Would anyone like a reading?

  • i would like a reading....i need badly!

  • Hello I am mmrr and I need reading really bad.My boyfriend and I haven't broken up and I wrecked my car and my finances are all but gone.I have been a widow over a year now and I stay depressed.Can you see anything good happening to me..I want to thank you now for the reading. mmrr

  • I would like a reading also if you are already overwhelmed the number of people asking.

    My birthday is July 23 1961 I would like to know about my love life in general. I'm having a long distance relationship with a man born July 12, 1976. I'm not sure where it is going, I don't see him very often and he hasn;t been communicating much lately.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you so much for the offer. Not sure what you need to have for the reading so will give you 2/26/61 is my DOB and my object of affection is 6/10/64 and I would love to know anything you pick up on the relationship and if that is not working out is there another someone and anything you can tell me with regard to health, financial, career, education and if I should relocate. Looks like you have had quite a few requests. Happy New Year.

  • Hi , very kind of you for offering yourself . I would love to have a reading I would be interested

    primarily in love then career . My details are the following female - 15/09/63 born 2:00 pm Alicante Spain . Thanxs again understand you have many requests but will wait patiently !.

  • I am having a really difficult time right now. With a lot of drama surrounding me. The new year that has come in, thus far, has been rather rocky and confusing. First off I am having major problems with my 19 year old daughter that lives with me and has a baby. I am scared and concerned about her. Finacially I am drownding although I work every day. Now on top of that, my boyfriend is making me nervous and confused about where this relationship is going and I got some bad news about my health recently as well. At the very least, I am feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, hurt, worried and scared. Which is becoming stressful toward depression. Since December 30 to this present time, things have only gotten worse. So I guess I am trying to figure out the best way I can handle everyone and everything going on in my life right now, that is all out of whack. So that I do not get deeper into depression.

  • Thank you, I would like a reading : Nov. 8 1963

    2:10 pm

    Columbus, Ohio

  • Whoooa!

    I am shocked at the number of requests I find here this morning! Groggy ol me is a bit overwhelmed! I am happy to help all who have requested so far. I'll try and get to everyone as soon as I can- for now, no more requests, please. I like to take my time when doing these readings so I can offer the best support I can. Once all these are done, I may start another thread.

    I hope everyone is well this morning~ as for me, I'm going to drink some tea, knock some chores out of the way, then get down to work! 😉

  • Thank you littlespacemonkey, it is very generous of you to offer help at all. Take your time.

  • Thank you for your support ... please take your time 🙂

  • thank you for offering your reading ...i'm in the midst of separation right now and would like to do a reading regarding my marriage....

    love and peace...

    again thank you for your generosity...

  • Hi I would love a reading! Seems to be a common thread for many of us...career, love, hope. My birthdate is January 16, 1964. What's on the horison as far as a change in jobs and is this the year I will finally find some real lasting love?

  • Dear Little Space Monkey:

    I would sincerely appreciate your insights on a particular of mine.

    I have been in a relationship for almost three years, with plans for marriage.

    We had been separated due to my work.

    When we were able to meet again, he said that his feelings had changed and that he wanted to break up.

    We continue to see each other, we spend a lot of time together, and we have been intimate.

    I am still very much in love and dream of getting back together and rekindling our relationship.

    What can I do to win back his heart???

    My birthdate is May 12, 1976 at 3:40pm and his is March 23, 1974 at around 5:00 am.

    Please help???

  • How incredibly generous of You!

    I too, would love your insight.

    I am literally at Zero. No home, no job, no vehicle, no money, a husband that will not work a conventional job and therefore rarely brings home cash, no friends, I have no family and my husbands family has grown impatient with his choice to not enter into the traditional 40-50 hour work week along with everyone else. Evidently, we are getting what we deserve. I feel very alone and that I am totally on my own to get myself and daughter into a better situation. I do keep asking myself, How in the world did I end up Here?!

    My confidence is also hovering somewhere around zero too. I know I need to do something, but I just really do not know what ........

    The good news is....... I guess that leaves everything wide open. It does create a problem of where to begin to get this show rolling in a new direction?

  • Hi, my name is Rhonda I would love to have a reading. I am having problem a work and feeling low.

  • Happy New Year LittleSpaceMonkey,

    I would Love a general reading if you have the time and also if you can tell me about myself and him as well. Thanks so much.

    Mine: 6/26/1956 2:31am in VT USA His: 12/25/1966 in MA USA

  • I'd like a reading if you are still doing them.. 09/13/71 , born at 8:55 pm. I'd be interested in a general reading for the coming year. Thank you in advance...

  • hello, 'm new to the site and would be grateful for a reading f

  • Hello LITTLESPACEMONKEY. May you be blessed beyond messure for sharing your gift and insightfulness we each of us.

    The past few years has been a journey for me. It has been one of self reflection, healing and growing.

    If it is possible I would appreciate a reading which will reveal that which is to be. What can I expect in general and look forward to this coming Earth time.

    DOB May 2, 1947 Ontario, Canada, now living in southeastern, BC, Canada.

    May your coming year be one of good health and prosperity.


  • I'm new to this, but would like a reading. B-day is Sept.25,1983 Time: 7:03 pm I would like to know about this year ahead, my future. How to cope with changes ahead. Tx.

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