• Thank you hobbles76

    Am I thinking that you are lying to yourself? No.

    Your mind is constantly hijacking you from the present moment -- either into the past or into the future, but it never allows you to be now, to be here. Trust, be not worried. Do not rush for tomorrow. Rest in this moment. Allow this moment its totality. Explore this moment with your totality.

  • Thank you jrbex,

    insight and guidance to a confused capricorn: you are identified with your emotions. That closes your heart, which could make the best decisions for yourself and your child, if it would be open.

    An ancient story says that one master and his disciple were moving from one village to another village. But they started late because people were trying to persuade them to stay a little longer in their village. Starting late, the master was continuously looking into his bag. That he had never done before. And the disciple was behind -- he was also thinking, "What is the matter? Why does he go on looking into the bag, and then close it?"

    And again and again he said, "We should go faster, we have to reach the other village before sunset."

    The disciple simply could not believe it, because there had been many nights when they stayed in the wildest parts of the forest where there were all kinds of dangers ... and the master had never bothered. They had slept soundly under the trees, knowing perfectly well there was danger all around. But what had happened today? He wanted to reach to the other village before sunset. There was danger -- what kind of danger?

    Then they stopped at a well, and the master had to wash his face and do his evening prayer before the sun set, so he was in a hurry. He gave the bag to the disciple and told him, "Keep it carefully." That too was strange. He had given the bag to him many times, but he had never said, "Keep it carefully." Of course he had always kept it carefully.

    So when the master started drawing the water from the well, the disciple looked in the bag. And then he knew what the problem was: he was carrying a golden brick, a complete brick of pure gold. He knew now what the danger was. So while the master was praying -- and he was praying quickly, and fast -- the disciple threw that golden brick at the side of the well into the forest and took a stone of the same weight and put it in the bag.

    The master quickly finished his prayer and immediately took the bag ... felt the weight. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Feeling the weight, and touching the bag, he was perfectly satisfied. They started moving and the master said, "We have to run. We have to reach the village anyway, we cannot stay in the forest in the night. It is dangerous."

    After two miles of running, both were tired, huffing, puffing .... Finally, the master said, "It seems we are on the wrong track because there seems to be no village ahead. Far away we can see -- not even a single light. And the danger is there ..."

    The disciple said, "Don't be worried, I have thrown the danger near that well."

    He said, "What!!" He looked, he took out the stone, and he said, "You threw that brick gold of? I told you to keep it carefully!"

    And the disciple said, "I have kept it carefully! For two miles you have also been keeping the stone carefully. Not knowing that it was a stone, you were worried. Now can we stay overnight?"

    He said, "Now there is no problem! You really threw away the whole danger."

    They slept very well in the night ....

  • turtledust

    if you understand clearly, it was meant for you.

    It means to become part of the source again, to go to the source and become the member again of it.

  • Hello. Can I get a reading into my life? My b-day is 12/5/77 Will the man that I love dearly ever love me again? What is going on here? Your help is much appreciated. I don't know what to do to get our romance back on track. I feel soulmate energy with him, born 11/15/88. Please help.

  • SedonaSarah

    a reading into your life? You escalate in your emotional possessiveness, therefore creating for yourself a feeling of homelessness.

    My b-day is 12/5/77: Enough is more than enough.

    Will the man that you love dearly ever love you again? No.

    What is going on here? You have to go into yourself.

    born 11/15/88:

    He has much financial success if its creative aspect is applied in some business or financial pursuit that he may be involved in. He is masterful when it comes to business and finance, especially promoting and marketing.

    He should watch out for a tendency to spend beyond his budget. He likes only the very best of everything, even if he cannot afford it.

    Be not concerned with the other. Be concerned with you, absolutely with you.

  • How do you choose your anecdotes? My current confusion relates to an actual physical move, not knowing where the best place to live will be. I have purged myself of most financiaI burdens/attachments either by choice or force. I understand the story, but am perplexed as to how this insight will help me to make my decision........

  • Hobble76, thank you for the info, but I am confused on times... I am in Texas, USA I think it is central time, where r u?

  • jrbex

    how do I choose my anecdotes? They rush to me.

    This anecdote told about a physical move, and gold was the problem. Are you sure, that gold is no part of your current confusion?

    Go northeast.

    There is only one life—so if you want to meditate, do it right now—because the tomorrow is not reliable. There may be no tomorrow.

