What does this dream mean?

  • I dated my high school sweetheart for 5 years i WAS totally in love with him but i broke it off in college because i felt i wanted different things....now 5 years later i have been seeing him in my dreams quite a bit, i am single but i really want to be with this guy who also happens to be my best friend and last night in my dream there was a point where they met. Is there any meaning to all this?

  • Basically a decision. It may be that soon enough to your surprise you may encounter your high school sweetheart again. I believe that they had a conversation as well, did they not? It wasnt really futal or angry, just casual. It means Beth, or elizabeth (in my interpretation) that these men have been there for you with strong feelings. Not just bittersweet accompanyment, but also with pure heart. It doesnt mean either is a perfect match. But you are a lucky one to have a genawine connection with both, especially in the dream plane. Hans would beable to give a great metaphore of indecision. So my final word would be, accept. Also the convo they had was distorted or not totally heard. So go by the heart, which is not easy. Dont way the options but way your hope and gratitude.


    God bless your love,

    I believe either will understand. Also scorpio ans pisces come into mind.

  • thank you! well the thing is my high school sweetheart already got married and lives in another city, but this other guy i am very close to and lives in this city, your interpreation was pretty close about the conversation aspect as well...i realllly like this newer guy and i feel the same way only better then when i was with my HSS, thank you soo much!

  • No worrys heanens :). Then I think you know what your best path is.

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