Would anyone like a reading?

  • Hi lsm, Sticking my nose in .....

    Hi All Please See : " No more Request For readings" thread that Littlespacemonkey posted 15 mins or so ago.

    Earlier she had posted No More, here and still received @ 20 more.

    : > ) Patience, patience .....

  • Dear Sammysocute,

    You are indeed very spiritually focused. However, you are too much in your head as of late. You have been trying too hard, running around in your head trying to force the situation, causing yourself to burn out due to the mental activity. Just relax! πŸ™‚ You are being guided, so don't worry about your progress so much. Learn to let go and operate from the very center of your being. An essential element of spiritually is trust/faith. Know that you can trust yourself and your guides, as long as you're willing to listen with your heart. There is no need to rely on the wisdom of others, as you have the answers within. Less mental questioning, more social activity with others that share your interests will do you much good. Take a break and have fun with it! The journey can be a joyful one if you let it. Just let go and it will fall into place

  • Dear Sammysocute,

    Here is what I get in regards to your love life...

    There is going to be a violent change of some sort. An external power will sweep away all that is holding you back, false beliefs, and negative external influences. This spiritual cleansing is necessary before your love life can move forward. You will need to be both strong and flexible through this process. There is something new that will begin, possibly romantically, but for now please focus on yourself and this process of transformation. Do not get too sidetracked by sentimental wishes. After this is over, something exciting and passionate will begin- quite possibly an intense new love affair.

  • Thanks Laie4!! πŸ™‚ I do enjoy doing these readings, but they can be a bit draining after awhile. I will do my best!

    I hope everyone enjoys my readings~

    Much love,


  • I would love a reading im goin through a divorce right now after 24 yrs of marriage my D O B is 3-12 61 .I have a friend who has helped me during this sad time infact i have feelings for him his DOB is 19-7-61 thank you for giving me this chance

  • Dear Laie4,

    Your spread is quite powerful. Out of seven cards, five are majors!

    There is very intense energy in your life- this is either sexual energy or a storehouse of energy that you are harnessing for magical purpuses. These energies are very closely connected- whatever the case may be, you must be very careful not to let this passionate force overwhelm you. Make sure you stay in the drivers seat! A forceful man of intellect may have a large role to play in your life soon. He may be impressive, but do not allow yourself to be swayed by him- remain centered and keep your eyes

    open for all is not what it seems. You may enter a time of shadows, but stay strong and smart, for these are spiritual tests, part of the greater plan for this incarnation. Perhaps an initiation of sorts is at hand. But you must break through deceit - don't be afraid to knock down bad situations or over inflated egos if need be. Β However, don't let your emotions lead the way. You can float above the drama- knock over the illusions and bs with a laugh so you don't play their game. Play your own game and have fun doing it!

    It's time to step outside the box, step outside yourself and outside all knowledge that has been given to you. You will be as a child again, looking at the world with untouched eyes of wonder. This is a great time for you to try something new, something fun. You can break all chains of need and want by freeing your mind, recognizing the heaven in every moment existing beyond the dualities of everyday.

    Hope that made sense and was helpful in some way!

    Ps I'm glad you like my screen name πŸ˜‰ thanks!

    ❀ lsm

  • Dear Stoneyeye,

    Not sure if you're going to check back here or not but I wanted to thank you so much for your warmth. If you enjoyed my reading, that in itself makes me happy! I struggle with indecision myself but I've found the best way to overcome it is to just do what feels right, and trust in the universe to take care of everything else. There will be obstacles no matter what, so as long as we live up to the very best in ourselves, all will be well in the end.

    Change is life, life is change, so it goes! As a Taurean, I'm still learning to roll with it πŸ˜‰

    best of luck to you~ ((hugs!)) keep us updated

    ❀ lsm

  • good day, lil sm! i would enjoy a reading from you when you have time. my, you have had quite a response from so many of us that are looking for guidance. my birth day is april 22, 1958 and i was born about 1 pm in dover, delaware. thank you for what you do...you are an angel! love and light, fjil

  • Hi there....I think you're blessing in disguise. I would love a reading. I am with someone right now, who I am still so much in love with. I feel we have a soulmate connection......atleast so I've been told. We've been together for almost 7 yrs....but it has been a battle. We both know that we love each other, but he has issues with past relationships and finds it so difficult to trust. It's so bad that whenever we find ourselves completely engrossed in each other & he's actually happy, he sabotages the relationship...or pulls back. His birthday is 05th Nov, 1966 & mine is o8th December, 1967. He is a wonderful man, great sense of humour and such a good heart, but very afraid. What do you see for us in the future? Do you see us overcoming our obstacles & finally find peace as a couple together? Do you see us getting married and finally being happy together? Do you see him overcoming his fears? Do you see him finally leaving his past hurts behind ? What can I do to help him? We are such good friends too, I don't want to lose him. I'm so sorry...........I'm rambling on....and overwhelming you with my questions. Whatever you can tell me I will truly appreciate. I feel very lost right now.

  • Dear ( my ) Littlespacemonkey,

    Yes, I love the name and as of this afternoon have begun to call my husband the above ! It fits -- makes both of us laugh!

    What a good reading! I think everything you have said is dead on and has happened in the recent past. For the first time, I am a child and the powerful man mentioned is my husband. There has been much at work, some I still sense coming ... If you peek into my posts you will actually see how dead on you have been in this reading.

    Keep rolling with it --- its all good! You have a wonderful, clear gift !

