Going through court for custody and property - when will this end

  • I am currently in legal proceedings with my ex husband who is dragging out the whole process. It has already been a year with no ending in sight. He is abusive, manipulative and has many addictions and I feel extremely concerned for the safety of my very young child.

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Things should look up for you this year. You can expect life to step up the pace of your activities. Last year, the forces of nature were at low ebb and you discovered that high achievement and successful forward motion seemed delayed and somewhat resistant at every turn... well, not this year. However, if you have chosen to carry your worry and sadness from last year into this year, you will have difficulty, emotionally.

    The expanding and regenerative energies of the year will offer you more opportunity to be social, have more fun, express yourself in whatever medium you choose (writing, painting, speaking, crafts, parties, etc.) and just generally experience more personal freedom to accomplish. All of these new waves of hope and excitement are set to open for you if you've been able to shake the doldrums and clouds of doubt/disappointment experienced last year. You have to be willing now in 2010 to hold your head high and have the confidence and courage to move forward for renewal and rebirth.

    Doors will open ... people make things happen for you as income and confidence increases. Be careful, however, not to over do it... the enthusiasm and optimism you feel can induce haste, so you must not act without consideration. Be moderate. There's always a tendency to take on too much responsibility, be extravagant and foolishly over zealous. In other words, don't scatter your energies, for your thoughts and desires will be running at full tilt and you could simply end up spinning your wheels.

    There's a feeling of great relief to be felt during 2010 - you sense that life has finally recognized you and your abilities and is offering you a chance to be reborn. Experience these energies as a blessing and a gift, but don't take them for granted. They'll support you and uplift you throughout the year as long as you are positive, hopeful and willing to try new directions.

    However, if you entered 2010 in a depressed and self-pitying way, you'll likely miss the dynamic opportunities awaiting you. That would be very unfortunate since the energies offer too much promise for success. Negative feelings and depression are dysfunctional since 2010 has an energy of brilliance, hope and enthusiasm that absolutely refuses to accept less than 100% effort. It lives in the now and promises to be your mentor as long as you change your attitude and seek positive growth. Your choice !!

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