Would anyone like a reading?

  • WOO HOO !! Go, go LSM !

  • Lis1 can I get you to go to a thread I started her in tarot called

    I am scared and desperate. Can you help me, by giving me a reading ?

  • would like a reading, birthday is october 8, 1975. career and finance reading

  • I would like a reading... Please.... I have had a REALLY REALLY bad two years, and Im looking forward to changes that are in store for me.

  • Are you still offering readings?

  • Could anyone give me a reading plzzzzzzzzzzzzz,im going through divorce right now after 24 yrs of marriage i am so down right now i feel the whole world is collapsing around me im in a foreign country reason being here is coz of my kids .He has decided to remarry even before the divorce is through his dob is 8-5-1962 and mine is 3-12-61 thanking you

  • Hi, I would love a reading from you 🙂 Well my name is Caroline and my exes name is Hai. I was born March 4, 1993 aroudn 5pm or so. He just dumped me recently. I was wondering if he still loves me and we would get back together soon?

  • i would love a reading. i am in a relationship a that i feel is goin down hill, i feel like i shoud end it but not sure, i was just curious as to what you could tell me you see in my love life?

  • oh in case you need it my birthday is 08-24-1982 born at 11:30am. Thank you so much

  • Dear JustErin,

    As far as your business goes, it looks like you've done some great work there. You've planted the seed of success, and now all you can do is allow some time to let it sprout. There is a good possibility that you will be successful in one or both of your businesses. However, it may take some time before you see results. Take it one step at a time, slow and steady, so you don't burn yourself out. In actuality, you seem to be more focused on emotional issues at this point in time so on to relationship ...

    It seems as though someone has left you feeling abandoned and let down recently. You're feeling the hurt of loss, so you've retreated into yourself for the time being in order to figure out the truth of the situation. It is vital that you process this hurt - I feel that the relationship you inquired about has caused you this disappointment, and now it's time to let go, cry it out, and then get right back up. You have lots of joy coming up, but first you must tie up all lose strings in your heart. Try and see things from a spiritual perspective. Use this experience to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. You will soon see all is not lost

    You will experience happiness in time - Look out for an enthusiastic young man who is either cancer, Leo, or another fire sign. This person will be a great source of joy for you 🙂 Let go of the past, give it a sweet kiss goodbye, and welcome the future with open arms! Your true self is a loving, positive, giving person- the world needs and wants her!

    I wish you all the best~



  • Quick reminder:

    I am no longer accepting new requests for readings. I stated on page five that I wasn't taking any more but no one noticed 😛 so I will continue as best I can up to page five, then I may start a new thread for those who didn't post in time

    thanks for understanding!


  • Dear Enough1,

    You and your partner have a very powerful, sensual union. Your physical attraction for one another is an essential part of your union, so be sure to keep that fire going for the sake of your relationship. You offer much strength to your partner, and in turn he offers emotional support and fulfillment. Although you've faced difficulties, you've remained strong through it all.

    Right now, there may be some concern over finances that is causing trouble in your relationship. You're feeling a bit insecure and left out in the cold. In reality, your relationship is going through a testing period. You cannot know how strong a bond is, until there are difficulties weighing in to see if you can survive the pressure. He is facing delays and obstacles- a difficult period for him, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth it to continue to see him through this. Respect each others differences, stay faithful and patient, and this may very well work out. However, you'll need to fight for it. You'll need to withstand what life throws at you as a unit.

    It's really up to you to decide if the relationship is worth the sacrifice. Try not to worry about it too much- instead of fretting, stay steady and strong. Bring out that warrior in yourself that sees the best in every situation 🙂 No matter what others think, if you feel in your heart this is the man for you, then love him, be his rock through thick and thin

    hope that helps!



  • Hello LSM how are you today? i see that you have requested no more readings well im on page 11 i have been on this forum for awhile now i really enjoy tarot i wish i could read myself but i always let the professionals do the reading for me unfortunerly i have been waiting for my reading since october i was on two other forums where they were doing readings and no one ever gave me one but was doing everyone elses readings around me. So when you get a moment could you please do my reading for me or anyone else that may be doing readings im on page 11 on this forum...thanks and blessings to you.

  • Thank you so much LSM! The reading was wonderful 😉 I truly appreciate your time and talent!

  • I'd love one! Let me know.

