Help with Gemini reading?

  • Gemini's have always frustrated and confused me. Unfortunately they intrigue me like no one else. I am a Cancer and have loved this Gemini for years but obstacles have kept us from going forward, until recently. Now I am even more confused. Is their anyone who can do a love reading or have any insight on the Gemini man that could help?

  • Oh Boy you picked a complicated sign but I'm sure you already figured that out. You being a cancer woman is one that is very loving and sensitive, Gemini men are like Jeckle and Hyde, they are not always as honest as we want them to be and can be very demanding, controlling and a me, me, me type of person. On the other hand they can be such a romantic that you can easily forget about the Hyde part of him. The sign itself is of the twins, one being good and the other not so good, you get a 2 for one with a Gemini. Now you must understand that just because he's a Gemini doesn't mean that he don't have some wonderful characteristics depending on his rising, sun and moon sign. I have no knowledge of these other signs and my field isn't really astrology but if you have his time, date and location of birth you can have your charts done on here.

    From what I can pick up I feel as though he has been dishonest with you and has hurt you, this is something that you have to decide if you want to live with. I feel that the balls in your court and if you want him he's yours but you need to really sit down and figure out if this is the way you want to spend the rest of your life. To be totally honest with you it almost feels like a competition instead of being intrigued with him and what I mean by that is your set out to see if you can get this guy, well you did but the question is what are you going to do with him now? I don't feel like your in love with him, you may love him and yes, feel intrigued with him but in the back of your mind you are doubting yourself and I don't blame you one bit. My suggestion to you is take things slow, have fun and see where it goes. Do not jump into anything too fast or anything that you can't undo. I see him asking you to move in, if you want my opinion I am totally against it, but that's just me, you have to do what's right for you. You have a lot of options and you don't have to settle for anything especially if your already doubting it.

    I hope that I helped out even a little. I just don't want you to feel stuck in something that could have been avoided. Remember who you are and always keep your feet on the ground, follow your gut and you'll almost always never go wrong. Your decission must come from inside, you have a good head on your shoulders and I have faith that you'll make the discission that's right for you. You have so much to offer and your such a kind person, don't get caught up in the moment but take the time to look at the whole picture.

    Hugs and Blessings

  • Thanks Alisa

    I apprieciate your advice, he is so confusing. Twenty years as friends never prepared me for the person I am now getting to know. You are right he has hurt me and seems to be oblivious to it. I have forgiven him, but feel leary about who I might encounter in the next disagreement. I went in whole hearted and honest risking it all, putting everything on the line. He is not married and has put little effort in. He was full force and then suddenly developed a concious...???He is so wishy washy. I made a decision, not lightly and didn't look back. Unfortunatly this was the worst time to get involved due to responsibilities and the worry he is carrying, showing little emotion at least to me. This is why we argued, he did not tell me what he was going through, the severty of it or how overwhelmed he felt. He just showed late and told me he was leaving in a few hours with limited explaination after weeks of planning. I think he expected me to be just fine with it....I wasn't and the trouble began.

    Now he has almost entirely shut me out. He needs to devote 100% to the situation he has at hand and I need to figure out what is best for me. I know he cares for me, but I represent another load right now that he feels he can not deal with, I worry about him and the effects of the weight of responsibility he is carrying. I am trying to respect the space he needs.

    He is an amazing person, but that guy is lost somewhere inside Mr Freeze. I'm waiting for him to return so we can finally hash this all out.







    I do not know how to figure our compatibility using them but if you do I would greatly apprieciate any insight. Thank you for all your kind words and advice.

    Hugs and Apprieciation

  • Hi Everyone

    Boy all I keep hearing is how hard a gem man is, and I do agree! I met my guy back in high school we were good friends then lost touch. after 30 yrs we remet and fell in love, there have been sooo many parrallels in our lives that we can't believe we have been apart for this long.

    Unfortunatly he has a roving eye and I do know about it even though he keeps denying that he is also attracted to other women, I know he loves me and wants to stay with me he just likes to do his own thing and not have me interfere (not happening).

    I recntly looked up our asto charts but really don't understand them. Hopefully somebody can tell me what they say about our relationship.

    My chart

    Rising sign Aquarius

    Moon Aguariue

    Venus Libra


    Rising sign Leo

    Moon Cancer

    Venus Aries

    His bd is 5/22/58, mine is 12/04/59. I really do hope someone can help.

    Thanks and have a blessed day


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