Why me? I hate life.

  • I hate it just when I have hopes for good faith I get punched in the face. Why me? Why did I go back it took so long to recover and when he comes back I keep going back and when I think this time it's going to fine it doesn't. It never just can be good. I hate this I don't know what to do already. I'm not trying to make a pitty party I just want to know why? I don't want to be here any more.

  • Hey you Jastin, I posted fir you on my thread,

    hang on, lots of people here to give you living helpful insight

    Leoscorp, Wenchie Blumoon and many other wonderful people!

    Hang on

    much love and light to you!!!!

  • I put myself here again how could I be so stupid. My confidence had gone down the drain. My heart is sore. I just can't do it any more. Why does it always have to happen to me? When will good ever happen for me? When will my tears come to an end for sorrow? I've lost everything that had mattered to me everything.

  • Jastin

    not sure what happened but try get yourself together and describe as much as you can.

    there are people here who can answer you. Goldenhill can probably pick up something too being an empath. I'm not empath or clairvoyant so I can't guess what's going on.

  • I am so hurt I am losing my mind going nuts.

  • Hi i dnt knw ur situation but its obvious that ur hurt... just want u to knw i was there the fact that i hated life and myself but ull bounce bk n look bk and said what was i thinking... Life is good, ur just going thru a phase n guess what that phase wont last... hang in there watever it is it will make you a stronger n better person n more appreciative of life.... hang in there

  • I want my life to be over I can't do it any more it's sickening.

  • Jastin, please get some help inyour community

    call a hotline, You owe it to yourself!

    Let me know how it goes, please

    you must! : )


  • this is very strange

    you sounded calm yesterday at least when I did your chart

    don;t give up yet, you are much too young to give up on life

    whatever happened, you will need to be strong and find someone to talk to in real life

    if you don;t trust anyone then call a hotline as Goldenhill said

    you have issues, don't leave it unresolved. talk to someone.

  • 143jastin i suggest you go and get some help also, dont stew in it or let it beat you, i feel that you are going back into a situation that you are afraid to mention on this sight, please tell us what it is so that we or someone can get some assistance to or for you we care here, its not the end of the world, it can change, your not thinking very straight at the moment please send a message back to this site so some one can talk you thru this

  • 143jastin, please go and get some help! Please! The hurt and pain radiating from this post is enough to make me cry... If there is noone you trust ring a hotline or post your problems up here... there are lots of people who will help! Please dont give up hope!

  • 143jastin,

    So many times we are tested just when we think we're finally off the hook and can move forward. You had such a good reading with hanswolfgang, and it seemed like you were in a truly good place!

    Please remember that right now, Mercury is in retrograde confusing our communications, Mars is in retrograde confusing our emotions, and Pluto is pulling on everything making things look a little dark right now. There are so many posts right now about being at the end of one's rope and feeling desperate about the future. (Jeff Jawer's blog today touches upon some of this, and Paul O'Brien's blog is also helpful and talks about not taking things like this so personally.) You are not alone in this. I'm feeling it too - in areas I thought were long resolved. But these issues are being churned up for a reason - so you can truly resolve the pain and release it. Looking deeply within is important, but more important is your outlook and the ability to move forward and not become stuck in that pain again. Unfortunately, there are no blueprints for you or any of us, but know that you have so much support on this forum.

    It seems like you're less surprised about the betrayal than you are disappointed in yourself for trusting him again. You are very sensitive and that's what seems to be pulling on you right now. Please, take a step back - this is not worth your life. If posting here doesn't help you, please call a hotline, a hospital/your doctor, a church - anyone who can help you get immediate assistance.

    My prayers are with you!

