Need a reading please

  • me and my bf are in long distance relationship and everything seems to be going f9...i was just curious about our relationship and at one website i read that as along as Aquarius and Virgo don't live together they are good. my dob is 09/01/84 and his is 01/25/84. i am really confused by reading all the negative things about Aquarius and Virgo....can anyone please give some analysis...thanx alot

  • What webite was that? I would like to check it out for myself.

  • Reet4mcali, this combination radiates attractiveness and charm. As a couple, you two enjoy spoiling each other and yourselves and your relationship emphasizes sensuality. However this is not to say it doesn't have its problems - you two won't necessarily have an easy time of it interpersonally. Your relationship can become somewhat unsettled and to require adjustment as time passes. The fact is that neither of you may be wholly comfortable with the relationship's emphasis on pleasure. In some ways, you are antithetical to each other and to the relationship. You are more conservative, solid and predictable than your partner who is more cerebral, flighty and spontaneous. If you generate a magnetic appeal together, drawing others to you, you also hide a lot of frustration and dark, possessive qualities beneath the surface.

    Shadow elements can emerge in a love affair here. You have difficulty with your deeper emotions (both in dealing with them and in expressing them) while your partner feels no need to confront his own inner life. The synergy of this relationship can magnify the more nervous, worried, and at times self-destructive sides of both of you. The tensions that result can mean exciting sexual interactions, but unfortunately can also produce emotional outbursts and rejecting attitudes. Your chemistry brings out overemotional, even hysterical tendencies and differences in temperaments and values. In many ways, you two have trouble staying objective about each other. Given the considerable level of instability here, marriage is not recommended.

    You cannot judge the strength or survival potential of a relationship when it is long distance. It is only by seeing each other or living together all the time that you can know for sure whether you really get on or can survive real life and its problems. A long distance relationship is only a casual friendship, not a true love affair. It is easier for people to communicate and get on at a distance than it is when they have to face daily life together in person. A long distance relationship can often involve a lot of fantasy, illusion, and unrealistic expectations. It also removes a lot of the pressures that are present in a face-to-face relationship and cannot be held up as indicative of the relationship's success. So you need to spend more time with your friend in person before you decide if you want to be together permanently.

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