Would anyone like a reading?

  • My goodness, you just spew those out don't you? I'm happy to hear that Little and I hope you stay with it for your assistance seems to be very useful for these people!

    One day I'm going to have you do one for me :).

    I'll be following and waiting patiently until you are ready for more peeps!

    Continue on your path, you're doing a wonderful job.

    Light upon thee 🙂

  • Dear Kartyaw,

    You've been trying so hard to keep everything together. You felt happiness in your home life at one point, and have struggled to maintain the status quo, so you won't have to lose what you once had. In spite of all the heartache, the struggles, you remain a strong woman inside, with a great love of life. Your spirit has sustained you throughout this ordeal. Keep in mind this inner strength. I really truly hate to say this, but things do not look good for you and your husband. You're trying so hard, but it's all in vain. It would be best for you to move on at this point. I know how hard it is - I know how much you've sacrificed, but at the end of the day, you can't change people, you can't force something that isn't happening, that isn't meant to be. The sooner you surrender to the truth, to the change, the easier it will be on you in the long run. I know it isn't easy. But you deserve better. You're a passionate, intelligent, kind woman who deserves a love that will treat her as a goddess. It might not be what you want to hear right now, but I say this with the best of intentions. Once you move on, feel the pain, work through it, you'll find a new beginning at the other end of the tunnel. Look deep inside of yourself for that place that belongs to you - just you - a place of peace, a place of infinite love - this is what will get you through this final hurdle. This will help you rise above the circumstance. Reach back, far back, and look at the situation from a place far away - what is this life but an instant in the larger scheme of things? A love that is greater than we can ever imagine exists, is real, is the reality - hold onto that with faith, and it will see you through.

    As for your intuition...

    You're developing, that's for sure. You have a great deal of dignity and knowledge, though that may be clouded right now by outside circumstances. There is indeed a wealth of potential beneath the surface. It's swimming there, waiting for the right moment to blossom. There is a block, however. There is a part of you that is tormented by what is going on in your life right now. You may be feeling regret, perhaps some guilt - maybe you feel you should have done something differently, maybe the effect this is having on your children is weighing down on you. These shadows that have filled your subconscious are detrimental, not only in terms in developing your psychic potential, but dangerous to your health. Don't waste another moment on regret, or shoulds or shouldn't haves. I know it's easier said than done, but the sooner you release yourself from this prison, the better it will be for both you and your children. Your life is being torn apart right now, so it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel - I assure you it exists. In the midst of all this, if you can find the strength to share your inner self with those who need it - whether it be your children or someone else in need - it will do you a world of good. Remember your strengths, everything you love about yourself. Once you get centered again, you will find your gifts. You have so much to give and can give - don't be afraid to try reading tarot for others, even if just for fun. This can be therapeutic for both parties, I assure you. Give your wisdom and warmth to others, and you yourself will be fulfilled. Your reward will be a sense of closure, of peace, of having everything just fall into place once again. Have faith in yourself, trust yourself, and you will find everything you could ever need.

    Please stay strong, and it will get better! I wish you all the best!



  • AngelicSensuality --

    thanks muchly!!!

    would love to read for you sometime!! 🙂

    now tis time for funny movie to recharge batteries!! falls over



  • I would like to express appreciation for al you are doing on this thread. All things good come in good time. Many thanks and well wishes to you.

  • LSM, good to see you back. Hope this means you are doing better. Love, light and happiness.

  • wow littlespacemonkey bless you for your work. Pray that I follow your path

  • Dear Wickedmoon,

    There is a lot going on in your life right now! This is a period of metamorphosis for you, as it is for so many. There are powerful spiritual forces in your life at the present moment, so much of what is happening is part of the greater plan of your life - surrender to these forces and you will find that you will find much joy after the storm.

