Numberology and astrology combined?

  • does numberology have anything to do with astrology? for instance does a numberology number have an astrology sign along with it? Because my soul urge is in 7 and the soul urge is supposed to be the real you and when i looked it up it said libra goes with tht soul urge also neptune, jupiter, and i think mercury

  • Hi again Seaweedlove!

    I saw your post the other day and lost track of it. : ) I've worked on correlating all the things I've learned about myself also. I too have the 7 as my soul urge. I can't really say if its the

    "real you " because one place I looked into said it was more of the force behind what you do.

    For me the expression of this comes when surrounded by nature. May sound corny ~ my soul finds the greatest peace when I spend lots of time immersed in the beauty of our world. My body is shot, lol ! , but I took up backpacking a few years ago and go off into the woods every summer. My husband loves to joke that after 30 miles of backpacking, letting the trail beat the daylights out of me, I vibrate happiness. But even just walking my dogs on various trails helps restore and lift me. Do you find being outdoors, doing whatever, makes you feel good?

    I saw Neptune listed, so your right there. Is Pisces prominent in your chart? I think we connected on a thread somewhere but don't remember, : ( . But I also saw somewhere Mercury. Mercury makes sense for me as in a 7's desire to share info. Mercury is also prominent in my astrological chart.

    There is some sort of a correlation in Indian ( India ) culture. Ketu, not an actual planet , is associated with 7 and Pisces. Goggle the words: astrology and numerology. I wonder here if you should do a Vedic horoscope. ?? Oh, maybe I just threw a wrench into this, lol !

    I think I also saw a post at some point from Scribe1 saying 7 was her soul urge. Share with me whatever you learn, k ?

  • okay, thanks. i'll most definitely share my info with you that i collect. In vedic astrology my moon is in pisces and in western my moon is in aries. I sound more like a pisces moon though personally. I think i do remember us having a thread somewhere haha who knows

  • oh i remember the thread now! it was when i needed help with vedic astrology and i think it was you that helped me out 😄

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