• Hi - Hans - you confused me again. I am to advertise and promote myself? Say nothing?

    Do nothing? Throw a big party? Thanks again. I'll catch on someday.

  • Dear HansWolfgang, I am new at this and I have no idea if I the place/way i am posting this is correct or not. I live in Austria, I believe you are in Germany. in case you have time I have a question regarding my situation. Husband and I are separated since 1 year and we both want a divorce. all seems to be peaceful but because of some financial implications, things are slow. I was hoping that latest end Jan we would finally seal the deal but husband is still pushing off the deal. I do not know if I can trust that he tells the truth or if he is trying to cheat his way out of paying his debts to the bank, until my nervs are blanked. I am also trying to keep the peace for our 4 year old daughter, as I do not want to put any burden on her. Is there a chance that in the next 3 months this divorce is finally going to come through and that we can settle things? My name is Daphnée and his Siegfried for your info. If you need additional info pls let me know. Thank you and Blessings

  • bump 🙂

  • Dear hobbles76,

    let me tell you an anecdote:

    A man was walking along and he saw a snail lost in a crevice in a wall, and for no particular reason he said to it, ‘Hello. snail.’

    And oddly enough the snail could speak and the snail could hear and it said, ‘Hello,’ and it moved its eyes around as best it could on their stalks to try to see what it was that was confronting him.

    So the man said, ‘Can you hear me?’

    And the snail said, ‘Yes, of course. Who and what are you anyway?’

    And the man said, ‘Well, I am a man.’

    And the snail said, ‘Whatever is that?’

    So the man said, ‘Well, we are something like you. For instance, you have got eyes on stalks and we have got stalks on the other end.’

    And the snail said, ‘The other end?’

    And the man said, ‘Yes, just a minute. It’s for putting our feet on, you see — and these feet….’ And the snail said, ‘Whatever are these feet for?’

    And the man said, ‘The feet are for moving along very rapidly on.’

    And the snail said, ‘Really, you amaze me. Is there anything else peculiar about you?’

    And the man said, ‘Well, you know how you have got your house on your back?’

    And the snail said, ‘Yes, yes.’

    And the man said, ‘Well, we don’t do that, you see. We have lots and lots of houses and we go in and out of them almost at will. ‘

    The snail said, You really are a most astonishing creature. Is there anything else strange about you?’

    And the man said, ‘Well, now, we are man, and a man can take a thing like a leaf — you know a leaf?’

    And the snail said, ‘Yes, yes, I know a leaf.’

    And the man said, ‘Well he can make marks on this leaf and hand the leaf to another man who could give the leaf to a third man who could tell from the marks on the leaf what the first man was thinking. ‘

    ‘Ah,’ said the snail, ‘you are one of them, hm?’

    And the man said, ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘You are a liar!’ said the snail. ‘The trouble with you liars is you tell one lie and then you tell a bigger one, and then finally you over-reach yourselves.’

  • Hi turtledust,

    you are to advertise and promote yourself? Yes.

    Say nothing? No.

    Do nothing? Yes.

    Throw a big party? No.

    You can now see my standpoint. No structured life is going to transform you.

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang, are you not just whacked? Can one be so non conformist as to be conformist? Thats my late night question to you. I hope you are keeping well? 3 questions oops 🙂 x

  • Danke liebe Daphnée,

    you can trust that he tells the truth.

    Certainly there is a chance that in the next 3 months this divorce is finally going to come through, but not that you can settle things.

    When anger disappears, it becomes greed.

  • ragbag,

    what is needed is not something in which you can forget your loneliness; what is needed is that you become aware of your aloneness - which is a reality. And it is so beautiful to experience it, to feel it, because it is your freedom from the crowd, from the other. It is your freedom from the fear of being lonely.

  • Dear azure2,

    am I not just whacked? No.

    Can one be so non conformist as to be conformist? Yes.

    I hope you are keeping well? No.

    But that is natural, it has to be accepted; there is nothing to worry about.

    Try to live from the essence instead of living by the personality.

  • Well, thank you for that Mr.Hans! You are seeing things I havent mentioned that are very true. All my best to you! 🙂

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang, I hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you ragbag,

    try to find, in whatsoever is happening, the something beautiful that must be there. Uncover it, discover it. A person who never asks for anything always gets many gifts from GOD.

    Mystify existence. Make the meaningless songs of birds as meaningful as great poetry, as great music. Make ordinary trees as significant as great paintings.

  • Thank you azure2,

    religious people are making every effort to raise humanity -- its consciousness, its love, its compassion -- to a point where wars become impossible, where politicians cannot deceive people, where their lies and their promises can be exposed.

  • Hanswolfgang. You are so clear. That is wonderful. You have found peace. From that peace is also where the clarity in your words come from. I enjoy your wisdom. It is so good of you to stay here for so long and sharing it with us. I also remember once that you said that you did find your group of people 35 or something years ago. Fantastic.

    Soon I will see my highest vision for my life come true. I believe.

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you for the anecdote...I am not really sure I understand it...Are you thinking that I am lying to myself? I don't think I am...But I would like to say I hope you feel better soon, whatever your ailment is, physical or otherwise.

    Hoping you feel better soon. 🙂

  • Greetings! Are you available to provide insight and guidance to a confused capricorn? This is not a matter of the heart, but a matter of wanting to make the best decisions for myself and my child.

    Peace and be well.

  • Hi jrbex,

    Hans is so wonderful! I wanted to let you know just a heads up, I think Hans usually is on during the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon compared to my time...so It is night time here, it will probably be about 8-12 hours before he is on again...if you need some answers right away...just wanted to give you a heads up. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  • Hi hobbles76

    A man talking to a snale? And I think the man in a way is trying to explain how people can communicate. With letters: A man writes on a piece of paper (a mark on a leaf) and gives it to another so that he passes the letter over to a third one, so that the third one knows what the first one is thinking. This is how one could explain to a - umm - snail how us humans may communicate. And the snail did not believe him and called him a lyar, where the lie gets bigger as it becomes more spread around.

    And perhaps it is also questoning truth. Our illusions feel true, but are still only illusions. Even if we think we are telling the truth, there might be something that we are missing. And when we spread our illusions, it just simply feels even more true. It would still only be an illusion.

    But I have no suggestion why he wanted to share that with specifically you, hobbles. But I dont think he is saying that you are lying to yourself. Although an illusion is in a way a lie.

  • Hi Hans - The snail anecdote was the best - NOW THAT I UNDERSTAND CLEARLY. THANK YOU. Even though it was not meant for me, it was very clear.

  • TheHangedWoman

    yes, the being is not a static thing waiting to be discovered by you. The being has to be created moment to moment. That is the only way to discover it.

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