its not getting through.

    I hope you can feel This GREAT Big HUG !!!! I am so sorry

  • Dear LSM,

    question: what can I do to grow in closer harmony to the spirit/universe?

    Interesting what I’ve got here:

    You are going through a period of awakening at the moment, as well as healing. If you recently had a cold, or respiratory, you will require to apply the heat to the areas of concern.

    It looks like you are developing third eye chakra. Although you know that certain doors are closing and new ones are opening.

    It is very sensual, you are trying to balance your emotions as well as others to whom you appear retrospective and quiet, you are rock however to those around you. You are fond of the material things, perhaps you find it difficult when to stop or let go, worrying to communicate the truth with those around you. You need self-confidence. You need to open your heart and give confidence on self-image is what you are looking for. To avoid any blocks in your enery flow you need to learn to speak and live your truth. Do not be afraid to hurt people’s feelings as in the long run this may do them disservice. Listen to the wisdom of you own loving heart will you perceive the real truth, this will help you to re-born in mind body and spirit.

    A wealth of possibilities awaits for you. Do not feel daunted, for you will arise stronger and will achieve new heights.

    If you have been rejected by someone recently and cannot overcome your hurt, you can visualise the sword cutting the tie which will leave you free to move one, but do not do it, if it was you, who rejected someone else recently.

    Your focus should be on spiritual nourishment. You will achieve your knowledge once the above work on oneself is complete.


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