Blmoon, Please Read!!

  • I wanted to give you some follow up and ask you about a couple of things.

    The first thing is there has not really been any more retaliation as far as more photos or anything against Patrick at work that I am aware of. The second thing is he and I had some words b/c I pretty much ended it because I felt that he had been messing around at work in a not so good way, and that I can't be apart of that. He swore to me that I am the only one that he has been seeing at work. It did get a little heated for a few mins, but then he promised me that he was not mad or upset at me, told me I was the only one, and all that. I want to say that I have had this with him for 9 months, we also built a friendship too, but I have been moving on and talking to a couple of other guys now. nothing serious even like Patrick, taking more precautions, I guess you can say. Patrick acted more obsessed with me for the longest time, even though it was only supposed to be a sexual thing, not a relationship.

    But, the thing is, he has totally changed the way he is acting at work, he is acting the way he should be. so that makes me believe that there may be a ring of truth to what you told me, other wise he would want to make me seem like I'm crazy for thinking such a thing, and can't control him, right? he is not coming around me hardly at all, which he told me that he was going to play it cool and just hopes it goes away. so is that why he is avoiding me? I do not want this to mess with our job, but I also do not want him to harbor bad feelings for me b/c I confronted him on this. do you see us ever talking again?? he is mad at me? even though he says he's not, do you feel that he is? Obviously it took me to get him to change his behavior and wise up some that he needs to change what he is doing, but I do not want us to be on a bad note with eachother over this. He has always been free to do what he wants, and me the same.

    what do you see going on here? his birthdate is July 22, 1983.

    Thank you!!

  • Well good for him! I see that he decided the picture thing was just too close for comfort and he decided he needs to be more responsable about mixing work and his personal life. He is not mad at you at all in fact he is learning to respect you in the way you and any other employees deserve. He is lucky because he could have lost his job over his behavouir. I still think a few more of those pictures showed up where he caught them in time but that's good because it gave him a good warning that he better clean up his act and someone meant buisness. I remember how worried you were then-- and see?how if you just have patience it played out better than you thought. He is being honest with you about just playing it cool for awhile--he could have just dissed you completely if he wanted to but he told you the truth and it is best to be patient and let this pass. He's doing you a favor because you really don't know if the person who embarressed him is done yet and you don't want to get caught up in any of that. I get the feeling that if he really does behave himself he'll get the chance to change. I do think he's not totaly honest about you being the only one. Or he'd have nothing to be so worried about. You worry too much but then at times you do have a good gut intuition. You just get impatient for validation and life just doesn't work like that. I think he is just kind of imature and this is a lesson learned. I think you are doing the right thing by moving on with your own life. He is not mad at you at all--he's more angry with himself. Give it time--once he's feeling safe again he will have no problem talking to you again--it's just too soon. This picture thing really scared him and it hasn't been long enough yet for him to feel the warning he got is over.

  • Ok, I feel a lot better about this already. I am glad that he is not mad at me, I just don't take his shit too well and have confronted him when I felt I needed to. I also feel that he is embarrassed about me finding out about all this, and that I not only had the nerve to tell him what I thought about it, but care enough about him to tell him to get his act together. And to do it NOW!! He has never been terrible to me, and that is why I care about him. He also does not exactly know everything that I may know, so I think he is wondering about this too. I also think people come into our lives for a reason, and maybe I was able to care just a little enough that held his attention. He needs to take a long hard look at his life and work on the things that he is not happy about. I just connected with him in a way, that I want a friendship with him still. I know maybe it was just sex in his mind, or maybe more, but I feel in my heart that he connected with me before this incident and that is why he listened to me. I could take him down, risk taking myself down, but I am not that way. He had an impact on my life too, and if your psychic than you know what I am talking about. I think through this situation it showed me that he has lies that he is trying to cover up. I don't need to deal with a man that I can not trust. It's just so funny to me that he acted so worried about his job when he came onto me, but I was the one who helped him with his job in the end. However, it's his job,and if he has learned from this or not. I am going to reach my goals, and beware of someone that can take that away from me.

    Thank you for your help through all of this, and I will let you know when he is ok with me again.

  • I also wanted to clarify that I know that person who put the photos up got his attention, but I think that in the beginning of this, he wasn't thinking of what it really meant until I got into his ass about it!! I feel that he is embarrassed that I found out what he was hiding from me...

  • I agree. And I loved what you said about the lesson as I was thinking the same thing--you are making a leap in your life when you become wise enough to own the lessons outside the drama. He is very embarrassed you found out but it has humbled him. It was good for him to examine his character as if it IS visible. The imature part of him was thinking-- what nobody doesn't know won't hurt him. He's learning Honor and Character are valuable. You as well have started really thinking about keeping your own character safe because it does matter more than you thought. You are right to expect much more from the next man. Good for you. Blessings!

  • Hello Blmoon

    My name is Illona Jameson and my dob is 07/12/61 and I was wondering if you could please do a reading for me. His dob is 10/04/74 what do you see for us this year. And will things be better for us. Will we become closer this year. And will there be a new addition to my family this year. Do you see more kids for me.

    Thank You Illona

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