Tarot interpretation help needed please?

  • well i've fell out with this guy iv'e been speaking to for month now we have met once, and the other times he has stood me up, he stood me up 2 days ago left me out in the cold i was very angry and obviously had ago, we had a bad argument and are now not speak so i thought i would ask the cards radomly about how he feels about me the cards i got were

    1.The hanged man

    2. 2 of cups

    3. queen of pentacles

    4.The emperor

    5.King of cups

    could someone help me understand how he feels many blessings -Jess

  • He feels about you, being in an awkward situation, because your are much too dominant. He would like to have an exchange of hearts, a fulfilling relationship, but you want to be the boss, dominating him with your active emotions and being to much identified with carreer and money, which have nothing to do with your heart, which are just head affairs.

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