    Blessings and light for a brighter tomorrow : )

  • Dear 143Jastin,

    I haven't had a chance to interact with you on this forum, but I hope you won't mind me responding. When I read your post, I felt your emotion, and it's so much like what I've been feeling during my rough spots this month. Weighed down, hopes dashed, used up, why why why- I know how hard it is! Once in this cycle of thought it's difficult to get out, but remember you can! It is in these periods of testing that we can truly prove what we are made of. Remember, hope is never lost! Our bodies respond to influences- the stars, the moon, the people in our lives- and we may feel pain, but we are not the pain! We are not the shadows, we are not our physical form though we are currently tied to it and must care for it

    Try this:

    1- stop! Take three long, slow deep breaths. Pretend you are caught in a silent, slow motion film

    2- observe your frustration as if it doesn't belong to you. Just watch it, catch it, make friends with it even

    3- pretend you're the star of your own film. This pain is part of the plot ... Your reaction to it is totally your own! You're in the drivers seat

    4 - if you choose to, try and lighten up a bit. Get some positive light input in- music works very well for me. Just laying down with headphones on playing the music that fills me with joy or hope does wonders! Or try watching a funny movie or studying artwork that glimpses into the best life has to offer

    also, meditation works wonders. Just ten minutes of mediation, envisioning a white light washing away all your worries can be very helpful

    always remember you are never alone... You are not a victim, but a beautiful powerful being that can see their way through the storm with hope, with joy, with love! Do not let others dictate how you feel - once you take responsibility for your emotions and maintain the best that is in you, things will work out one way or another ! Please hang on- you are cared for

    much love,


  • 143Jastin --- you have chosen to go down this road. But, you are dragging decent, kind people with you. Everywhere you are unleashing your turmoil and it is now like a runaway train.

    This morning I was very upset by your post and instantly felt this was a physical problem you were experiencing. I thought something like PMS. Because I was embarrassed to put this on-line I didn't. A few more hours went by and it still drove me crazy so I looked into your prior posts. I am not surprised by what I found.

    It has been a physical issue but one of trying to give birth. Give birth to you first !! You and only you are making yourself upset. My daughter, she shares your day of birth, had someone recently tell her, that she " mind f...k s" everything to death. This sounds like what you are doing.

    You have been giving much loving advice and are up one day, down the next. Get out of your head and get counseling. Please!

    Allow ..... love and the joy in this world ... to meet you. The real you, the one with strength.

  • okay, i just took a deep, deep, breathe ....

    to everyone else, my sincerest apologies ... I can't bear how you've helped and helped ... leaves me with a sense of injustice and also reading about daisy's tears. : (

  • Dear laie4, I feel your pain and that is not unusual for me ,,but I want you to know that I feel you have been given some fantastic advise , comfort and understanding,, we all want you to do well and of course quickly. So if you still feel like this then please call a helpline in your community they are usually available 24/7. The reason for my thinking is that it will open other doors to your thinking and you can trust that these peoples will be there for you to talk to whenever. Now I know this because I have also experienced your troubled feelings and that is exactly what I DID., along with many deep breaths and soul searching I can honestly tell you that phone call was a God send Please keep strong and and I will think of you in my meditations and prayers ...Leonida

  • OH MY so sorry my message is for 143JASTIN .........LEONIDA

  • Hey 143Jastin,.

    It seems that you have some issues that need some sorting out with a professional. Someone who knows your background and can see you regularly and follow up. I hope you do find someone in your area who can help you.

    Also, it might be a good idea to take time out from your own troubles (I know it's not always easy) and immerse yourself in volunteer work if you have the time. Even if it is just an hour or two a week. I know that having a child is a big concern for you so perhaps you could get some practice in and volunteer at a local school. Other valuable contributions could include volunteering at a hospital for terminally ill, nursing home, homeless shelter, humane society. Often, the best way to help overcome our sorrows or put our misery in perspective is to reach out to others who are also in need and offer help. The gift of your time. ..your true focused undivided attention is the most wonderful gift you can give to anyone and I promise you will feel better about yourself and your life if you can contribute your time and energy towards such a rewarding goal.

    Take care. I hope you feel better soon and realize how much good you have to offer the world.

  • Laie4,

    You are a wise soul. Thank you for your post! : )

  • : )) Back at ya, Em !

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