Dora Has Shown Me to Center

  • As has been said, man is a spiritual being having a human experience. With this assertion, it can therefore be said that man is a divine being no less.. And earth is the school through which man can learn his lessons. For man to know his purpose, he must be as resourceful as the indefatigable scientist, discovering the best technology of living. Nowhere is this need more pronounced than today, when we feel as if the entire world is collapsing against its own greed.

    Well, according to Dora of Tranteen, the only way for man to navigate today’s treacherous shoals is to go nano, to go inwards where TRUE POWER lies, and she calls it centering. As with inanimate objects which have their center of gravity , thereby achieving balance, so do humans have their CENTER where dwells their essence.

    I discovered the invaluable wisdom that Dora of Tranteen imparts on man. She has helped me attain my balance. By applying her technology, I can turn negatives into positives; I get the wisdom of what to do in any given situation. And the secret? One has to find his original soul name, meditate on it as you travel inside your innerself, tap into your inner power and become a new man/woman. One for the ages, if I may say so.

    So what are you waiting for? Visit Dora of Tranteen’s site now:

    And tap into your latent POWER.

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