• wickedmoon

    what does he want from you??? he wants to project his mother on you, to be dominated by your will power.

    he acts like he can not be your friend without benefits? Yes.

    and Brad is not interested at all? No.

    why did he change and do what you said to do? Because he is shy and mistrusting, too much in his head.

    Reflections differ, but the reflected is one.

  • Thank you icearia

    ask, the better the question, the better the answer can be.

    What do I mean by waiting on the sand and at meat and drink? Clarification needs time.

    What are you waiting for? For you own space, where you can be satisfied.

    What of one falling into the pit? Never create dependencies, neither ins yourself nor in others. That would be the pit.

    Any insights into the thing only you can do so that you understand this? Stop accusing yourself.

    further clarification at all: You are overburdened. Be no beast of burden.

    If you are feeling negative, then the whole life becomes a dark night. Then there are no more dawns, then the mornings are never there. Then the sun only sets and never rises. Then your dark nights are not even full of stars. What to say about stars? You donยดt even have a small candle. Stop that!

  • hanswolfgang, thank you, I will not try to think anymore about brad. so you are saying that he wasnt sure if i was right about things so he followed what I told him to do. so he can not be just my friend? he wants all of me or nothing. i told him that i moved on, he thought he wanted me to.

    is that why he is acting mad?

  • will we be alright at some point? we will be back to an intimate time?

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Sorry for the delay in my thanks it's our time zone differences ... and I had to do a bit of processing to understand the crypticness which, in Spirit makes perfect sense but when translated to humanity, tends to throw us in clarity.

    Is the reference to perseverance bringing reward and the end bringing fortune related to any specific area of my life; i.e. money, career, etc? What is important about those messages for me to know? Are these references connected? How?

    I am somewhat thrown by the accusing self answer ... much like your reference to me having no 'light' ... I am in the dark over this one. What could I possibly add to existence? Why would I accuse myself of something? I know you have already given me so much of your time but I would appreciate the human clarification.

    2010 sounds like an interesting year, I think?

    My sincerest thanks,

    icearia xxx

  • wickedmoon,

    am I saying that he wasnt sure if you was right about things so he followed what you told him to do. so he can not be just your friend? No.

    is that why he is acting mad? Yes.

    will you be all right at some point? No.

    You will be back to an intimate time? No.

    But this is unnecessary and confusing, because you will not know when you are asleep and when you are awake, You will not know of you are dreaming or not. Everything will become confused.

  • Dear icearia,

    is the reference to perseverance bringing reward and the end bringing fortune related to any specific area of my life; i.e. money, career, etc? Yes.

    What is important about those messages for you to know? You get what you need, but not what you want, be contented with that.

    Are these references connected? No.

    How? It is all about transformation.

    What could you possibly add to existence? Healing, healing of the earth.

    Why would you accuse yourself of something? Because you feel drawn to someone else.

    human clarification: your source is unconditional love for all opposites.

    2010 sounds like an interesting year, you think? No.

    Say a sacred yes to life and all that is contained in life. And to live with this yes needs courage! To live with this yes means that one is ready to dissolve into the ocean. But the moment the dewdrop drops into the ocean it also becomes the ocean. Go beyond no; try to reach to the ultimate yes. That is prayer and that is true religion.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang: I appreciate all of your input. It takes some time to sink in though. I have to digest it first and come back. Today I am wanting to ask you if you see me finding someone this year who truly loves me who I can really get along with - a real friend - a soulmate who I can form a long term relationship with. (As opposed to a soulmate who just sort of appears for a while to do whatever the universe decides they are here to do - help me, me help them, etc. and then they are gone). Someone who cares about me, my thoughts, my brain, my arts, my thoughts. (My eight year old does not count because she loves me most of all and I think my 14 year old also still loves me - so please look for a male counterpart if possible) Thanks!

    Always stop at crossings and let the snail pass first.

  • Ahhhhh ... the eternal paradox ... we get that which we need and not what we want. I am still smiling now at that one dear hanswolfgang. Spirit's answer there really knows me ... ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the new information and for answering only what I ask ... good one. You are, indeed, an incredible soul. Whilst the more developed side of me understands the significance of teaching the other to find the message and answer within; the less evolved parts want so much more. Another of life's ironies, hey?

    So another 'dull' year to add to the many, hmmm? Perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, which area of my life were these references about then and why? I walked right into the getting what I asked for on that one, didn't I? You did say choose a 'good' question afterall! ๐Ÿ™‚ Closed questions are out from now on ... LOL!