    I feel that you have been caught up in an intense passion as of late - it has been ruled by feelings so big, perhaps you were not always in control. Perhaps you've been overwhelmed by love and heartbreak in the recent past. A man has recently left your life - a very forceful, active, passionate man, perhaps a bit dominating. Sign possibly scorpio, sag, leo, or aries. It is best if you let this person go - release any small attachments you may still have as best you can. There is going to be a new chapter beginning, but first the past must be released before this chapter can begin.

    There is so much potential for joy, for friendship, for celebration right now in your life, but first the release must occur. There are elements in your life right now causing you deep pain. This pain is due to circumstance - perhaps the end of relationship or way of life. It is important that you learn these lessons, accept and work through the pain, and then release it completely. Do not stay in any situation that causes you harm mentally, emotionally or physically. The flip side of this, is that there is so much room left now for your new life. Your old self has died, your old life has ended - a new one can now begin.

    I see a young man in your life, also quite passionate, but in a more charming, youthful way. Look out for cancer, leo, sag, aries. He's fun loving, he's creative - try and embrace this person into your life. He may very well be a romantic interest. For there is love in your life right now, though it may still be underneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to blossom. This will be a sweet love, a love based on friendship, on going out and having fun with others, laughing, sweet moments...

    You're in a period of seeking right now. You're looking for answers, you're looking for someone who can share their wisdom with you and point you in the right direction. This is good, but always remember you are your own best teacher. Life is constantly teaching you - the more alert and aware you are, the more you can feel the universe whispering her secrets to you. So remain open, and when you are ready, the lesson or teacher will arrive. But remember not to take it too seriously - this spread is showing a lot of fun in your future, so stay in a light hearted frame in order to receive this beautiful blessing.

    You're a very deep and passionate person. You have an emotional depth to you that others pick up on - you're a romantic at heart, but also a thinker. You can seem penetrating to others, maybe a little serious, but this new person in your life may help lighten your load, and you two will have some wonderful laughs together.

    You will find everything coming full circle soon enough, a wonderful culmination of all recent events. You will have that moment of "wow, this is amazing" or "it all makes sense now" ... That moment where you are complete in yourself and at home in the world. And once you're there, it will feel like you're done, but really a whole new beginning is taking place.

    Hope that helps! 🙂



  • Dear Earthwindandfire,

    The spread I did for you does indicate you are opening up, you are including others as part of yourself. You're moving beyond your former self, smaller self, into a new person who includes others as part of their being. You're feeling this fatigue as part of this adjustment, but rest assured that this is a good thing. We are truly one, so the more you can live the truth that you are not an island, but rather part of the larger whole, the closer to truth and love you'll be.

    This extends to the recent activities in your life - you're in the mood to reach out, to communicate with others, to share your knowledge and learn. You'll do well to participate in anything that takes you to a place where you have a sense of community, of celebration, of being with others. The more you open up towards others, the more you'll receive. You're going through a period of balancing the opposite facets of yourself. Through others, you learn more about yourself. If there's something about another person that repels you, that you don't like - examine it. Does this quality exist somewhere in you? Why do you think this quality is less than? It's important to integrate everything into you at this time, in some form or another. Greet the world with acceptance - investigate your shadow, your opposites, and find how who you are depends and rests upon all that you aren't or deny you are. This will lead to greater understanding and open new doors to the next phase of your life.

    A word of warning : when dealing with others, try not to be drawn into any politics, any games of who's the best, who's the most evolved, who's right or wrong. This is a part of human nature, this is something you'll have to deal with in yourself and others. But it is imperative that you keep in mind that we are all equals. We come into this world with different challenges, different strengths and weaknesses. Don't look down upon yourself or others for what you may perceive as a weakness. For in weakness hides hidden strength. On the flip side, don't put anyone on a pedestal - learn from others when you can, teach when you can, but always remember we are each equally valuable, equally unique individuals.

