Would anyone like a reading?

  • Hello all!

    Would anyone on this forum like me to do a reading for them? This has been a difficult time for many, and I would like to offer support to those who need it. I am relatively new to the tarot, so please keep that in mind when consulting my readings. My readings are meant for friendly guidance, but your choices are ultimately your own, as our own free will is more powerful than any tarot deck. That said, I will try my best to help- I have studied for about three years now.

    This will be great practice for me and hopefully fun and helpful for others.

    Looking forward to reading for someone out there! 🙂

  • Hi llindieloo here . I wouldent mind if ok with you . Born in southern Ireland ,31st January 1953. I think in the morning . I would like to know if i will be successful in my job as Marketing Co - ordinator , and also if not to cheeky will I find love soon ? Thank you so much gor your kind offer .

  • I would love one! Thank you so much for offering. My birthday is October 1, 1974 @ 4:05 am in California. I'm currently feeling really blue and a little lost. Would love any insight into job prospects in the next few months, possible moves, and also any relationship on the horizon? Anything you could tell me would be great. Thank you!

  • My Birthday Is 7/17/91 Ive Been More Confused Than Usual About Myself..I Want To Know How I Have Been Doing Spiritual And What I Need To Do....For Extra I Want To Know Where My Love Life Is Going ,Plz And Thank u.

  • Hi Littlespacemonkey ~ Love the name!

    I would love a reading of any kind, you choose. If something stands out, lay it on me. : )

    Hey Stonyeye! Just letting you know I've seen your posts and I hope things get better for you. Also, you have given good advice to others. What is given will return.

    Thanks, LSM in advance.

  • Sure I'd love a reading 🙂 Whatever comes up really. lol.

  • Aww. Thanks Laie4. Just read your comment and it was like a ray of sunshine for me. Isn't it funny how just one little sentence of support can make things seem better? Thank you. x

  • Dear Llindieloo,

    The cards indicate that you have been very passionate about this career choice. You've rushed into this with much enthusiasm, but now you're pausing to think- is this what I really want? This will be a very stimulating career for you. You will be successful as long as you stay flexible, open to new ideas, and honest. Things may feel as though they're moving very fast so roll with it and do not lose sight of your morals. You may confront some deception or information behind the scenes that might cause you discomfort- take it in stride, remain detached and true to yourself and all will be well!

    As for your second question- yes you will indeed find love! 🙂 Again, this is a time of great change for you, so have fun with it! Say goodbye to the past, welcome the future with open arms. Stay playful and open, and a new love will enter your life.

    Hope that helps and best of luck~

    I will get to other posts as soon as I can!

  • Thank you so much and its very kind of you . Feeling better already . i will keep you posted . love and light .

  • Dear Stonyeye,

    I did a general spread for you and WOW! This is going to be a very intense exciting time for you! 🙂

    First of all, you've been going through a period of transformation. The old you is dying away and a new person is being born. You're a very giving caring person- perhaps creative as well. Unfortunately these qualities have been blocked due to outside influence. Do you find yourself boxed in by expectations of others? Are you constantly sacrificing, trying to please others at your own expense? Now is your chance to change for the better. Not that giving is a bad thing, but there must be balance. You're deserve all the success in the world.

    The cards show spiritual influences - some of what is going to happen may involve intense change. Do not let this upset you - embrace the upheaval, ride it out. A move looks like a good idea- your current environment isn't helping you too much. There will be financial gain, perhaps a new job, but you must remain positive! Know you will succeed and you will 🙂

    Again, expect a total overturn of life- wash away any negative beliefs or pessimism. The universe will help with this spring cleaning, so to speak, and replace old patterns with a new life brimming with love, hope, and abundance. Look out for a young man, very passionate, full of life, perhaps a cancer or fire sign- he may be a romantic interest or aid you in your job search,

    Lots of changes, but the cards encourage you to embrace it with enthusiasm. Replace the hum drums with a passionate lust for life and joyful outlook and you'll come out of this just fine!

    All the best!


  • Llindieloo,

    So glad you're feeling better! 🙂 yes please do keep me updated. ❤

    to all other posters- I will try and do another reading tonight, but if I don't get a chance I'll be back tomorrow

  • Hi littlespacemonkey. I haven't seen you on the forum before, are you new? I've been off and on it myself...anyway, if you're still up for doing readings I'd like one please. So far this year I've been trying to keep a positive attitude and for the most part it seems to be working. However, I've noticed before at points in my life when things seem to be going just fine (or my emotionals are stable lol), people from my past come back and disrupt it, leaving me confused. Particularly people I had romantic relationships with. Anyway, I would love a general reading and I'd like to know if you could see what could be happening in my love life in the near future (whatever you consider near to be)? Will I be confronted with anything or anyone from my past or will I meet someone new? I've read that 2010 should be a good year for me (d.o.b. 8/30/88) and I hope that's true! Thanks so much in advance for your time, be blessed.

  • LSM,

    Thank you for the offer, I don't know if it's bc of the new year or something else, but yes, there have been many requests for readings. So I'm sure the other readers are more than grateful for your help.

    I'm with stoneye and Laie4, could you just do a general reading and let the cards fall where they may. It's time I focused on more aspects fo my life than just constantly dwell on one =0).

    Thank you so much for your offer, and no rush, whenever you get a chance and feel rested is fine.


  • nice of you to be here for us , please do a reading for me! my issue has been my ex-fiance for 4months we have been apart i got an e-card from him christmas.is he the man i am meant to be with and how does he feel about me? ive had some recent advice but i need more advice. anything that you see for us is ok to let me know.as i do feel a certain kinda instinct not to give up on us. he is 7 27 56 i am 5 12 48 me brooklyn ny 7 45 am him arlington va 1 55 pm thank for this.........dee

  • Hey lsm,

    i would love a reading if you're still up for it! I can see you're busy!!Nothing in particular just a general one! see what turns up! my d.o.b is 05 jun 1984 (morning i think) Ireland

    Thanks so much!! N

  • Hi spacemonkey - I like your name! I'll let you do a reading for me. I won't ask you about my divorce or my soon to be exhusband or my finances or my health or my kids. How about if I give you a my birthday (3-14-1958) and you just see what you can see for me in finding a lifelong soulmate. It could be someone I know, or someone I have yet to meet. I have a possibility but its too comlicated. I'll give you his birthday (11/16/1965). See what you get. THis one is for fun for me. I had my crisis readings last week over the holidays :).

  • Hi,

    I'd love a reading. Thanks so much. My name is Marianna and I was born Oct 18, 1972 (Canada), and am wondering if you see me getting involved romantically with anyone. Also if

    Chess(a guy whom once he found I was interested in him avoids me), and I will ever have any contact/bump into each other in this lifetime again at my work(obviously nothing romantic just business contact etc).

    Thanks so much,

    Bright Blessings to you


  • I'd love a reading. Just to basically let me know where things are headed with the current person (man) in my ife, or if I am wasting my time.

  • Hi LSM!

    I have two quick questions...I'd like your insight.

    I'm working on getting two businesses off the ground to help improve my financial standing. Will my businesses see success over the next 6 months to a year?

    What are your impressions of my current romantic relationship and where it's headed? I feel I'm strongly connected with this man on a spiritual level. Physically is a little difficult at this time due to his job.

    Thank you!

  • Hi I would like a reading.

    I was born on the 12-12-1960 in sydney australia

    would like to know about my love life and what will happen.

    with a guy born 26/6/1971

    there have been sum hiccups in our relationship for nearlly 3 years

    thanking you

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