Are Physics Old Souls

  • When I Was Sixteen I Used To Be Able To Pick Up Different Peoples Auras And Understand Them Before They Said A Word....By The Way Im Only Eightteen It Started In The Third Grade When I Used To Daydream In Class And Those Things I DayDreamed About Would Happen The Next Day.I Dont Know I Thought I Was Crazy At First Til I Started To Dream At Night Of Things Happening And They Do. The Funny Part Is I Never Figure Out The Situation Its The Little Objects In Dreams That I Always Remember And Places.

    What I Find Amazing Is That I Am So Unaware Of Myself But I Have These Abilities. Ever Since I was Little Ive Always More Mature Than My Age Group( Which Is Funny because My Parents Was Never Really Apart Of My Life)And Because Of This Ive Almost Dropped Out Of School To Get My GED.

    Ever Since I Dropped Out Of School I Tried To Find A GED School But Always Was Stopped. I Took The Test In One School And They Lost My Test. Then They Found My Test But Losted My Folder Then I Couldnt Get Into A School Cause They Were Crouwed. When I Got Into A School I Had My Head On Straight And I Was Ready The Week Before I Had A Dream I Was In A field With My Cousin And A Few People They Were Soo Good To Me And Treated Me As Equals Even Though They Were Older.

    We Watched The Stars And I Came Home I Was In A Deans Office With A nasty Person Who Wouldnt Let Me Talk.There Was Trailers And ClassRooms In Them. There Was This Statue My Teacher Had On Her Desk That (lol So Ugly I Stared At It For A Very Long Time Trying To Figure It Out)And I Sticker With An American Flag On It That Said "I Dont Forgive And I Dont Forget".

    Wait Nows Heres The Twist I Stood Over My Cousins House For A Day And She Was Goin on A Trip To Virginia And Couldnt Take Me Home And Asked Can i Tag Along. Of Coarse I Did She My Favorite How Can I Say No. So I Went With Her And Alot Of Her Friends Loved Me And I Finally Reliezed What Was Going On When I Got On To The Field But As Always I Think I Am Crazy And Ignored It. When I Cam Home That Sunday I Had School The Next Day. I Was Sooo Tired And Wanted To Go To Sleep. I Had To Wake Up Early And Got Home At Three Oclock In The Morning. When I Woke Up I Just Dmped Eaverything Out My Bag And Went To School.

    Heres The Funny One I Reliezed When I Got To School I Didnt Have Me Shedule Even Though I Remeber Putting It In My bag. There Was Metel Ditectors And I Went Thru Them They Told Me I Had A Leg Shaver In My Bag And Threw Me Into The Deans Office. Then I Started To Relieze I Was Here Before. They Let Me Go To Class Where Was In Trailers And My Teacher Got Mad Cause I Was Staring At Her Statue. They Called Me Out Of Class After A Hour Of Class To Tell Me I Got Kicked Out Because They Thought I Was Trying To Sneak A Razor To School But It Was My First Day. I Got On The Bus And Reliezed Something Saved Me From Myself Because Now Im Blowing My Teachers Away With My Writing And My Prepective On Life.(Im Back In High School)

    I Guess My Question Is Are All Old Souls Physic Or Am I Just Lucky?

  • Hi sweetie,

    First thing I would like to explain is that there is a difference between an old soul and being psychic, I don't believe that your an old soul but I do believe that you are being shown things in order to better your life. You are being given choices, a glimps into the near future so that your able to see what road to take. I'm so happy to hear that your back in school, it's so important.

    I am a little unclear about the sticker part of your drream. I know it was an American flag that said " I Don't Forgive and I Don't Forget ", did you put the sticker on it or was it already there? Either way we should always try to forgive, this is something that that all of us need to learn to let go of, without forgiveness we would all be so burdened with anger, hurt and ill feelings that we would forget what life is really about. I don't ever suggest to forget certain things that happen in life because most of them are learning experiences but I strongly believe in forgivness. I feel as though you have much anger towards your parents and how you were treated ( or not treated in your case ). The older crowd that you find yourself getting along with tells me that your in need of guidence, structure and love, this also explains the deans office and the teacher. These are all forms of authority and structure.

    You have a guide that looks over you all the time, I feel as though you also have a grandmother figure that has passed that is helping you through some tough times in your life right now. Please listen to what they have to say and try to follow the direction that they lead you in. You are a young bright girl that can do anything that you put your mind to but your easily influenced by others for acceptance. All you have to worry about is how you feel about yourself, not what others may think of you. You must put yourself first and what's right for you, you know the difference but you often doubt yourself. 18 is such a hard age in today's world honey and I know how kids can be, I have 4 of my own with my oldest being 18. Promise me that you will work through the rest of the things that are bothering you and leave the past in the past, the only thing that keeps the past alive is us, we are the only ones that give the past any kind of power over us and it's time to let it all go. I'm here if you need me and I hope that I didn't offend you in any way, that was not my intentions. You have many good things ahead of you as long as you focus and choose the right path. Hugs and Blessings to you.

  • Good luck sammysocutehuh91

    And many blessings! Keep going to school because as they say

    education is the key to success. Whenever you need help don't even think twice to post here.

    There's many loving souls here that would love to help you and people like me that cannot do much but send you lots of blessings and love. Keep up the good work! 😄

    Dont forget to keep visiting, you will learn lots of helpful things here. I did and im still learning so much. I feel so happy to have found this website. 🙂

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