Is it hopeless...cancer man?

  • I dated a cancer man for 3 months. im a cusp...scorp/sag.

    he was very sweet and tried to win me over. he talked about an "us" and things we would do together and the future. and, then he starting questioning our future? he said that he could see us dating for a year and then he was unsure.

    he broke up with me. he wanted to be friends. but i gave him an or nothing.

    we didn't talk for several months but reconnected to catch up based on my initating...

    is it possible to win him back?

  • hi apple00. and welcome to the group of woman/girls who try to deal and handle a cancer man. 🙂

    i am not a cancer expert neither a cancer, but i would like to encourage you to write down your story/questions in the other two or three already longer on-going cancer forums ('Why is it hard to date a cancer?" and "Have i lost my cancer bf for good?"). i'm telling you this, cause a lot of us are used to writing there daily and talk and put questions, so probably you get a faster response there. 🙂

    i can't tell too much, what cancers told on the other forums, a cancer can make up his mind again even after long time. your cancer seems to be quite straight compared to a lot of other examples. cause he did not disappear on you, he stood in front of you and told he wants to break up. now i have no idea whether that is good for you or not... let the others (bigger experts decide). so if you think, just pop over to the other forums i mentioned.

  • Thanks for the quick response!

  • No you WON'T/WILL NOT win him back, but if your interested in a good friend who will be loyal and caring....and a interesting emotional rollercoaster of a friendship, that you would like to turn into a relationship...Then 2 thumbs up. If you want a serious commitment, look the other way. See the name and please believe me.

  • how come??

  • I am not a cancer man but im a cancer woman. What were the reasons you broke up. That would help a lot.

  • This post is deleted!

  • keldjoran-must be the water that attracts, lol! I had a friend once that is a cancer/scorpio rising involved with a Pisces/cancer rising...their relationship was sick! I was in pain just to watch it unfold..!

  • ...regarding this 3 month old relationship that is/was in infant stage...Shore up your expectations. Trim way down and then if opportunity allows...proceed slowly, lightly with patience.

  • Dear Keldjoran,

    I am a cancerian woman and my husband was a scorpio. Our relationship and marriage lasted for 20 years. It would have gone on longer but he passed away due from a long illness. As I read the astrology reports indicate that our relationship and marriage was a " match made in heaven ".

    I can tell you that our emotions run deep because we were both a water sign.

    We were so tuned into each other that we could read each others mind and thoughts. Its like the old saying " the two will become one."

    I miss him alot but everyday I still can feel in my heart.


  • You could, but you would be better off doing the friendship and leaving the romance out of it. If you find that you can't be just friends, it may be better just to go your separate ways. He's wanting to play the field, maybe you should adopt a similar attitude. Scorpios are typically not casual people though and find this difficult. I don't feel like cancer is your best match but I'm not saying it couldn't work.

  • His reasons are:

    He got upset that I didn't give him a response when he talked about moving to Seattle.

    At the time I didn't say anything bc we didn't have a discussion on our status as a couple.

    He said we like diiferent things. He has a cat and I'm scarred of them.

    He really thought about us and asked his brother on what he should do. His older brother who ive never met and is also a huge cat lover asked him if he thought inwas someone that could put him in chk when he was being harsh and critical and he said NO... Which is way off base. I have A pretty fiery personality.

    I still think his a great person. Is it hopeless???

  • How can I win him back??

  • Hi Apple & Tarot Posters! I've been lurking on these cancer threads for quite awhile. 🙂 Anyway, I think you should not worry about winning him back and try your best to be chill about the situation and focus on making you the best you can be in your life. My guess is the more you "try", the more he will retreat. Calm confidence in what's meant or what's not meant to be seems to be the only route. Best of luck to you.

  • you madam have been tested and your best bet is to be patient and earn is friendship and trust

  • Crabbylove: is it too late to try to b friends now and see if it will turn into a relationship??

    It's been half a yr since we were dating.

    What do u suggest I do? Should I reach out to him and see how's he doing?

    Should I ask him if he's dating other ppl?

    Please advise!

    I really do think we have a very unique bond!!!

  • Hmmm--- So he wanted to move and you were uncertain about this because you wanted to know more on your relationship status? Thus you did not respond. Reasonable. For him and you.

    I'm sure there was a little more convo than that, but I wonder if maybe--- he-- like me-- was trying to feel you out. Had he ever said "I love you" to you before talking about the move? Maybe he was trying to get YOUR take on the relationship. I am a Cancer female and I do this sh#t all the time. I'll ask a question or make a comment to try and figure out how somebody feels about me rather than just either #1. come out and ask or #2. just tell the person how I feel.

    Now--- the cat thing. Please don't kill me--- strange. I know it sounds silly BUT if he wants to always have a cat and you hate them then this may be a problem.

    Me, I hate pets in general. Too much extra work. I'd never have one. If a man I was with wanted one I would not budge. He would have to be some super wonderful, fantastic guy to get me to budge. And then if that's the case, then your willing to accept him and his cat.

    First decide if you can live with the cat, and not go back on your word. If you can get past the cat thing then--- yes, you may be able to get him back. IF he has not met somebody else.

  • Moonbeauty:

    thanks for responding. He never expressed his feelings for me. I knew he liked me but I also sensed he was pulling away. We were dating for 3 months. We did go away together. I met him up in ny when he was on a business trip. It was when we returned that he started questioning us and then asked all if those questions.

    His brother is taking care of his cat now bc he travels alot for work. He was concerned how I would deal with the cat when it came to live with him in a year. I told him that I would work on the cat thing bc it meant Alot to him.

    He broke up with me. He wanted to be friends and I said no. At the time I didn't see the point.

    I met him up again 4 months ago to catch up bc I was planning on moving to another city for work. He again started questioning why I had decided to move (he thought I would never move) and even asked how I am handling cats.

    Now it's been another few months and we've only communicated thru email bc if my imitating.

    Is it hopeless to try to be friends and win him back?

    I really do think were complement each other well...

    So he broke up with me.

  • i know how you feel

    i met a cancer guy he was really keen but sensative then got all shy and backed away!

    i believe cancer men are like that maybe the boy like you but got very scared of his feelings getting hurt so he back away! cancer guys are meant to be sensative and emotional maybe u werent giving him the emotional security he was craving for, find a man really worth it!

  • Sorry I took so long to get back to you-- how are things with him???

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