Would anyone like a reading?

  • I would appreciate a reading please. I was born july 4th 1977 at 3:15 am in michigan. I would like to know about a relationship, if i am wasting my time, or what is going on. Should i stay here or go back towards Michigan. Thank you so much for your time

  • i would love a reading. my birthday is august 31st 1967, think am. was born in hamilton ontario canada. had a really bad 2009 with serious relationship problems. do you see a better year for me in 2010.

  • yes thank you i would like a reading on my love life with jerry can you tell me whats going on with us my DOB..8/11/61...his DOB..11/30/79

  • I would love a reading as well.

    I am Capricorn, born Jan 3, 1957 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Having had lots of 'endings' I feel as though I am at the 'beginning' of new things, but not quite sure what that all means....I have been visited with the theme of 're-location' but it is all still very vague.

    Any insight you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated.


  • i would like a reading on my love life? 11-12-1982 excelsior springs, mo 852am...thanks a million

  • My DOB 2-16-1946, his DOB 3-16-1946. Thanks!

  • I would really love a reading...If you could help me figure out what I should do about my love life, and how to get back on the right path in regards to the rest of my life...and anything else you see, I would be very greatfull....Thank you so Much...

  • Sorry littlespacemonkey...I forgot to include my info....My birthday is May 17,1967...

  • If you are still offering (you must be exhausted), I would love a short insight into a recent decision I made that I am now afraid was a horrible mistake and I am sick over it. My birthdate is 4/7/1958 at 3:04am in Alexandria, Virginia. If you have time, this may help me make a decision to have a full reading.

  • Hi LSM,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I enjoyed reading what you had to say, and your words of advice are definitely going to help me remain motivated for the new year. I felt myself slipping a little bit, which is why I posted asking you for the reading. You're right about the man from my past, he is a Cancer! And I do plan on taking better care of my health and my spirit overall...I want this to be a great and productive year because last year wasn't! You're very sweet for offering to help so many of us. I hope you enjoy your time on this board and I'm sure we'll cross paths on this site soon!



  • i would love a reading. aries. 3/21/79. 12 midnight. dating a virgo. 9/10/71...just want to know about all areas if you could. thank you

  • I would love a reading too. 1-20-49, 7:56 am Muskegon, MIchigan.

    Thanks! Am in a big transition period--some ideas for new direction would be great.

  • Hi. I know everyone is asking for a reading and i would actually love to get one because things dont seem to look very bright for me lately (wasa going to get married but my now ex called it quits) although i know its a long shot, considering everyone is asking for one. In case you can, I am a Pisces born in Chile 03/16/1982 at 4:20pm aproximately (Pisces, ascendant Cancer, moon in Sagitarius)

    regardless of wether or not you can give me one, it was nice to read the reasons why you want to do them in the first place so thanks for the effort.

  • Hello

    Hope all is well with you. I am a rookie in the astrology field but find find it very interesting. I read my horoscopes faithfully and thats about it.

    If you are still interested in practicing, you may practice on me. I have had many adventures in my life and a few weird things happen (some that are unexplainable).

    Please reach me at ..Thanks

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  • Dear RSchk,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your difficulties. I know how hard it can be when it feels like the whole world is raining down on you- but the shadows do pass and better days are ahead.

    The spread shows that you're a very lively spirit, a true individual who is somewhat of a visionary, liking to take matters into your own hands. However, this is a healing period for you, which you've been working your way through as best you can. You and your significant other do have a very deep bond that perhaps goes back to past lives. I see a good possibility that you will end up together. However, there is more work to be done before you can move forward. There may or may not be negative influences outside your control - whatever the case may be, think of that issue is a distraction.  Focusing on that will not help you right now- you are only responsible for your own actions.

    If you want this relationship to work you're going to have to change the way you look at things. It looks as though he has a great deal to teach you, but right now you may not be able to receive his wisdom. It is imperative that you sloooow down. Take some long deep breaths, and let all the thoughts and worries in your head slip out. Try visualization: pretend every worrisome, negative thought is slippery goop that falls easily out of your head into nothingness. Or do whatever you feel will quiet your mind down. Once you break out of the pattern through which you see the world, break through your own perspective, you will find things will feel better, lighter, easier.

    There is an indication that he's facing down the ghosts from his past. However, that is his work, not yours. You cannot force someone who's been hurt to open up more than they're ready to. I know it's hard, especially since you've been together for so long. If you choose to accept this relationships on its own terms, you must get out of your head and see things from his perspective. I say this not to be hard on you, but to help you heal and maintain your relationship.  Work on yourself, maintain a vibration of safety, peace, joy, and acceptance, and it is more likely he will come around and feel safe moving forward with you. It won't be easy, but overcoming your mind/worries and listening and understanding is the best thing you can do for him. Love yourself, be tender with yourself, as well with others. Once you slow down, you will find it easier to tackle your issues one by one. Be careful with your finances as well- don't spend too much for the time being.

    It looks like you two will continue on in a more nurturing fashion- one of you will guide the other under his or her wing. It looks like you'll be flying under his wing when the time comes 😉 It will be nice to be cared for, no? Again, be an excellent listener, and you will reap the rewards of wisdom. I'm sure your new attitude will impress him as well!

    I sincerely hope you feel better. Remember that you are worthy of love, of joy, of the best life has to offer. Release the hurt- it may be difficult work ahead, but a new beginning awaits. Most of all love yourself- you are a beautiful creature, whether you realize it or not!

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Littlespacemonkey..:) LOVE the name by the way..:)

    I would love to have a reading done if you have a chance.

    09/09/1964 time is afternoon/early evening

    Thanks! 🙂

  • hi littlespacemonkey,

    I am margaret born london 27 august 1945, anything looking like a light at the end of a tunnel


  • Dear Turtledust,

    I like your name too! 🙂 Here's what I got for you:

    You've been through a lot, but made peace with your past and have moved forward. You have managed to stay positive throughout this ordeal, overcoming obstacles through your own will, so you shall be duly rewarded! There is love in your future, however, you still have a bit of hurt to work through. Feel the pain, heal and nuture yourself, but be ready to move on soon enough for there is much change for the better coming your way! 🙂

    Your true love in your life will likely be an intellectual man of strong character. He will be forceful, sharp, and exciting. Look for a Taurus, Gemini, libra, or aquarius. FYI, a card fell out while I was shuffling indicating a down to earth yet passionate man- simple yet sensual. He will be Leo, Virgo or earth sign. I don't see anyone like your Scorpio, but the future isn't set in stone. Have fun with life, go with the flow, because there will be a new love- nourishing, joyful, full of life.

    As a side note, I also see an indication for improved finances coming your way. You may have to juggle a bit while everything works itself out. These positive changes may not be immediate, but keep up your excellent work and you'll see the fruits of your labor soon enough!

    All the best,


  • To everyone who has left feedback- thank you so much for your kind words! It means so much to me to know I have helped somehow



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