• I wanted to ask you if you see this new guy that I have met, his bd is 09-12-77, and I getting involved? my bd is 04-27-79. As you can tell I am trying to move on past the last one that was messin stuff up at work.

    Thank you!

  • I do not see this new guy and you involved.

    It is certain that you will go through some sort of death and rebirth, or at the least, some important and powerful changes.

    Another facet is the desire for work. You are preparing to launch a new job or occupation.

    Your body has its own programm and it does not listen to your ideology.

  • Hello Han-Wolfgang. I hope all is well with you. You have shared your gift and helped me in many ways. I hope I am going in the right direction. I am unsure what action I should take, if any in relationships with my friend and family. Thank you for your kindness:)

  • when do you see a new guy in my life, for love or fun? that's funny how you say that because I have an interview next week for a promotion!!!

  • this guy seems good, but i can handle it.

  • Hello cyw39

    be not afraid of your truth.

    Remember, activity is goal-oriented, action is not. Action is an overflowing of energy; action is in this moment, a response, unprepared, unrehearsed. The whole existence meets you, confronts you, and a response simply comes. The birds are singing and you start singingβ€”it is not an activity. Suddenly it happens. Suddenly you find it is happening, that you have started hummingβ€”this is action.

  • wickedmoon

    when do I see a new guy in your life, for love or fun? When you are in harmony with the world.

    First great will was needed. Then a willing surrender was needed. Now there is no need of will; there is no need of surrender either. Remember, surrender is also just to drop the will. First you cultivated the will. Then you have to drop the will. That is surrender. And when will has been dropped by surrender, the ultimate secret of secrets is neither will nor surrender. Again, will is man, surrender is woman, but then you have crossed man and woman both. Will gone, surrender too, gone... now you are not there, you are nowhere to be found. There is nobody, nothingness. And Tao now fulfills its own work -- just as spring comes and trees bloom and rains come and clouds gather and morning comes and the sun rises, and in the night the sky is full of stars -- all goes on without any effort anywhere. The sun is not making any effort to rise in the morning, neither do the stars struggle to shine in the night, nor do the flowers have to make great effort to bloom. You have become part of the ultimate nature.

  • Hanswolfgang, how are you doing? πŸ™‚

    You are kind to be using your psychic ability to help people.

    Would you be able to tell me if 2010 brings me any major changes in my life?

    And see if I'll ever be happy with myself and be able to reach insight and my higher self. I want people to understand the way I am and why I feel the way I feel. I'm never able to put out my emotions thoughts and feelings out there clearly and it really bothers me. I've had this problem for a long time now. When I was 12 in the 6th grade I started getting depressed and I'm not as depressed as I was back then but I still feel down about everything and have negativity.

    I'm also wondering if you see this guy in my future. His name's Twan. Birthday May 3rd 1992. He's a Taurus. My birthday's February 19th 1994. I'm into him a lot. We have a lot of physical attration there and I believe there could be more of a connection but I don't know.

    My ex boyfriend, Tommy, he's a cancer his birthday July 15th 1992. We were so in love and we had a bond that most people didn't have. Together for a year & 1 month. I broke up with him earlier this month. We're on a break. I sitll love him but I was unhappy with our relationship. Can you see anything having to do with him?

    If you could help me at all I'd really appreciate it.

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang,

    thank you for your reply. I hope I am not afraid of my truth. My responses today have required a great deal of energy. Trying to stay in the center of the cyclone has been difficult, but I keep trying. πŸ™‚

    You are a great help:)

  • Piscesgirl4life

    will 2010 bring you any major changes in your life? No.

    You will be able to reach your higher self.

    I see this guy in your future. There could be more of a connection.

    Can I see anything having to do with Tommy? He is still sad about the spilled milk not yet able to turn around for new contacts.

    A money partnership of some kind will be playing a role in your life. This could be a standard business partnership or something out of the ordinary, but it will certainly have something related to money as the end result.

    Whether this 'joining of financial interests' becomes an asset or a liability depends largely You often need the association of others in order to achieve your financial goals. This will encourage you to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial between yourself and others in your business and financial life. The most success comes when you adopt a Win-Win attitude towards all your business dealings.

    It can be beautiful sometimes -- sometimes, remember. Sometimes it can be the very hell. It depends. But this cannot change you. Whatsoever you are you will remain the same.

  • Happy New Year hanswolfgang,

    Can I bother you for a reading for 2010??? What do you see for me and him??? I appreciate this greatly, thanks so much. Take care.

    Mine: 6/26/1956 His: 12/25/1966

  • Thank you bluesdiva69,

    a reading for 2010: you are withdrawing into your apparent reservoir.

