A pisces and Cancer sticky situation!

  • I was friends with this boy for a long time we are childhood friends, we always keep in touch, we meet arguing stuff is weird, he did everything for me. Problem is he had a girlfriend , I had to switch my approach with him i didnt wait him to be having an emotional affair. its been almost 2 yrs est they are no longer a couple(I think he's over her) he tells me little sibliminal things liike I need you your a potential gf someone I can see myself with, I NEVER responded to it. Then months later he said the same individuals say they love me and care about me but how is that when no one is proving or showing and he put a ?? mark and he asked did I understand I felt he was indirecting , then he also said "Im just waiting for that special one to come around and imma give her my all nothing less, until im just meaning patient and waiting his turn, then he asked again did I understand him . Im interested in him, 2 yrs ago I told him I loved him, ((bad move)) he still holds on to that, but I will feel hurt if he is with someone else, whats a girl to do?? I dont wanna disappoint him, im thinking with my head and not my heart!Also does he like me?

    Im a pisces

    He is a cancer

  • Idk Im In The Same Situation With A Pisces But He Has A gf But He Treats Me Like His Gf And Always Tells Me Hes Gonna Leave Her But Never Does.He Said Hes Scarred Of Me Cause Of My Mood Swings And i Tend To Contridict Myself.....Im A Cancer Urg Sticky Situation For Sure

  • Hi. llindieloo here . I would like you to read my story "Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " there is so much information, good advice and comments from some wonderful people who have helped me tremendously . I would like you both to comment and let me know what you think , Its under Love and relationships . Good to have imput from a cancer's point of view . thank you and look forward to hearing from you both ((( Hugs )))

  • I had to reply to this lol. Of course he likes you. He is waiting for you to give your all.I'm a Cancer man. We are difficult men to deal with but we always think with our hearts. With you making a headstrong decision is only keeping him at a distance. That's all. Age will also play a part in this and I don't know how old you both are, but it will. You should know and he already knows. If you can't pick up on the signals, and take action, it will be gone forever. No matter what, if you love him , show him and he will acknowledge you. That's if you are dedicated to following through on this. If not, he will keep you at a distance for the rest of his life. He wants an answer, a true answer from you. Always remember that timing is crucial. Keep in mind that you MUST show him your love always or else he may leave. Peace to you 🙂

  • WaterMan79. So very true . the age thing is a big factor although my X cancer said it diden't matter to him . Another was his culture . All was going well until he went back to India on holiday and while there his Parents arranged a marriage for him .After 14 months together and saying it was me he loved things were not the same . he went back again in Oct on holiday and since returning home here to the UK I have not heard from him in 9 weeks . I could go on and on but my story is so long . I love this guy so much and have helped him moneywise . A well some you win and some you loose .

  • so what am I to do now?? should I tell him that I like him, idk if the things that he says to me are him just confiding in me venting or if there hints I really dont wanna put myself out there but I do care about ive also told this boy 2 years ago that I loved him Ive never did that! I felt he indirected when he said " ppl be saying how they care about me and love me but nobody is showing or proving??" thats how he texted me ! I feel ad cause aside from my fears I think I know what he wants from me but I cant give it to him it really saddens me I cant give him what he wants. I want him. Last time we were talking it became so intense in like a month smh

  • Mispretty, go kiss the man! Tell him how you feel! Not knowing is gonna kill ya much worse than a flat out rejection! Cacncierians aren't going to striaght out tell you how they feel, they will go all around it. Kiss him already!

  • All I can say is, Cancers know what they want and that's a given. Cancer men ,that is. I am one so no secrets here!

  • if he likes u then why he cant let his girl go.you have to lay the rules and your feelings.if he's not on your level then leave the relationship

  • if he doesnt leave her why stay

  • lol nah she left him lol

  • I could never go out with a Picses woman. They are the best women on earth though. There is this underlying understanding about them. They are dreamers, and I like that. Sticky? Well, It is. Confusion has it's cost. I think that sums it up.

  • Now I'm confused! Explanation please.... You might be missing out. I've been with my Cancer over a decade. it's not always been easy but it has been worth it.

  • That was thee most weird conversation I ever read. Indirect communication is the worst. poor communication often kills a relationship and in a hurry. people assume too much and are afraid to ask questions directly and be open to hear what the other person has to say.

    To the pisces girl... if you don't speak up soon, he will just assume you are not interested and will move on.

    stop the games already 🙂


  • Pisces are great, but I have to admit they are the most confused and very indecisive. being indecisive will cost you greatly.

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