    I have longed for this transformation for what seems like forever. Can't count the many times I have been told to patiently wait for the timing of it all ... I ask you ... one does not tell a Leo to wait ... nor use the word patiently either ... what are they thinking???? ๐Ÿ™‚ Now we're really talking irony .. Leo? Patience? Yeah right. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Despite a religious upbringing, I am not a religious person so you have taken me aback with messages of God having big hopes for me & prayer and religion that almost felt as though I have chosen to leave this planet (the not having any light within me made me feel like this too ... like I had given up and would disappoint God ... like I was one of those people you mentioned that he waited patiently for and kept creating more people because I, like them, were a disappointment). This went hand-in-hand with the 'one falls into the pit' too for me. And yet ... it IS more about surrender and divine will isn't it? All I have ever wanted in this life-time is to live on purpose, with purpose. ... well, with a few niceties along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have felt as though something was about to happen at the end of last year ... you know that feeling that prempts a major life change? Where you can feel something coming, something that will bring great change sitting just under the surface and hoping it's a good thing but not knowing ... just feeling. I have been waiting for it but maybe it took a detour in the universe? You are a very generous being and your insights are truly painting a bigger picture for my heart to respond to. So bring on more I say ... ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Less cryptic would be welcome ... lol. No, really. I do better with straight-forward.

    May blessings be yours always hanswolfgang ... the depth to your kindness is heart-felt this end.

  • Do I see you finding someone this year who truly loves you who you can really get along with - a real friend - a soulmate who you can form a long term relationship with? Yes.

    Someone who cares about your thoughts.

    So love is not an act -- you cannot do it. If you are ordered to do it, you will find it impossible to fulfill the order. At the most you can manage to move in the empty gestures of love but there will be no love in it. And that's what happens in the world: parents say to the children, "Love us -- I am your mother, I am your father." The child has to love, and the falsity enters. The child is not allowed to feel love. He is ordered, "Kiss daddy"... whether he feels like kissing is not the point at all. He has to do it. Hence people learn from the very beginning that love is some kind of duty that can be done, an act that can be fulfilled. It is not -- it is not an act at all. It is not within your doing capacity; it is beyond you. It comes when it comes. When it is there you are overwhelmed by it; when it is not there you can only wait. You cannot do anything at all. There is no way to bring it into being.

  • Hanswolfgang, why wont we be back to an intimate time? did I piss him off? sounds to me that he really does not want me to be gone...

  • Hi Hans: THANK YOU!!That was exactly the metaphor I needed to understand.

    And it was right here, all this time in front of me. My 8 year is has some developmental delays. But she is truly an empathetic little girl. She always gives me hugs and kisses and I alwayas give her the same. No one ever has to tell her - go kiss mommy or go kiss daddy, because she truly loves us. When you are excited to see someone day after day because you bring joy into their life and they bring joy into your life and it is not something they are doing because they feel an "obligation" to do or feel as if it is their "duty." Now - the key is to wait for an adult counterpart with the same enthusiasm. As far as "getting what you need and not what you want" - that is lesson I have had to learn again and again and now again. I am afraid I must be a bit dense since the lesson keeps coming back and rapping me on the knuckles.

    Thanks again!

  • wickedmoon

    why wont you be back to an intimate time? because you are without trust. because you know nothing but lies.

    did you **** him off? No.

    He is not trying to go in some other direction but is always in a let-go and moving with existence wherever it leads.

  • turtledust

    that is true.

  • Hi hanswolfgang...

    Hello everyone.....

    I am new here. I am just looking for some clarity in my near future. Easy, huh? I know, not really. I really need to know if I'm going to be staying put or if I'll be leaving and moving out of state. It;s driving my bonkers!

    Thank you for your insight! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hanswolfgang, is he even with his girlfriend Jen? did she have a brain tumor? i think he is a liar. he must not care about anyone, shallow.

  • Hi leximom

    I am just looking for some clarity in my near future: You will try to dominate with your will power.

    Easy, huh? no.

    You will neither going to be staying put nor leaving and moving out of state.

    Reunite, remember again. Become the member again, re-memberโ€” become part of the source again, go to the source and become the member again of it.

  • wickedmoon

    is he even with his girlfriend Jen? No.

    did she have a brain tumor? Yes.

    Donยดt try to hide anything. Become absolutely true, authentic, that is the only way to become pure and innocent again.

  • Hans, so he must have a different girlfriend now? or is he single, and just with different women? what an ass! so I take it that I will reject him from now on?

  • hans, was there a situation going on with him at work? and is he bipolar? addicted to sex?

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