    There is an indication of a new beginning, of exciting new chapters in your life. It is up to you to take the horse by the reins and start something new. What is it that you always wanted to try? What brought you joy as a child? Go out into the world and play - be daring, be courageous. the more original and exciting the idea the better. Don't wait passively for adventure, but create your own. The best way to approach this is not to plot and plan, but rather jump into life with full trust and wonder. Give 100% and that's what you'll receive in return. Don't hold back, don't question, don't hesitate, but simply go with it, with joy, with your entire being. That way you'll break out of the hold of "this is good, this is bad" to a new dimension of living to the fullest extent, of true acceptance.

    Hope that helps~ I wish you the best 🙂

    ❤ lsm

  • Dear Kay Aries, Olive Branch, and Rola,

    thank you guys so much for your support! 🙂 It means so much to me! I truly hope I can help others- and as I said before, this thread has helped me as well. I'm doing as much as I can, so I am grateful everyone being so patient with me.

    It's not so much my path, but the path we all follow - in some ways it belongs to all of us, but the way we each express it is so utterly unique. 🙂

    much love,


  • Littlespacemonkey,

    I'd be grateful to know what you see for me, please? if you have time.

  • Dear Moonalisa,

    I'm sorry but I stopped accepted requests on page 5~

    My style is a bit slow, so please bear with me everyone

    I'll be starting a new thread once I'm done with this one

    And I'll be posting more readings tonight most likely - definitely tomorrow

    thanks all for understanding! 🙂

    ❤ lsm

  • No problem Littlespacemonkey. i just didn't notice you stopped accepting requests.Sorry.

  • i look forward to join the new thread

  • Dear LSM, I want to thank you very much for your reading for me. It feels good to know what you picked up about me and my life. You were on the money about me, I am a deeply emotional person, but tend to over analize. The part that I wanted you to clarify a little more for me is, the relationship parts. I left my husband who was a capricorn sun, who was too dominating, and hurt me very badly emotionally. It is over. I have been seeing a cancer man younger than me by three years. I have not seen him intimatly for a couple months even though we are very passionate together and I feel that he has feelings for me, but he hasnt told me. His actions have said it more than anything. Do you see us seeing eachother again? or is he the one that I am supposed to let go of? I have a guy that is a virgo that I have been around, nothing intimate. he is older than me by 2 years. I would love to know what is going on with the cancer and how he feels for me if you can pick up anything. his birthdate is 07/22/83.

    I am going to write this all down and embrace it! Thanks so much!!

  • I can't wait till the new thread is up 😃 Btw your new icon is very cute

  • Also LSM, if you don't mind me asking...what spread are you using? Celtic Cross?

  • Dear Wickedmoon,

    thanks so much for your feedback! I'm glad to be able to help

    Upon your post, it just clicked that your ex husband is the first man I mentioned in your reading - the ones you should let go of. I know I said he would be a fire sign, but as soon as I read "dominating" I was like ... that's him! And the new guy, the Cancer - he is most definitely the younger man I mentioned in the reading. Not sure about the Virgo. I may be able to do a quick mini reading on you and Cancer - I'm feeling good vibes, mostly based on the reading I already did, but since these things can change, let's see if I have some time tomorrow to squeeze in the mini-read. (I'm having one of those waking up in the middle of the night moments now and feel waaaaay too groggy do to a read X_X )

    Really really reeeaaally good to know you got something out of the reading 🙂 ❤

  • Dear AngelicSensuality,

    Yayy!! I like my icon too 😉

    I do use the Celtic Cross for most readings... I also have a 5 card spread I use for specific questions, and a 6 card and 4 card relationship spread. Don't know the names of any of those 😛 Also, I sometimes use an ellipse spread, but feel more comfortable with the Celtic Cross at the moment.

    thanks for checking back and all your kind words 🙂 the encouragement is welcomed more than you know

    ❤ lsm

  • LSM , where did you learn Tarot from? I am really interested in joining a course!

  • Hi LittleSpaceMonkey, I surely would love a reading. I am surely going through it and have been the past week and a half. Was born February 7, 1962 12:45AM in Glasgow Scotland. Thanks so much.

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