Would anyone like a reading?

  • Dear Lsm,

    good to know that you meant my ex husband. I think what you mean by letting go is to get through the divorce, b/c as much as he says he has changed, I don't believe he has. With the cancer there are a few things that are keeping us from getting serious. I'm not sure I can trust him, but I have always felt that he has feelings for me. we didn't talk for a little while and he avoided me, but came and seen me real quick looks, like he couldn't stand it. we work together and he is higher up. so our jobs is one problem. but, i talked to him last week, and he immediatly came by that night, like he knew I wasn't mad anymore. i am trying to move on, but feel he doesn't really want me to. but, am I just supposed to hang on? his ex is another problem, she came down real sick and he went back to her to support her, but I do not feel he is really happy. I just don't know what to do exactly. I dont know how to express myself to him. I did tell him a couple months ago that I care for him. so maybe you will be able to shed some light on this.


  • Hey, well, I realise that you have about 26 pages of responses...lol But if you get through them all, I am a Leo, 8/3/67 and would love a reading...I feel change in the air...

    Thanks for your help, if you made it through everyone to me,you must be a saint...lol

  • reminder - i am not going past page five, where i stated i would be taking no more requests...

    i feel like a broken record x_x

  • Dear Wickedmoon,

    I pulled a few cards for clarification on you and Cancer guy. It looks like this is a connection that is quite intellectual and yet passionate at the same time. I get the feeling that he wants you, there is a part of him that wants you badly, but you're smart to be cautious with him. He has a very intense energy about him right now, maybe a little ruthless. It's going to be a very sensual, very sexually charged union. The sort of thing that just takes hold of you, you can't control it, it's out of your hands, and afterwards you're never the same again. I feel like this could either go very well, or very badly- can't say for sure which, but it will be intense in any case.

    It might be more of a love affair sort of thing...so keep your eyes open, maybe have fun with him, but be cautious with your heart in this case.

  • LSM, there is a book called "The Tarot Bible" by Sarah Bartlett. It's such a useful book. The MOST practical and helpful book. Comes with spreads, examples for them, detailed explanations for each card in different positions and other stuff.

    Also you should let me try to do a reading for you!

    It would be my first over the internet...I'm curious to see how well I can do.

  • Hello there Wickedmoon, I am not sure this is the best location for this reply as it is rather off-topic so-to-speak but I am unsure whether personal messaging is available in this forum. Thus I shall hope you check back into this thread and try to get to the point! 😉 I strangely came across your thread describing your interest with a fellow with birth date 22/07/83 (and of course your birth date of 27/04/79). My D.O.B is 21/07/83 and I have had some interest'' with a lass with D.O.B 27/04/79 so I can relate to your plight but perhaps from the opposite end of the spectrum. Anyway that is all sorted (as sorted as these things ever are 🙂 these days but just incase you ever need the view of a lad born close to the 22/07/83 give me a shout (I think that is how I am supposed to pan-out if you consider my signs- I am rather a sceptic but always interested in how people interact and of course open to new ideas!).

    Take care, El Darjeeling

  • Rola,

    I taught myself tarot using information I read on websites.. I can pass along some links if you'd like. The best way to learn is to use them on a regular basis and start to develop your own personal relationship with the cards. The cards are best used as a jumping point also...use your intuition if you can, when you can.


    That sounds like a great book 🙂 I'll keep an eye out for it

    If you really want to practice with me, I would be honored to be your guinea pig, so to speak 🙂 I'm kind of at a loss at the moment, so anything you can come up with regarding what I should be doing in terms of developing myself spiritually would be great~

    Thanks muchly!~

  • To everyone,

    Want to get some readings done tonight but in a really odd state of mind...will try and be back to do more later tonight if things clear up for me

    thanks so much for your patience!!

    ❤ lsm

  • dear DarjeelingTee, hello! would love to talk to you, do you have an email? if so could you give it to me and we can talk a little bit. I cant believe that our signs are so close, and maybe the situation is close too. please let me know, and thanks for sending me the message 😉

  • dear Littlespacemonkey:

    I was wondering if you can do a reading for me..i am going through some hard time..i am about toi finish school and look for job. I am also having problem in my love life..finding the right person,...

    DOB -FEB 1ST 1977

    TIME- 11.40 AM


    Thanks in advance..i appreciate it... 🙂

  • Dear Little Space Monkey,

    Using my deck "Tarot of the Witches" (I love it!) I used a simple three card spread: Problem, solution, result and here is that I got

    Problem - King of Swords

    Solution - King of Coins

    Result - Queen of Coins

    So in regards to your need to spiritually grow; You need to calm down. You are being way to assertive and pushy about growing. Your solution is to continue to use your current wisdom and intellect to help others grow and understand more of their problems, which is what you are doing. The result would be a more wise, kind and spiritually healthier you.

    Just do what you are doing now and in time everything should flow to you 😃

  • dear Lsm, Thank you so much for all the info you gave me!! I have wrote it all down, and will use your guidance. One question, we have been involved up in until a little while ago, and it is intense between us. but, are you saying that you see us not being done with eachother, that we will get together again? is he going to intiate it? and when? thank you so much, and not meaning to rush you at all, just when you get the chance to answer me,


  • Hello there wickedmoon no problem chatting over email I am on darjeelingTee AT hotmail.com. You never know I may be able to assist you with your fella and his interesting behaviour.

  • check your email DarjeelingTee, I have been emailing you 🙂

  • Hi, my name is Shauna-Kaye and my dob is june 30 1983. I would love for you to do a reading for me on my current situation dealing with my love interest/ex. His name is Mario dob March 18 1971... We have been on and off... we are off now and he told me not to contact him and was upset with me. I want to know if this is truly the end (i don't want it to be) but I also want to know he will return and if i will be able to trust him.

    Thank you

  • dear lms, thanks so much for your help and willingness to help others. your awsume!

  • Littlespacemonkey, when you have time, i'd love a general reading! My bday i October 19, 1988 at 10:43am in East Chicago 😉 !!! Gracias.

    Amor y Luz,

    Brianna ❤

  • i would love a reading 12-08-1955 my wife 11-12-1958 will we be ok i do love her but i did do her wrong i told her about it we work it out what do you see thanks ken07

  • Would love a reading. My birthday 7-17-69. Husband 5-24-70. Please advise regarding our financial situation.

  • Hi Littlespacemonkey. Are you still doing readings? If so, what do you see for me? My dob is 24.8.1978. I live in Scandinavia.

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