Would anyone like a reading?

  • Hey lsm, I just happened to check in just now!! How coincidental!! Thank you so much for your reading! It makes ALOT of sense.... as for establishing myself as an independent person.. Ive recently been given this advice from another.... but they and you are spot on, i need to concentrate on me and who i am and who i want to be instead of always pleasing others! As for dwelling on past relationships/ negative emotions... this is also spot on. My grandmother died last week and although Im trying my best to rid myself of the negative memories and feelings about the past with her Im finding it difficult but I do know for my sake and hers I need to let go! Im DELIGHTED to hear finances will improve with a bit of focus... seems to be all I focused on and stressed about for the past 18months!! Your advice in all areas has been taken gladly taken on board!! Im going to try and stay grounded and believe in me!!

    I hope I havent gone on too long but since you said you were new to this (and it doesnt seem like you are, you're doing a great job!!) I thought you might like some feedback!!

    Thank you for such a positive and helpful reading! You really are a star!

    Love, light and best wishes,



  • If you are still doing these then I would love a reading. I am asking my question in my mind so as to not give too much away. I will say iot pertains to loss (not death) and the intuitive belief that honest unconditional love is about to come into my life (someone I alreasy know but has been away?) in its purest form and not necessarily in a sexual relationship. I already feel more unconditional love around me than ever before.

    Thank you

  • my birthday 27/09/1966 born 02.12pm

  • sorry 2.12am x

  • Hey LSM my name is Rebecca and my DOB is 10/21/63. I had a job interview yesterday. I have been wanting this job. Will I get this job? This is the 2nd time I put a application in and the 2nd time I have been interviewed for it. And will this job be a problem with my boyfriend his DOB is 3/11/60?



  • hi, can i have a reading?

  • LSM,

    This one floored me !!! Ironically, when I ask for a gral reading to get away from my love life, the cards say different !!!! Just as a validation, I met someone at the beginning of the year, but since he was in a relationship, I tried to stay away. My readers have told me that he is to be part of my future, but that certain things must fall into place first, and we both have lessons to learn prior to renewing our friendship and starting a relationship. I have also been told that learning to be patient has been one of this year's lessons, and boy has that been true !!.

    But I also felt that enough time had gone by and that it was time to turn over a new leaf, and so I was deciding to move on as a new year resolution, just as you said. But you validated three other people's reading about having to wait out this game, just to sit on the side lines doing my own thing, until it is the right time.

    The person in question is a very dynamic individual, a Leo, and honestly it feels like I know him from another lifetime, the connection is that strong. And he appears all the time in the future next to the lovers card. So again, to validate your reading, I have been told that love is right around the corner this year. =0)

    Thank you so much for your time and dedication for not only my reading but everyone else's. Sorry if I sound presumptious to rest of the forum, but I would like for you to know the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation we feel for all of those that offer readings. We know it takes time, energy and dedication and know that it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

    ((((((( BIG HUG )))))))


  • Littlespacemonkey,

    I would love a reading DOB: 09-24-66 mostly concerned with my career. But what your reading discovers is always welcomed information.

    Thanks !


  • Hi LSM, could I also have a reading? What's in store for me this year in relationship and my book?

    Thank you.

  • Hello, TLSM!

    I'm so sorry to bother you, but I think I am dire straits, and really do need a reading. It just seems my whole world is falling apart. I've lost my two best friends lately, I think my relationship is about to end, and not by my doing..........then there are financial woes for me. Please, please help me.Someone told me there are negative influences in my life that is not of my doing. Do you see that as well? What can I do to change it? This was my original posting. I really appreciate it, Thanks so much.

    Saturday, January 9, 2010 11:06 PST


    Hi there....I think you're blessing in disguise. I would love a reading. I am with someone right now, who I am still so much in love with. I feel we have a soulmate connection......atleast so I've been told. We've been together for almost 7 yrs....but it has been a battle. We both know that we love each other, but he has issues with past relationships and finds it so difficult to trust. It's so bad that whenever we find ourselves completely engrossed in each other & he's actually happy, he sabotages the relationship...or pulls back. His birthday is 05th Nov, 1966 & mine is o8th December, 1967. He is a wonderful man, great sense of humour and such a good heart, but very afraid. What do you see for us in the future? Do you see us overcoming our obstacles & finally find peace as a couple together? Do you see us getting married and finally being happy together? Do you see him overcoming his fears? Do you see him finally leaving his past hurts behind ? What can I do to help him? We are such good friends too, I don't want to lose him. I'm so sorry...........I'm rambling on....and overwhelming you with my questions. Whatever you can tell me I will truly appreciate. I feel very lost right now

  • Hya, I would love a reading from you please, I know you have been very busy and have lots to do, so there's no rush, when you have time...

    I've had an extremely bad year financially and health wise, but every life has its ups and downs... I also have two new Grandchildren, so they are my blessings.

    I was born on January 31st 1958 in the UK.

    Thank you

    Love and Light

    Gill x x

  • Nahh.. not that urgent. But thanks anyway. I have pretty good vibes about the New Year, think its going to be quite positive for all concerned.

  • Hi! I would love a reading! ( if ure still doing them of course! )

    D.O.B. 02/16/1984, 8:55pm, PR

  • I would very much like a reading


    klamath falls


    5:03 pm

    cant wait to know what in store

  • Hi Littlespacemonkey....I would and really need a reading.....my birthdate is 11/30/1953 I was born in Kansas in AM but not sure what time.....I hope you can give me an idea what's in store for me this year.....

    Blessings Many,


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  • Hi LSM! I would love to have a reading concerning my love life. I seem to be in love with more than 1 person & don't know which way to turn. My DOB is 11/1/53 @9:37 a.m. in Denver, CO. Thank you so much!

  • Yes,I would love a reading.I was born Jan 21 ,1949 in NC at either 12:45 pm or 1:45 pm---I need to go dig out my birth certificate to be sure.I am retired but very involved in a hobby where I compete.I would really appreciate any reading you would give me.Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • I would also like a reading if you haven't been too bombarded with requests. My birthdate is 2/6/66 at 9:30 AM in Southern CA. It seems I am heading into a time of New Beginnings and would like any infomation you see. Thank you so much.

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