Would anyone like a reading?

  • Lis1, I hate to sound ignorant, but when you say on "Art's day"; are you refering to the art exhibit days that each state is having here in the United States (for the Americans for the Arts)?

    Exactly when is Art's day?

  • little space monkey,

    I would like a reading 2/28/62 born 3 :15 am providence RI


  • Hi Little space monkey! My name is Ahnighta and I am a Tarot card reader, but I don't like reading for myself so if you could do one for me I would be ever so grateful! Though I am unsure of a birth time my birthdate is sept 10, 1956. Just a general reading is cool.

    Thank you so much!

  • She's not doing anymore readings guys.

  • You know...I have the worst luck on this forum! I can't get anyone in time or brave enough to give me a reading. I am depressed! As a reader of Tarot cards it's very hard to read objectively for myself. I guess I'll keep trying,

  • Hi Virgotarot,

    Good day.

    My advise is for you to start a new thread requesting for a reading. The many kind souls here will definitely help and reply as accordingly.

    Hope this help ;D



  • I've done that too....still waiting as of three weeks ago.

  • Dear Virgotarot, I have not done a cold tarot reading before. But I would love to try. ]

  • Thank you so much! email is on it's way!

  • i was born 7/3/67 at 10:30pm in Los Angeles,Ca. I've been going through a lot lately.


    Either start your own post of go into a different reading thread.

  • God everytime they chase the damn tarot reader away. No more readings come one people give the person a break , the same thing happened with Universal Harmony and she gave up. Never heard from her again. wow.

  • Turtledust: Sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you for your comments earlier.. The signs I suggested were in no means set in stone- i wasn't even using my intuition there, just looking to the cards for clues. (maybe someday I'll get better clues through my intuition! That would be neat)

    I had a friend who was Gemini- well we're still friends, but I'm distancing myself now for reasons I won't get into. She is charming, yet had quite the temper !

    Go for Taurean! 😉 we rock ! Haha

    Lis1: thank you thank you thank you for backing me up with Pilots reading. That was so helpful and generous of you! Your generosity helps give me the will to keep going. I never received your email, but would like to do a reading for you since you were so kind to step up to the plate and help me and another querent. Please let me know what you want me to focus on in your reading, otherwise I'll just do a general one

    Also, I never got to thank you properly for your second reading. It was extremely accurate- I even had a sore throat that day but applied heat as you suggested, and felt better! 🙂 thank you so much for your help- it means so much to me! 🙂

    Also thanks to Wenchie and everyone else who has backed me up. I'm not running away just yet- I'm just really busy right now but will try my best to squeeze in a reading or two today.

    Thank you everyone for being so patient with me! 🙂

    much love,


  • Dearest Littlespacemonkey,

    I was so happy to see this post and be able to say hello again --- I wanted to drop by but this has grown so quickly that I didn't want to stop your flow and add to what you were sifting through. You have been amazing!

    I also am happy because it gives me an opportunity to rectify something. LIS 1 --- I am sincerely ashamed at jumping down your throat when you posted. I'm more of a mediator type of personality, except when I think there is some injustice happening. I just snapped ----I never even read thru your kind posting to lsm and by the time I spotted her reply a few more pages had filled up. I hope you see this!!! Know I'm kicking my own butt for being a jerk! Glad to know you are out there and saw lsm's need. Peace & Joy

  • i would love to have a reading never really had one would love to know where do i begin to put life back on track

  • I would love for you to read for me, dob is 2 july 1962 @ 1:25 am. I'm in a rut now and would also like to know where my love life will lead to.

  • No new posts are being accepted by Littlespacemonkey. Please see thread: no more requests for reading Link is : http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=5046&replies=34

  • I understand people don't read the whole thread (ie 25 pages) to know that someone is not doing any more readings, but when it's on the SAME PAGE! COME ON PEOPLE Littlespacemonkey has too many requests and wont be offering any more!

  • Dear CuriousLady,

    This is a very passionate match! I feel like you're probably the dominant one in this relationship. You feel a very strong potential for this union, but haven't yet seen it blossom yet. It seems as though your partner feels this intense energy, and isn't sure what to do with it. He wants this, and yet right now you both need to find balance with each other. He's trying to defend his position right now- either he doesn't want to get lost in this relationship, or there is some sort of outside source causing conflict. But don't give up on him because there could be great things in store for both of you. Show him some of the passion you feel inside in such a way that will inspire him to bring out his own inner lust for life. Find your own inner soul mate, and he will find his, leading you to have a happy, successful union. Again, remember to be flexible in the midst of powerful emotions. You're both headstrong, so perfecting the art of compromise and balance within your relationship will be most beneficial. Your reward will be a relationship that is both stable, and utterly fulfilling. In short, no you are not wasting your time 🙂

    hope that helps!



  • Dear Laie4,

    Good to hear from you! 🙂 Again, thank you so much for your support! I had fun with your reading and would love to do another for you sometime - once I'm all finished here, of course. I'm honored you take out the time to say hello. My time on these boards has taught me so much already, you would not believe! I am actually incredibly grateful I started this thread because it set off a chain reaction that led to me making some incredible connections (such as you). Thanks to this thread I've learned so much about who I am, about other people, about life itself! So I'm benefiting too~ 🙂

    Everything happens for a reason! It still amazes me..

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