  • Dear TheHangedWoman,

    Thank you for your kindness and insight. 🙂 I think I am starting to get it now...The illusion stuff makes sense. Especially in addition to Hans' resnponse. Thank you again. 🙂

    Dear Hans,

    THank you again for being so wonderful to us all! 🙂 I think I get it now...Living in the past and the future, but forgetting to live in the present...That makes a lot of sense...I tend to have regrets about the past, and worry about the future for my children and myself...so it makes a lot of sense. 🙂 I went out this weekend and had some time to just enjoy being myself and LIVE....So thank you for giving me that heads up that I needed to do that. 🙂

    Dear jrbex,

    Hi, I am in Washington State, USA, Pacific time I think...what makes it all the more confusing is that the posts appear in military time instead of specific time zone... 🙂 It is approxiamately 9:35 p.m as I am typing this. And best of luck to you in your situation. Hans is so very wonderful and kind...Very thought provoking many times, and sometimes very profound for my simple thinking, but he is very kind and willing to explain when I or anyone else has extra questions.

    Best of luck again. 🙂


  • Hi again Hans- I liked the last anecdote too. These are very good. This is corny but they remind me very much of the ones the old blind priest would tell the young Kwai Chang Caine on the old tv program "King Fu". Many of these parables made sense to me then. Perhaps I have grown old and forgotten what I used to understand. Or perhaps I have been blinded by forces I felt I had no control over. Perhaps I must look back a long ways to my own source to get back on the path I was meant to be on. But does the path still exist and how would I know it? I have come a full second circle and it is time to begin again, but how to do that and where to start? I am starting to understand you now. 3/14/1958 4:19 AM Lubbock, Texas. If you have a clue where I should start digging, I will grab a shovel. Thanks!

  • (^_^)

  • That’s how lovers relate: the other is respected, respected tremendously. The other is not reduced to a thing, the other is not used; in fact both enhance each other, both enrich each other.

  • Hi hanswolfgang,

    Thank you for offering to help others with your connection to the light within ... I, too, would be grateful for your insights into this year for me.

    In appreciation.

  • insights into this year for you:

    Waiting on the sand.

    There is some gossip.

    The end brings good fortune.

    Waiting at meat and drink.

    Perseverance brings good fortune.

    One falls into the pit.

    Three uninvited guests arrive.

    Honor them, and in the end there will be good fortune.

    You do something that YOU can do and no one else can ever do. God has great hopes for you: he hopes you will contribute something to existence. He never loses hope, that's why he goes on creating people. Although people go on deceiving, people go on misusing the opportunity, people go on wasting time, but still God goes on hoping. With each child a new hope is born in the world. You have to contribute something that only you can do and nobody else can do, hence YOU have to do it.

  • My choices are east/southeast or northwest. The only "gold" in the picture is the cost of housing in the future, not really a concern for the next few years, but the second part of your message addresses that issue.

    With the "rushes" on information, do they come as words or pictures, both??? And do you share any info about yourself?

  • Turtledust- You post sounds very similar to my current position on my life path. Did you choose TX or ????? Texas was my only option about a year ago because of certain issues that have somehwat resolved. This has allowed me to have a choice now, opposed to a year ago there were none.

  • hanswolfgang, what does he want from me??? he acts like he can not be my friend without benefits? and Brad is not interested at all? his looks do not say that. i feel that he is shy, has been hurt before, and doesnt want someone to take advantage of him. he is still hurt from the past. the first guy, i just want things to be alright between us. if i wasnt right about what i confronted him about then why did he change and do what i said to do? that validated it for me. but, i thought we could be friends at least.

  • Irbex - no I was born in Lubbock Texas . I didn't choose it. It was chosen for me. I am currently on the West Coast. I have been looking around and visiting people and as bad as things are here, I have determined that I would just be a square peg in a round hole just about everywhere else.

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    Thank you from my heart for offering me many opportunities to look at my life this year. My how I would like to sit down with you for awhile ... so many questions, so many concerns and so much to be grateful for. If I may, I would like to ask a couple about what you wrote?

    What do you mean by waiting on the sand and at meat and drink? What am I waiting for? What of one falling into the pit? Any insights into the thing only I can do so that I understand this? I would be so sad to let God, or anyone, down. Any further clarification at all would be deeply welcomed.

    Many blessings and thanks again.

    You are very special.

    icearia xox

  • jrbex

    your choices are east/southeast or northwest: I recommed east/southeast.

    With the "rushes" on information, do they come as words or pictures, both??? No.

    And do I share any info about myself? Yes, I did and I do.

    When virtue comes spontaneously it has a beautry of its own.

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