How scorpio man acts when deep in him he still love his ex?

  • hope to hear from man or scorpio man. how will you act towards your girl when deep in you you still care and love her, but she had said things which really hurt you.

    i can't read my ex scorpio man's mind and heart. he acted so firm and cold for one year, yet a few times i sensed he didn't want to totally let me go. he refused to talk, only said that we are always friends.

    i decided to give up and i told him i have lost a great friend, and he have lost someone who he can truly trust and rely on.

  • I would still love my girl, thanking her for having helped me to understand more about my ego by hurting it.

    Look again, consider again, reconsider the whole situation. What is it that you are calling “losing a great friend”? And then you will find ordinary facts of life. But we don’t want to be ordinary. The ego hankers to be extraordinary. Even if it is misery we would like to be extraordinary.

  • thanks, your reply was extraordinary. You recommending to be extraordinary and reconsider him? I tried for one year, beside saying 'you are always my 'friends''' he stayed quiet and stepped very far away.

    i was feeling so helpless, thats why gaveup.

    why he gave me an email and typed : we are always "friends". Why putting inverted comma to friends???

    "friends" and not friend,

    I want to listen and understand him, but he refused to open up to me anymore 😞

  • Yes, be extraordinary.

    Why he gave you an email and typed : we are always "friends": because he considers you still being one of his friends.

    Why putting inverted comma to friends??? Because he is still undecisive, where to go.

    Man has created a world of no and he has become engaged in his own world, and he has forgotten the world of the trees, the world of the rivers, the world of the mountains and the stars. There they don’t know of any noun, they have not heard about nouns; they know only verbs. Everything is a process. God is not a thing but a process.

  • You are right, everything is a process.

    Thanks for your deep wonderful wrods.

    He is still undecisive? Maybe you are right.

    How to be extraordinary towards him? Or generally for men, what's extraordinary? By me just quietly standing beside him support him?

  • How to be extraordinary towards him? Just avoid all conflicts.

    Or generally for men, what's extraordinary? Being not attached, emotionally, going your own way.

    By you just quietly support him? Yes.

    And to be creative.

    To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.

  • Thanks a million hans. Extraordinary words.

    What if conflicts and damages already done, he seems putting up a wall in between us.

    Thats why I decided to give up and go our own way.

    I am hoping so much we can sit down and have a good talk, and he just avoiding and refused to, he said he will never talk about the past feelings anymore.

  • You create yourself moment to moment. You are not born as a fixed entity, but only as an infinite potentiality. You are born as a seed, not as a tree.

    An unravelled scrap of lofe

    knitting - unknitting

    what rhyme or reason in going on like this?

    only crying crying

    losing consciousness of oneself


    it is futile

    living in suffocation

    drinking only poison


    is is futile


    something is put in order --

    crackling perpetually

    -- chuk-chik.chik


    what rhyme or reason in going on like this?

  • This is too long and extraordinary, too extraordinary until I don't know what you trying to tell me or advise me!

  • what I am trying to tell you or advise you: go your own way, go for your goal, your career, but in a balanced way.

    The moon is one but it can be reflected in millions of lakes. Reflections differ, but the reflected is one.

    It is not possible to grow so big that you will be able to do always what you wish. And that is not possible because your desire is the outcome of your being small. But this is possible that you can like whatever you do. And that is maturitiy or growing big.

  • Thanks Hans, for your time and effort to reply.

    Yes, go on my own way.

    Yesterday he emailed me with title - Friend Always! I repiled him said sorry lets move on, I won't want to meet him anymore.

    Thanks again, Hans.

  • Yes,

    the treasure is not hidden in big words, the treasure is hidden in you. And it is to be discovered, not through big words, it is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through silence.

  • The treasure is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through sience.

    Your extraordinary sentence always need me to think for awhile, to absorb it.

    "discovered through silence"!!! hmmmm..... that is why he been keeping so quiet??? I was 'angry' for awhile when he kept so quiet. I used to tell him I believe in communication, I always think communication is very important between any relationship.

    I always thought when two persons willing to sit down and communicate, everything can be solved, am I wrong???

    I used to believe - with hearts, everything is possible.

  • This post is deleted!

  • gaveup

    that is why he been keeping so quiet??? Yes.

    When two persons willing to sit down and communicate, everything can be solved, are you wrong??? No.

    Start by being a fool and by being compassionate. And everything will happen to you. Then you need not worry.

  • ".....start by being a fool...."??? How??? Fool???

    My car was knocked down by a car, that few seconds was speechless. After clam down, think about life, whats so important about life, about ego, about emotions etc etc.

    THe bang and hit made me want to email him, life is so short.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks quenkath, I understand you.

  • gaveup,

    ".....start by being a fool...."??? This energy has a very translucent and transparent character.

    How??? By going on your way trusting yourself and your gut feelings.

    Fool??? At first all is going well, but then you are suffering, what actually you have expected of you. Your hopes are destroying you. You adopt the identity of a man who suffers. You forget the Here and Now.

    In ordinary life, if you cannot become angry you will lose many things. Sometimes just a show of anger will be helpful, but drop it from inside! It has to be dropped from outside also -- but later on, when you don´t bother, when nothing makes any difference, when even if you lose something it makes no difference, But remaining in the world, trying for growth, be aware and alert. Don´t suffer from these things. These are sufferings.

  • After knowing I met an accident, he sent a caring email.

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