    What do I see for you and him??? You react well-behaved to the social impulses.

    Something about him:

    There is harmony and stability in love and family.He is aware of the "law of love" and applies himself to maintain stability in relationships. This stability can make for a satisfying life or one of monotony and boredom. It all depends upon how it is handled by him. He is somewhat fixed and dislikes changes. Sometimes this can keep him in a relationship longer than necessary as he sorts out his intentions and motives. He is usually successful and can apply his great mental power to most any area with success, in spite of occasional fears about not having enough. He is here to settle karmic love debts, to forgive and forget and he can rise to the heights of spiritual awareness by his actions. He never gets away with injuries to others and is well aware of that. His life is intended to be that of plenty and giving. It is here that he finds happiness.

    Desire not for the distant, be not curious for the faraway. Inquire into your own being.

    Once you look at things in that way, then the whole of life has a different meaning. Then death is not against life, but complementary to it. Death defines life; without death, life will be very vague, cloudy, it wonΒ΄t have any definition. So is the case with every opposite: whatsoever appears opposite on the surface, is not really so in the depth; in the depth they are together, enhancing each other.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    Hello! πŸ™‚ I was wondering if I could bother you to find out what may be coming in this wonderful new year for myself and my children! πŸ™‚ I feel the newness of a fresh life. I am starting into a clean, fresh, new part of my life and I was wondering if you could let me know what I could expect for this year? πŸ™‚ Maybe if I will be running into that man that I may be spending forever with? πŸ™‚ Just curious! πŸ™‚ Glad to see you are still around sharing your insight and kindness with all! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your kindness! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Hans Wolfgang. I hope you can help me. My exhusband moved out last January and insisted he wanted a divorce and wanted it fast. He hired a coolaborative atty and consequently, I got my own. However, things have been anything but collaborative because he wants to control everything and not do the right thing for me and the kids. He makes everyone else look the the bad guy and himself like the victim. Because he won't negotiate and "collaborate" we may wind up incourt. THen he will blame it on me. I have already conceded as much as I can concede. His is a 2-faced narciscist. He had the attorneys and the therapists fooled for 3 or 4 months till they caught onto him. He is still trying to pull all the strings. I meet with my atty on Friday and I want him to accept the offer she is going to propose and just get out of my face and quit trying to control everythingin my life like he has for 20 years.

    Do you see this ending favorably anytime soon.? I just want a clean slate with closure and sufficient funds to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of for our home, the kids and everything. He did not want to make things work and just decided he would leave (on our little girl's 8th birthday) My birthday is 3/14/1958 and his is 6/12/1961. Thanks. He is driving me nuts.

  • Hanswolfgang, Could you give me your insight into this? The people who were buying our buisness backed out. I was not feeling so sure if they were the right people.

    There is another person that ive always felt would be the one. We spoke about it 4 yrs ago. But she has to wait untill her time is up at her goverment job so that she can get her benifits. Her time is up in April. We just told her about the backout about 3 days ago. She has'nt said anything. And I'd be very disapointed if she said no. Actually I was going to ask her if she would take over and manage it. But if she still was interested in buying it that would be great! What do you see? Thank you and blessing.

  • Dear hobbles76,

    what may be coming in this wonderful new year for yourself and your children: you will have completed the separation.

    What could you expect for this year? Collecting yourself and your money, withdrawing within.

    Will you be running into that man that you may be spending forever with? Yes.

    Choose revolution and rebellion instead of consolation and conformation.

  • Hi turtledust,

    do I see this ending favorably anytime soon? No.

    It is about people, about activities involving large numbers of people that you have a love connection with. It will deal more with family, circles of friends, or with the audiences of musicians, artists and other performers. In its highest manifestation it brings much success with the public and groups of people.

    To get the most out of this, plan your advertising and promotional campaign. At the very least, it represents a social occasion such as a party where you are well received and have a wonderful time. It can also represent a marriage or other large family gatherings.

    The treasure is not hidden in big words, the treasure is hidden in you. And it is to be discovered, not through big words, it is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through silence.

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you so much for your insight! πŸ™‚ I have actually legally completed my seperation and divorce. πŸ™‚ Any chance that you might be able to tell me that man's name? πŸ™‚ Just don't want to take a chance of missing out on the opportunity to get to know him better, and also, very curious now. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  • No chance, dear hobbles76,

    you should trust life much more.

    If in this fun and playfulness something transpires and revolutionizes your life, that is just a by-product. Be not serious about it.

  • Dear Hans,

    Lol! Hahaha...I thought it was worth a try at least! πŸ™‚ It is so very hard for me not to be serious. I will have to work on that. Hahaha...Thank you again for your kindness! πŸ™‚

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