    PS . The major arcana always does seem to come up for me and I just chalk it up to having it come straight at me. ( that might not even make sense)

  • Dear NorbieNDag,

    You are pushing ahead into a new phase of strength and courage. You are full of life and vitality right now! These qualities are needed very much now- you can set an example for others through your love of life and original view point. You may find yourself surrounded by petty dramas- others may be fighting with themselves and others. The more you can share your quality of self acceptance, the more this will rub off on others- that way everyone cab be happy with themselves and leave the old tired politics behind. You're moving beyond the mental realm to a new state of being that encompasses body, mind, and spirit as a unified whole. Good for you! πŸ™‚ Continue to develop these qualities. You will do well to be generous with others, but do keep in mind that there may be some difficulties so keep your eyes open and remain detached from anything that tries to draw you into the conflict.

    Hope that helps!

    All the best,


  • Dear Laie4,

    you're calling your husband lil spacemonkey?? That made me laugh! πŸ™‚ I'm so glad you get a kick out of it. My bf calls me his monkey though I used this screen name before I met him. I suppose it suits me?

    I'm soo happy to hear I touched on some truth in my reading! I haven't read your posts yet, but may peek later πŸ˜‰ I usually only read for myself, so I was a bit nervous about doing this. But I heard the call and answered! I can only hope I can remain open enough to deliver useful info to others and hopefully some encouragement too.

    Hope you have a lovely day! Taking a small break now, but will be reading again later

    ❀ lsm

  • Hi Littlespacemonkey (love the name)

    I would like a reading if you don't mind. I have someone that potentially wants to get really serious with me. He has already professed his love for me many times, I 'm still on the fence, besides, I was talking to another person, not sure where this one is going. Which one seems better suited for me, and how will my general year play out this year.

    Thanks so much, much love and light to you!!,

  • Darn, forgot to give you dates. My serious one is march 6, 1959, my other friend is Feb 11, 1956, and mine is July 9 1959.

    Sorry about that!

  • Hi Littlespacemonkey, I didn't notice the posting, but i caught the new thread, take me off the list. Thanks

  • Dear lf245706,

    Yes I'm new to the board- it's been fun so far! Lots to learn, lots of great supportive energy. Glad to be here!

    As for your reading- this will indeed be a great year for your. Plenty of happy, optimistic cards here so keep up the good work! It will pay off πŸ™‚

    You do have some very joyful energy coming your way, so stay open to it. Beware of getting too entangled with a certain energetic, passionate young man who may be cancer, leo, or another fire sign. Perhaps this is someone from your past - it's time to do everything you can to let this person go. Some may try again and again to knock you off balance, but you must stay firm and detached - be very consistent and they will leave you be so you can enjoy the gifts you have coming to you.

    You will have to remain rational to navigate your way in the near future. Get lots of rest, heal and nuture yourself. Be careful with your actions and words as to not get drawn into others' dramas. This is quiet 'you' time to prepare yourself for what's coming next. Try feeding your brain with an intellectual pursuit that interests you during this quiet time.

    Look out for a man who is down to earth, thoughtful, and patient. He may be an Aries, Taurus, or another earth sign. This could quite possibly be a new love for you! There is certainly love waiting for you this year. πŸ™‚ This relationship will prove to be a happy and fulfilling one

    All the best!


  • Dear Summer,

    It looks like you've been trying very hard as of late. You've been putting in a lot of effort, perhaps sacrificing for someone without much return. You might feel a bit blocked in the near future, as if things are on hold. You will want to keep moving, but it's best to just give into the waiting game and make the best of the delays. Good things are coming once the hold ups pass. Throughout this process it's essential that you maintain a positive attitude. Know you are a successful, beautiful, loving person and you will reap the rewards when the time comes. Focus and expand on any loving energy coming your way.

    There is a passionate young man in your life who can be an inspiration. Once obstacles have cleared, you must try your best to embrace life with fiery self confidence. Take charge of yourself, own your life, and move forward with courage and stamina. Do anything that excites you, that fills you up, that inspires you. Give yourself the freedom to break free from anything that may hold you back and live life to the fullest! πŸ™‚ There is also an indication of love in your future so that's something else to look forward to!

    I wish you all the best!

    ❀ lsm

  • Dear Dee,

    It looks like you two have been through a lot. You've been obsessing and stressing over this issue and it's doing damage to both yourself and your relationship. It looks like he wants to be there for you, that he wants to give you his all- there's been a lot of passion between you two after all. However, it looks as though he's hurting now. Defenses are up to protect the wounds. The best thing you can do right now is let the issue rest for the time being. He needs time and space. You can remain open to his communications if you like, but put no pressure on him. I can't say for sure if you're meant to be with him. Only time will tell. You must be patient, as hard as that sounds. If you truly love him, you'll work on releasing your own hurt and give him time to release his own. If it's meant to be, things will work out in their own time.

    I wish you two the very best!

    ❀ lsm

  • Dear Daisy Fairy,

    Your spread is asking you to focus more on establishing yourself as an independent person. You have some conflict between your innate passionate nature and the doubts or emotions that sometimes cloud the truth. Be careful of dwelling on past relationships or any negative/exaggerated emotions. It's essential you let go of the past- past relationships, past memories, etc. Focus now on your finances and you will see great results. You are an independent spirit, full of life. However, you should keep in mind to stay balanced, not focusing too much on one particular relationship or too swayed by emotions. Feel like a winner and you'll be a winner! πŸ™‚ As long as you stay active, grounded, and work hard, you will be rewarded with personal success and a full, happy social life.

    I hope that was helpful !

    Much love,


  • Dear everyone,

    I did as many as I could today- As I mentioned before, I won't have as much time over the next couple of days, but I'll try to do what I can. I've gone in order of the posts so far, but if someone is in need I will assist you as soon as I can. I trust everyone will respect this offer of mine- even if your request isn't urgent, I will get to it! It might take a little while, but I will πŸ™‚

    Thanks to all of you for your patience. It's been a pleasure to help out in whatever way I can



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