  • Dear Katara912,

    You've been struggling with yourself and with others. You've been fighting to figure out what direction to turn. You yearn for a new beginning, but outside forces are bearing down on you, making it difficult for you to establish who you are as your own person. You have much joy bubbling underneath the surface, but right now that is clouded by outside circumstances. Others may be pushing their own point of view on you, struggling to hold on to what they think is theirs, struggling to fight and win what they believe they deserve. Don't let these attitudes get you down, and don't let yourself get too embroiled in the politics. If there is anyone in your life who is challenging you, making you doubt yourself, causing you confusion - whether it be your ex, your family, or whomever - do not sink to their level, but at the same time, don't back down. Hold your ground with calm, confident resistance. You've recently experienced an ending - a culmination of something that has meant a great deal to you. Now it's time to reach for new ground, start over, and greet new horizons with joy and enthusiasm. Confidence, independence, willpower, and faith are all concepts you should keep close to heart to get through the coming obstacles. You can cut through your own doubt using your ability to reason. Strip away all confusion and look at the bare bones of your life - think things through rationally, and you will see your path as clear as day. There is so much emotional fulfillment and happiness possible in your life if you will clear away everything and everyone that stands in your way. Focus on joy, focus on happy events with others who fill your emotions with peace and love. Share with others, get out and enjoy life to the fullest. Do anything you need to do to feel a happy communion with others. This is the key to moving past all the difficulties. You and your boyfriend will be fine, as long as you don't get dragged into petty squabbles. Don't overthink things and don't seek to dominate the situation nor allow anyone to dominate you. There is much passion between the both of you- ride the wave of passionate love with joy. Don't attempt to control it, just laugh and let go. Use your own strength of will and strength of mind to fight off the naysayers, and you'll be just fine. 🙂

    I hope that helps! Best of luck to you and your bf! 🙂



  • JustErin - I am so glad I was able to help! Your feedback keeps me going 🙂 I wish you the best!

    ❤ lsm

    Aaaaand again a reminder I am no longer accepting requests. Truly sorry to all who came too late, but after I am done with this thread, I may start a new one.

    thanks again to everyone for being so patient! Been going through a lot myself recently, so I haven't been able to read as much, but I think things are settled now - so if you posted on pages 2-5, keep checking back!

  • I know you are not accepting anymore requests but I just wanted to say WOW for what you are doing.

    You're posts are consistently large and in depth, how kind of you to help others with your talent. May you continue to be a ray of light 🙂

  • Dear Kangajen1,

    Here is your love reading:

    You've been feeling like you want to move forward and find the love of your life- you yearn for love, but perhaps your inner quest has shown you the importance of finding love for yourself. When you love yourself, all the obstacles are cleared away, you're no longer left in limbo, wondering, when will it be my turn? Instead, you are empowered, confident, filled with self-love. Perhaps a part of you isn't used to feeling this way, but deep down it's what you want. You want to be that woman who walks down the street, self-assured, mature, and completely fulfilled. The good news is, the testing period is coming to a close. You've proved that you are ready to accept the gifts that life has to offer. You will be given much, so be ready and willing to accept. There are forces in your life helping you that are of the beyond - that are helping to shape your life into something better. But in order for this to happen, you must move forward with strength. You must have a strong will and a strong sense of self to navigate through what's to come. Keep everything in balance as you ride through this wave of change. There will be some very powerful feelings in your love life, so be careful not to be overwhelmed by them. You will be swept up by passion, caught in the web of love and lust - this is a good thing, but the flip side is you can't let it scare you to the point you resist or run away. At the same time, you can't become so obsessed and overcome by these feelings that you lose sight of everything else. I don't have any clues for you as to who will be causing this turn, but just be aware that when it happens, enjoy it! You've earned it!


    You've experienced a lot of setbacks lately. You've been trying and trying without much return in terms of your career. Fortunately, this is all changing now. You're going to experience and upturn - lots of excellent opportunities coming up. In order to take advantage of this upswing, you must focus on what you truly love. Go with your passions, go with your gut, take a chance at doing something that seems on the surface impossible. Bring your enthusiastic love of life to the surface, and the doors will fly open! Don't be daunted by the obstacles, as you will have the strength of will to see you through. You must have complete faith in yourself - take every step carefully and gracefully. What is it that you've always wanted to do? What does your inner intuition hint at? Meditate on this, and you will find your fortune. Be on the lookout for a very intense, active, forceful man - perhaps a little overwhelming in his enthusiasm. He may be a scorpio, sag, leo, or aries. He may be key to this next phase in life.

    A note that I feel applies to both readings: It is of the utmost importance that you trust yourself and your own intuition. As I said, you're going to have to be strong to navigate through the powerful energies coming into your life. Keep your eyes wide open. Enjoy yourself, but also be cautious. Don't let yourself be too swayed by any one person. Keep your own inner self safe and strong. Hold on closely to what you hold most dear in your heart - your values, your loves, etc. There may be someone who may try and pull the blinders over your eyes, but as long as you stay smart, aware, and in your own driver's seat, then you have plenty to look forward to, especially in terms of finances. 🙂

    All the best!

    ❤ lsm

  • AngelicSensuality - Awww thank you!! 🙂 that brought a smile to my face! I keep telling myself I need to be more brief so I can get through everyone's requests quickly, but I can't help myself. Once I start typing I can't stop.

    At least I have internet on my laptop now. It makes it soooooo much easier! (I was doing all this over my cell phone before)

    Much love and thanks to you! 🙂

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