• Hi lilttlespark

    I'd like to ask another questiong please . I recently consulted a psychic who told me that I already knew my soulmate but wasn't acknowledging him ..Is that true ? No.

    Do I really know my soulmate ? No.

    Always go with the river of life. Never try to go against the current, and never try to go faster than the river. Just move in absolute relaxation.

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    I am very grateful for the clarification and I shall try to be what is needed for this change to come.

    Always and ever ... my thanks


  • The real thing that is being manipulated is fear and greed: "Christ saves!" You are afraid you have been doing wrong things in life -- everybody has. It is impossible to avoid doing wrong things, because all that is natural has been declared wrong -- so it is impossible to avoid. If you are happy, it is wrong. All is wrong -- in fact, to live is wrong. Commit suicide: that seems to be the only virtue. Even that is not allowed -- they say, "Don´t commit suicide, otherwise THAT will be wrong." So nothing is allowed.

  • Ummmm ... was that meant for me?


  • For whom else?

    It may be that your therapist will throw you out if you don´t adhere stictly to her instructions.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    Please do a reading for me. I have loss my soul mate, Keith this past September. My world and life's path has changed dramatically. Help me through this phase of my life.


  • A reading for you: Being prepared brings good fortune. If there are secret designs, it is disquieting. Let all what you do and say arise out of your inner being. Separate yourself from old connections and the habits of your lifetime.

    Help me through this phase of my life: Try to forget.

    Then you will want to do everything, yet YOU are not doing it. Then love becomes a burden and you even want to escape from love. All your feelings, all your relationships are now directed by the robot. That is why sometimes you insist on not doing a certain thing, but the robot insists that you do it because the robot is trained to do it. And you are always a failure and the robot always succeeds.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    I am new at understanding readings. Are you telling me to forget the past? My beloved, Keith? If you please could you be more broad in your message to me.



  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    I have no idea what is going on. I am really sorry if I have wasted your time or upset you in some way or anything. My intentions have always been from the right space. Blessings to you always.

  • Dear rooster5

    Are you telling me to forget the past? Yes, certainly.

    My beloved, Keith? Yes.

    If you please could you be more broad in your message to me: you are acting according to the expectations of others.

    Be a contented woman, so let laughter and tears go together -- there is no choice. In fact drop choosing. Remain choicelessly contented. Whatsoever happens, be ready to accept it. When sorrow comes, welcome it. When happiness comes, welcome it. Be a host to all opposites. And all the opposites will lose their opposition in your being. In you as their host they drop their opposition and become complementary.

  • Thank you dear icearia,

    you need not to be sorry. Neither have you wasted my time nor upset me.

    I was joking 😉

    So to know where it is complete, a simple indication is that you fall into a deep suchness.

    Let your own awareness decide your lifestyle, life-pattern. Don’t allow anybody else to decide it. That is a sin: to allow anybody else to decide it. Why is it a sin?—because you will never be in it. It will remain superficial, it will be hypocrisy.

  • Thank you Hans Wolfgang, I appreciate the reading. Bless you.

  • tonib3741,

    Ebrahim, a king of Balkh, came to a Sufi Teacher and said. “I have renounced my kingdom — now accept me as your disciple!”

    The Teacher said, “Before I accept you, you will have to pass through a certain test.”

    Ebrahim said, “I am ready — but I cannot wait, so test me.”

    The Teacher said, “Go naked and make a round of your capital. And take one of my sandals and go on beating on your head with it.”

    Those who were sitting there were just aghast An old man said to the Teacher, “What are you doing to that poor man? He has renounced his kingdom. What more do you demand? What are you saying? And I have never seen such things before! Not even you have demanded such things before!”

    But the Teacher said, “This has to be fulfilled. Come back, and only then will I think about making you my disciple.”

    Ebrahim undressed, took a sandal, began to beat on his head, and passed through the city. He came back, and the Teacher bowed down to Ebrahim and touched his feet. He said, “You are already Enlightened.”

    And Ebrahim said, “I myself feel a sudden change. I am a different person. But how, miraculously, have you changed me? The whole city was laughing — I was just mad.”

  • Well not sure what that means but thank you anyway.

  • Hans, will my willpower get me to where I want to be? Will I hurt my husband on this route or will he move along the route with me? Where will I be going to?

  • Hans> Can you tell me if Greg is my ally from a distance at work, does he know or suspect what has been going on with me and "P"? Hope you can tell me.

  • tonib3741,

    I am not sure either.

    My whole emphasis is in finding the center of the cyclone, the emptiness that is between you and existence and the eternal nothingness.

  • leximom

    Hans, will my willpower get me to where I want to be? Yes.

    Will I hurt my husband on this route? Yes, certainly.

    or will he move along the route with me? No.

    Where will I be going to? You are afraid of your deep inner knowing. You are denying your spirituality and you think you could only find rest in tangible matter. So you will be going up and down.

    Mulla Nasruddin knocked one night at a door at three in the morning. He was punch-drunk. The landlord opened the window, looked down and said, "Nasruddin, I have told you many times that this is the wrong door, this is not your door. Go to your house and knock there -- you are knocking at the wrong door."

    Nasruddin looked up and said. "What makes you so certain? Maybe you are looking from the wrong window -- what makes you so certain?"

  • wickedmoon

    Can you tell me if Greg is my ally from a distance at work? Yes, he is.

    does he know? No

    or suspect what has been going on with me and "P"? Yes.

    A little boy and his father are listening to a speaker.

    "Comrades!" starts the speaker.

    "What does 'comrade' mean, Daddy?" asks the little boy .

    "'Comrade' indicates all those who think and act alike," answers the father.

    "Our government..." continues the speaker, and again the little boy asks, "What is 'government', Daddy?"

    "'Government' are those who are responsible for the well-being of everybody and make decisions accordingly. At home, for instance, your mum is the government."

    "... and the people..." goes on the speaker.

    "What is 'people'?" asks again the boy.

    "The 'people' are we who are in need of organization and defense. At home, your baby sister is the people."

    That night the father is awakened by the little boy who whispers, "Listen, comrade, tell the government that the people are full of shit up to here!"

  • What do you see of this spirituality. I do know some things about myself. Will I stay in my marriage? What do the #'s 8 and 0 mean to you?

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